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  • Bobby Brown Marries Manager

    Bobby Brown has married his longtime girlfriend, Alicia Etheredge, in Hawaii this Monday (June 18th).

    The wedding was celebrated by family and friends, including Brown's children, Landon, La'Princia, and Bobby Jr., along with the couple's joint child Cassius.

    Brown took to the popular photo-sharing app, Instagram, to share a photo from the wedding celebrations. Bobbi Kristina Brown, daughter of Brown and the late Whitney Houston did not attend the ceremony. Billboard states that she remained in NYC to shoot her upcoming Lifetime show, "The Houston Chronicles".

    Congratulations on the marriage!

    2 years ago by erika
    • Beyoncé Is Back in Business

      Beyoncé's maternity leave has official ended with the singer returning to stage. The singer performed in Atlantic City on May 25th during the course of 2-hours, and she stated that "it feels so good to be home on the stage”.

      During the course of this concert she performed a wide range of hits such as "Run the World (Girls)", "Countdown", "1+1", "Freakum Dress", "Crazy in Love", "Irresistible" and "Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)". Popcrush reports that before starting to sing "Halo", Beyoncé whipped out her own rendition of Whitney Houston's "I Will Always Love You".

      Check out some of the videos below:

      2 years ago by erika
      • Whitney Houston's Family Get Real in New Reality Series

        Whitney Houston's surviving family members will be staring in an upcoming Lifetime reality series according to Deadline.

        The new series will be following sister-in-law and estate manager Pat Houston, brother Gary, mother Cissy and daughter Bobbi Kristina as they move forward after Houston's death. It will be titled The Houston Family Chronicles.

        Previous reports said that Pat Houston had been working on an unscripted project about her family over the past little while. She said that Whitney's death has affected the direction of the show and hopes that other will be "enlightened" as they watch her family heal and move forward.

        According to reports, Lifetime has ordered 10 episode which will be an hour long. The series will premiere later this year.

        Whitney died on February 11th in Beverly Hills, California at the age of 48.

        3 years ago by heather.skinner
        • Bobby Brown Arrested for D.I.U

          Whitney Houston's ex-husband, Bobby Brown, has been arrested for driving under the influence. According to Hollywood reporter, Brown was arrested just days after Houston's autopsy results were revealed to the public. Apparently Brown was arrested after being seen talking on his phone while driving down Victory Blvd in the San Fernando Valley. This occurred on March 26th at 12:20 pm.

          The official police report stated that Brown “displayed objective symptoms of intoxication and was asked to submit to a series of Field Sobriety test[s] that he was unable to perform as explained/demonstrated.”

          The police release Brown after two hours in custody.

          3 years ago by erika
          • Whitney Houston's Official Cause of Death Revealed at Last

            Whitney Houston's death came as a shock for many and after much speculations we can now reveal that the singer had cocaine present in her system when she drowned. As previously reported, the singer was found submerged in water on February 12th, a lot of prescription drugs were found in the vicinity, although cocaine wasn't mentioned in the reports.

            According to, a spokesperson from the coroner's office in L.A, Craig Harvey stated that the singer not only had cocaine in her system, but also Marijuana, Xanax and a muscle relaxant, Flexeril, although none of these drugs contributed to her death. It's likely that the singer suffered from a heart attack whilst being in the bathtub, subsequently drowning.

            3 years ago by erika
            • Bruce Springsteen's "Wrecking Ball" Outsells Adele's "21"

              Believe it or not, Bruce Springsteen's "Wrecking Ball" has knocked Adele's "21" off its number 1 spot on the Billboard 200 chart. According to Entertainment Weekly, Springsteen's "Wrecking Ball" sold 196 000 copies. Adele on the other hand isn't that far away with 195 000 copies, settling her on a second place.

              Check out the top 10 below:

              1. Bruce Springsteen, Wrecking Ball – 196,000
              2. Adele, 21 – 195,000
              3. Various Artists, Now 41 – 152,000
              4. Lady Antebellum, Own The Night – 108,000
              5. Coldplay, Mylo Xyloto – 100,000
              6. Whitney Houston, Whitney: The Greatest Hits – 70,000
              7. Drake, Take Care – 58,000
              8. Lil Wayne, Tha Carter IV – 36,000
              9. Luke Bryan, Spring Break 4: Suntan City – 30,000
              10. Andrew Bird, Break It Yourself – 30,000

              3 years ago by erika
              • Brandy Talks About New Album + Dedicates Song to Whitney Houston

                Brandy recently talked about her upcoming album which is titled, "Two Eleven". According to idolator, the album name is inspired by a few important things which happened on that specific date.
                One is Brandy's birthday, the other one is the death of Whitney Houston.

                Apparently the album will drop in June and it will feature collaborations of various artists, some are Sean Garrett and Chris Brown.

                During a show at the Factory in L.A on March 2nd, the singer performed, “Right Here (Departed)”, in honour of Houston.

                Check out the performance below:

                Brandy Dedicates 'Right Here (Departed)' to Whitney Houston
                Brandy Dedicates 'Right Here (Departed)' to Whitney Houston
                Fan cam of Brandy's show at the Factory in L.A on March 2nd.

                3 years ago by erika
                • Whitney Houston's Death Was an Accident

                  The curiosity of many regarding Whitney Houston's death will finally be sated, the cause of death has been ruled as an accident. According to popcrush the singer most likely overdosed on sedatives, although the final toxicology report will probably be ready next week. A source stated that Houston had no marks on her body from a struggle nor was she in any state of mind to kill herself.

                  3 years ago by erika
                  • Rihanna to Play Whitney Houston in Biopic?

                    According to popdust, rumours are circulating that Rihanna could possibly play Whitney Houston in the latter's biopic. However, Rihanna isn't the only one on the short list.

                    The list includes Vivica A. Fox, Jennifer Hudson and Jordin Sparks. As if that wasn't enough, the list also includes Willow Smith, which would play a younger Houston. Apparently it will be Houston's record producer and mentor, Clive Davis, that will take care of the project.

                    3 years ago by erika
                    • Family Outraged Over Whitney Houston's Open Casket Photo

                      Recently a photo of Whitney Houston lying in her coffin was published in a magazine, TMZ reports. According to the site, the family is outraged and disgusted that this photo circulated and even landed on the first page of the previously mentioned magazine.

                      Apparently the family have no idea who could have taken the photo or how the security could have been breached. However, they did confirm that the photo was indeed taken inside the funeral home. Despite the apparent effect it has on the family, they have decided not to investigate it any further.

                      The funeral home's owner denied any wrongdoing on her part.

                      3 years ago by erika
                      • Whitney Houston's Earrings and Dress Out on Auction

                        Whitney Houston's black velvet dress, earrings and a vest which was used in the 1992 hit film, "The Bodyguard", will be auctioned off. According to the Hollywood reporter, the items will go on sale on March 31st and April 1st through Julien's Auctions in Beverly Hills.

                        If you're looking to purchase the items, you better be ready to cough up the cash though. The beautiful black dress comes in at $1,000. The vest and earrings from "The Bodyguard" comes in at $400 and $600 each. However, it's expected that the final price will be much higher than the original listing price.

                        Many people think it's too soon for the items to be auctioned off. However, Darren Julien disagrees.

                        "It's a celebration of her life," Darren Julien said. "If you hide these things in fear that you're going to offend someone – her life is to be celebrated. These items are historic now that she passed. They become a part of history. They should be in museums. She's lived a life and had a career that nobody else has ever had."

                        What do you think? Is it too soon or do you agree with Julien? Let us know in the comments!

                        3 years ago by erika
                        • Whitney Houston's Funeral to be Streamed Online

                          It would seem that the family has had a change of heart after asking for full privacy regarding Whitney Houston's funeral. According to BBC, the family will allow one camera inside the church to record and stream the funeral for the public. The footage will be made available through Associated Press.

                          Investigations regarding the legendary singer's death is underway and many are speculating that prescription drugs may have been the cause. The speculation is backed up since official investigators have issued a writ from court so they can look over her medical records. However, the Assistant Chief Coroner, Ed Winter states that this is routine in most death cases. What is known is that Houston was found unconscious and under water in her bath last Saturday.

                          The singer's funeral will begin at 12:00 EST (17:00 GMT) on February 18th. The funeral will take approximately 90 minutes.

                          3 years ago by erika
                          • Whitney Houston's Funeral to be Held on February 18th

                            Whitney Houston is going to be laid to rest on February 18th at the New Hope Baptist Church in Newark, N.J. According to popcrush, the funeral will be private, no wakes nor public memorials will be held.

                            Apparently the funeral is per invite only and it will cater only Houston's closest family and friends. The family wishes the funeral to be private so they can grieve in peace.

                            3 years ago by erika
                            • breaking Drowning A Possible Cause For Whitney Houston's Death

                              As investigations into the cause of legendary singer Whitney Houston's death continue, it has been revealed that there is a possibility that she drowned.

                              According to reports, Whitney was removed from her hotel bathtub before emergency help arrived, sparking speculation that drowning was the cause of death.

                              Besides drowning, TMZ reports that drug use is also a possible reason for Whitney's death. While no illegal drugs have been found by the police at this time, prescription drugs were present in the singer's hotel room.

                              Whitney's body has been removed from the scene of her shocking death and is being moved to a morgue. An autopsy will be conducted to determine whether drowning, overdosing on pills or something else is the cause of death.

                              3 years ago by james.gatmaitan
                              • breaking Whitney Houston Dead At 48

                                Whitney Houston has been found dead in her hotel room at the Beverly Hilton.

                                Paramedics were called in to the hotel and found the singer unresponsive in her hotel room. They performed CPR, but it did not work. She was pronounced dead at 3:55 PM.

                                The cause of Houston's death are currently unknown. However, according to a source for TMZ, there was signs of foul play.

                                Houston famously battled a drug addiction for many years of her life.

                                The singer is one of music's greatest icons. She has sold over 200 million records world wide, won 6 Grammy Awards and broke many records during her career.

                                3 years ago by james.gatmaitan
                              • Whitney Houston Almost Kicked Off Plane

                                Is Whitney Houston having another drug related outburst? The singer boarded a Delta Airlines flight to Detroit in Atlanta on Wednesday. When it was time for lift off however, things were not all smooth sailing.

                                The airline required that all passengers buckle their seat belts during lift off. However, Whitney Houston refused to do so, getting into an argument with the flight crew instead. The outburst nearly got the star kicked off the plane.

                                Eventually, Houston calmed down, but still would not buckle herself in. Instead, she had one of the crew members buckle her in for her.

                                Houston was flying into Detroit to start filming the remake of the movie "Sparkle".

                                3 years ago by james.gatmaitan
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