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A Girl Meets Love (ft. K.Will) by Tiffany +lyrics

  •  - Tiffany
    Rating 3
  • Title
    A Girl Meets Love (ft. K.Will)
  • Artist
  • Runtime
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  • Release date
    2 April, 2009
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  • This video is  
    86% romantic  14% relaxing  
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    Lyric added by: Padel
    [K.Will] neul eorin aeroman bwattdeon neoreul seoseongidaga
    naemaeumi nado moreuge jogeumsshik deo jogeumsshik
    gipeojineun geol meonjeo bojin mothandahaedo
    sumgil su eobshi keojin naemami nareul deo michigehae

    [K.Will] nabbeun narangeol aljiman neol nohchigin shirheo
    neoui ireum neoui chueog gajil su ittge
    nae mame deureowa nareul chom dowajwo
    neol saranghae wattdeon nareul

    [Tiffany] nal eorin aeroman bodeon neoreul seoseongidaga
    nado moreuge nae georeumi jogeumsshik deo jogeumsshik
    geodgo ittneungeol meomchuryeogo nareul jabado
    sogil su eobtneun nae maeumi nareul deo michigehae

    [Tiffany] nabbeun narangeol aljiman neol nohchigin shirheo
    airoman nareul boneun neoreul almyeonseo
    malhaji mothaedo ireon nal arajwo
    neol saranghae wattdeon nareul

    [K.Will] ddo naege daga wajwo
    [Tiffany] deo gaggai naege wajwo
    [K.Will] naege

    [K.Will] ijen seoroui apeumeul (Tiffany: apeumi)
    sarajigehae (Tiffany: sarajwo)
    nipumeseo nigyeoteseo useul su ittge (Tiffany: useul su ittge)
    nae mame deureowa (Tiffany: deureowa) jeonbuga dwi-eojwo
    [K will & Tiffany] haengbokman ggumggul su ittge
    [K.Will] namanui sarangi
    [K.Will & Tiffany] dwi-eojwo
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