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About me

:: i am an old lady living in an big blue igloo in Antartica :)
:: i love music. it's like 7/8 of my heart is music and the rest 1/8 is other important stuff in life LOL
:: i love great voices in my ears, unique music.
i have a lot of favorite artists, but i try to "look" at other artists too. mostly, i use ear first than eye. i also love underrated artists. i follow and watch them blooming XD
:: i am quite passionate for what i love the most. i love doing it even if headache stops by in my head and says hi LOL
:: sometimes, i act like big sister to everyone, but on the other side, i am can be strict about rules. some even think that i am scary like i eat people hahaha but i don't. so, don't worry about it ;D
:: i love seafood! well basically, i love all kind of foods, but i love Indonesian food the most. i love sushi though XD i love kimchi and ramen too.
:: i love to write ( but i don't think i'm good with papers, reports, and news?)
it's only blog anyway haha i love writing anything in my head. just that.
:: i love art. oil painting is fun too! i used to do that when i was young XD i love how art is realized from imagination into real ones.


♥♥ Se7en, IU, 4Men, Bebe Mignon, Lee Seung Chul, Sung Si Kyung, Brown Eyed Soul (and their Jeong Yeop), Red Soul, Urban Zakapa, Winterplay, Bye Bye Sea, great composer Yoo Young Jin, Big Mama, SUHO, Choi Jung Chul, Handsome People (and their great Tei), BoM (yes that new Blooming boys! XD)...

♥♥ the legend Teresa Teng, Jay Chou, Sam Lee, Kelvin Chen Wei Lian, Victor Ping Guan, Khalil Fong, Lee Hom, Jacky Xue, Ricky Hsiao, Anson Hu, JJ Lin, Fish Leong, Abin Fang, David Tao....

♥♥ Southern All Stars (and Keisuke Kuwata), ONE OK ROCK, Yuya Matsushita, Depapepe, WEAVER, Shimizu Shota, Acid Black Cherry, Kagrra, Daichi Miura, Monkey Majik, Paris Match, SQUAREHOOD, Fukuyama Masaharu, YUI, Kana Nishino...

♥♥ Lionel Richie, Stevie Wonder, Nirvana, Alicia Keys, The Beatles, Renee Oldstead, Rascal Flatts, Sophie Ellis Bextor...

♥♥ Super9Boyz, Mocca, Tangga, Ten2Five, Maliq & The Essentials, SAYKOJI...