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hikkiFM CREW

About me


-Im a Jpop Goddess.... I love anything Japanese. Im into J-pop and J-rock.

-A certified Asiaholic! ♥ Asian Music

- I share my favorites.. like music, news, info and updates to the world through Aramatheydidnt, Omonatheydidnt, Aiyatheydidnt,, Gokpop, Intuned, Asiaholics and Soompi. Im a Youtube uploader with 10+ dead accounts.. -___- Japanese music industry is sooo strict!

-admin of Scandal Philippines, Spyair Philippines, Miwa Philippines and Jpop/Rock Pilipinas

-Love watching anime, Jdramas and Jmovies! Kinda like reading mangas too.

-Im really not into boybands... but i do have a few faves from them. Im more into solo artists.. and underrateds.

-love playing RPGs. My faves are Suikoden series, FF series, Xenogears, Nippon Ichi's RPGs, Valkyrie Profile and many more.

Now, i do not add up people easily. As long as we have something in common, I'll accept your request. If not.. im sorry but i will leave your request hanging.

Founder of Asiaholics: Promoting Asian Music To The World!

A ph admin and editor.

Former soompi news editor.

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