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  • JYJ's Secret Shopping in Peru plus Touring Pictures

    JYJ just finished its tour with its last concert in Peru and the boys were around the city shopping.

    Junsu posted a picture of Yoochun, himself and the staff at a local store, located at one of the most important malls in the city. He also shared a picture drinking a coffee on the second floor of the new area that faces to a beautiful fountain.

    The place is usually packed on afternoons and nights but it is empty at mornings, specially now that classes have started, so they literally had the whole place for themselves. Fans have been really surprised by the images, especially because Yoochun bought snickers for everyone, including Junsu who did not give up until Yoochun bought them. Also the staff had a great time while touring around the city.

    Fans have expressed that even thought they did not meet them they were happy since the boys could do what regular people do, go shopping in peace and have a great time together.

    Now that they are on their way back to Korea fans keep the faith to meet them again. Also keep tuned for a special review of their visit to the region on a special way never shared before!

    3 years ago by solangelvp
    • JYJ Lands in Chile With a Few Minor Accidents

      JYJ has finally landed in Chile but some problems arrised during the arrival.

      After waiting in LA for 12 hours due to technical problems, Yoochun, Jaejoon and Junsu finally took the plane that will take them to their first tour in Latin America.

      Several fans decided to wait the airport even a couple of days before to get the most perfect view of the boys and organize the arrival. However, despite all the careful preparations some accidents occurred where some fans got too close to the boys made them feel uncomfortable. JYJCHILE, the fanclub that is working there has shared its side of the story explaining what happened.

      Check our full article for a translation of their statement where they apologize for their behavior.

      3 years ago by solangelvp
      • JYJ's Junsu Talks About South America, Future Events and TVXQ

        We just showed you how much attention Latin Media had put on JYJ's upcoming concert.

        However the boys have answered to that amazing love showing their own interest with the region as well as the fans on a exclusive interview with a local newspaper.

        The most important thing is that the boys appreciate the love of the fans and explain a lot of things related to their upcoming activities, thoughts of the american market, the culture language and of course life after TVXQ.

        Check our full article for a translation of the article presented by "El Comercio".

        3 years ago by solangelvp
        • JYJ Invades Peruvian Newspaper

          JYJ has started its journey to the first k-pop tour in south america and everyone is talking about it.

          The boys will have 2 concerts on the region, the first one in Chile and the second one in Peru this weekend.

          An important newspaper dedicated one whole page to the boys and shared 8 interesting facts about them so everyone can learn more about the korean band JYJ. Publimetro is actually a free paper that is distributed everyday and reaches thousands of readers.

          Check our full article for a exclusive translation of the articles that talks about the origins of the band, the name, its success, collaborations and more.

          3 years ago by solangelvp
          • JYJ Breaks Records Selling Latin American Tour Tickets

            Not long ago we announced that JYJ will make a Latin American tour in March.

            The fans have been eagerly waiting for the boys and this opportunity was something they could never miss.

            On Thursday 12th at 10am the tickets for the concert in Peru were available fro the public in the country and outside it. The "In Heaven" section, which costed around 180 dollars on the pre-sale, was sold out in just half and hour. The other sections "Be My Girl", "Be The One" and "The Beginning" are almost sold out as well in just one day.

            The reason why the tickets would not be sold out in just minutes, like in other countries ,is because most of the fans bought it at stores instead of doing it online since most of them are under age girls or just wanted to be sure the system would not collapse.

            On the past the Jonas Brother sold out its tickets in 5 days for the concert in Lima, and now JYJ broke this record. Also JYJ has not made any kind of publicity on TV or adds on the street, making Facebook the only way they announced the event.

            The concert in Chile will be on March 9th, while the one in Peru on March 11th.

            Noizu, the company organizing the event, has mentioned that they will have a few surprises on the stage.

            If you haven't bought a ticket do it now because they are almost sold-out.

            3 years ago by solangelvp
            • JYJ Announces Official YouTube Channel

              JYJ will finally open a YouTube account.

              Fans have been waiting for a long time for this and their wishes are finally granted.

              Official YouTube accounts are a great way to communicate with fans and measure the popularity of bands and singers with the view counts and insights. Also it is a really helpful to expand the popularity of the celebrities.

              Be ready to the launch of this new account!

              Remember that JYJ will also start its first Latin American tour soon so stay intuned for more news

              3 years ago by solangelvp
              • JYJ Confirms Latin American Tour

                The dream of Latin American fans will finally become true with the visit of JYJ.

                It has been confirmed that JYJ will travel to South America to perform on a series of concerts. So far the countries include Peru and Chile, while Brazil is not confirmed yet.

                This is the first time a Korean group will make a tour around the region which has caused a lot of expectation from the fans. The visit of JYJ is specially important for local fans since TVXQ was one of the groups that contributed to the expansion of k-pop in Latin America, and right now counts with one of the biggest fan bases.

                Jaejoong, Yoochun and Junsu will perform in Chile on March 9th at the Teatro Caupolican and in Peru on Marh 11th at the Explanada Sur del Estadio Monumental.

                For more information from JYJ's concert in Peru you can visit Noizu Producciones's Facebook Page.

                Spam as much as you want in Spanish at our comment section!

                3 years ago by solangelvp
                • JYJ's Junsu Opens School in Cambodia

                  The International aid agency Adventist Development and Relief Agency recently announced that the school built from JYJ Junsu's generous donations in Pusat, Cambodia has been completed after five months of construction.

                  Pusat is a severely poverty-stricken area consisting of some 337 families with a total population of 1,500, and is, arguably, one of the world's poorest regions. Junsu was made aware of the dire state of Pusat after his mother volunteered there last year. Allegedly, when his mother asked locals what they would like to see most in their town, they replied that they would like a school. Touched by the locals' desire to educate their young, despite their many other needs, the idol decided to donate funds in order to construct a school in Pusat, fulfilling the locals' wishes.

                  The six-room school building, made to educate up to 500 pupils, was recently opened, and Junsu's mother attended the opening ceremony in place of her son, who is currently rehearsing for his upcoming performance in the musical "Elisabeth".

                  3 years ago by ashleed
                  • Keep Warm with JYJ and Their Winter Garb for NII

                    The stylish guys of JYJ are all decked out in winter-ready garb for fashion house NII.

                    Take a scroll through the gallery for some inspiration on what to wear as well as how to perfect the skill of layering!! Check out the winter collection (and ahem, Junsu, Yoochun, and Jaejoong!).

                    If pictures don't satisfy you quite enough, here's a behind-the-scenes video of the photoshoot!


                    3 years ago by silverlining
                  • JYJ's Junsu Takes the Musical Stage for "Elisabeth"

                    Junsu is set to grace the stage again for his third role in a musical!

                    The one-third of JYJ will be playing the role of Death in the first-ever Korean production of a Viennese musical titled "Elisabeth". Death is personified as having a love-hate relationship with the title character, Elisabeth.

                    Junsu will be working with two other musical actors Ryu Jung Han and Song Chang Eui. to take on the role. While Ok Ju Hyeon and Kim Sun Young will be playing Elisabeth.

                    Check out the teasers for the musical to get a feel of it:

                    The show will run from February 9th to May 13th, at Blue Square, Hannam-dong.

                    Junsu has made a name for himself with his acting and singing talents by starring in previous musicals like "Mozart" and "Tears of Heaven".

                    3 years ago by silverlining
                    • SISTAR Achieves Success at no.1 on Gaon Charts

                      After releasing hit after hit since their debut in 2010, SISTAR has hit a new high on the Gaon charts with their 1st no.1 single "So Cool".

                      Having previously always ranked Top 5 with each of their releases since "Shady Girl", SISTAR managed to rank.1 on the Gaon Charts knocking 2NE1 down to no.2 with 'Ugly".

                      Super Junior on the other hand dominated the album charts for a 2nd consecutive week, and ranked no.3 on the single charts with "Mr. Simple".

                      Rising 23 spots at no.4 was JYJ's Junsu with "You Are So Beautiful", while Miss A dropped 3 spots at no.5.

                      What do you think of the results and who do you think will be no.1 next week?

                      3 years ago by jonmarulanda
                      • JYJ's Junsu Sings for "Scent of a Woman" OST

                        Many idols are singing songs for drama/movie soundtracks these days. JYJ's Junsu has boarded the bandwagon as well, singing "You Are So Beautiful" for the drama "Scent of a Woman"!

                        Listen to Junsu's angelic voice in this snippet from the third episode of "Scent of a Woman". and check out a preview of his upcoming cameo in the drama's 5th episode below.

                        3 years ago by evil
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