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  • Beatles Museum in Germany to Close Down

    NME has reported that The Beatles museum in Hamburg, Germany will be closing at the end of the month due to a lack of interest.

    The Beatlemania museum opened in 2009 and has a collection of over 1,000 pieces of Beatle memorabilia. The museum is located near many of the venues where the band played in their early years. The museum has had an estimated 150,000 visitors in the past three years.

    "A privately run museum as big as Beatlemania is condemned to fail without public support. That's a fact that we fought against until enthusiasm turned into resignation – a bitter experience," Folkert Koopmanns, the museum's manager, told the Hamburger Morgenpost.

    2 years ago by heather.skinner
      • erika
        erika 2 years ago People just don't listen to old iconic bands anymore. A pity really.
  • Ringo Starr's Birthplace Saved from Destruction

    Ringo Starr's birthplace has been in the middle of a dispute which could have resulted in the destruction of No. 9 Madryn Street. According to UCR, Starr's birth home was saved by a group of local Beatles fans.

    The government will apparently even renovate the street for approximately £2 million and the National Trust may even add it on the list of Beatles landmarks in Liverpool. This has happened for both John Lennon and Paul McCartney, although George Harrison's house is still used as a private residence.

    2 years ago by erika
    • Paul McCartney Talks About Scrapped Beatles Reunion

      According to Paul McCartney, The Beatles considered reuniting but alas, it wasn't enough drive power behind the idea to set things in motion. Rolling Stone reports that the band was afraid to taint their legacy, should they against all odds have reunited. Apparently McCartney and the rest of the band members worried if they would come together again, people would start to think they were bad and had been all these years.

      It would also seem that the band couldn't agree to the idea, there was always one person that didn't exactly approve of it. Even though the band never did reunite when all the members were alive, some of the members did collaborate with each other on various records and projects.

      What do you think? Is it good that The Beatles never saw the reunion through? Or do wish they had? Let us know in the comments!

      3 years ago by erika
      • Paul McCartney Receives Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

        Paul McCartney has after a long time coming received his well earned star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. US Weekly reports that McCartney is the final Beatles member to have been honored in this manner and the 2,460th star in total.

        McCartney was clearly moved by the star and thanked his fellow Beatles members, Ringo Starr, George Harrison and John Lennon for making it possible. He also said that he couldn't believe this would happen when he was just a kid living back in Liverpool, listening to various rock legends such as Buddy Holly.

        3 years ago by erika
        • Lady Gaga Dress and Prop Gun Among Items Up for Auction

          Fancy a piece of rock and roll history courtesy of your favorite artists in the likes of Lady Gaga, John Lennon, Mick Jagger, Cyndi Lauper, Bono, Kurt Cobain, etc? You can during Julien's Auctions' rock 'n' roll sale coming up this December. Fair warning though, these memorabilia won't come cheap!

          Associated Press reports that a sculptural dress that Lady Gaga once wore (seen on left, click to enlarge) on the May cover of Madame Figaro magazine will be one of the items featured in the auction. It is expected to fetch upwards of $10,000 USD.

          A prop gun used in mother monster's "Born This Way" music video will also be up for grabs, which will get at least a cool $6,000 USD.

          Not a little monster? Find out what other items will be available during the auction in the full article!

          3 years ago by rachelle.then
          • World's Top Dead Earners!

            For the second year in a row, Michael Jackson is the world's top earner according to Forbes industry experts. Check out the rankings below for 2011:

            1. Michael Jackson - $170 million - estate

            2. Elvis Presley - $55 million - from evergreen songbook & a hit Las Vegas stage production by Cirque de Soleil.

            3. Marilyn Monroe - $27 million

            4. "Peanuts" cartoon creator, Charles Schulz

            5 & 6. John Lennon tied with Elizabeth Taylor (from her best selling perfume, White Diamonds - $54 million + estate, jewellery, art work and gowns)

            7. Albert Einstein - physicist

            8. "Dr. Seuss" Geisel - children's author

            9 - 12. Jimi Hendrix (rock legend), Stieg Larsson (Swedish Writer), Steve McQueen (Hollywood actor) & Richard Rodgers (legendary composer)

            13. George Harrison - Beatle tied with Bettie Page (American pin-up girl) & Andy Warhol (pop artists)

            3 years ago by Anna
            • Sir Paul McCartney is Married!

              Former Beatle Paul McCartney wed his long term girlfriend today Nancy Shevell. Making her the new Mrs. McCartney, the couple wed at Old Marylebone Town Hall where Paul had married his first wife Linda back in 1969.

              Although this time there wasn't thousands of heart broken fans, but more a few hundred people rejoicing about the newlyweds. This time though we won't be seeing Mrs. McCartney take the stage with her husband, instead she's very proud to be living the dream of every girl in 1960s.

              Congrats to the new happy couple, lets hope it lasts forever!

              3 years ago by TokyoSeoul
                • Anna
                  Anna 3 years ago wow.... yet another marriage!
                • cm.vergara
                  cm.vergara 3 years ago Congrats to the newly wed :D
            • Sir Paul McCartney Filed Notice to Marry Long Term Girlfriend

              Sir Paul McCartney will being wedding his long term girlfriend Nancy Shevell. While they announced their intent back in may, they've made plans official with filing a notice at Old Marylebone Town Hall in London.

              No official wedding date as of yet but rumor has it, they'll wed in October since the happy couple must wait at least 16 days after filing. Mrs Cathcart who has been Westminster City Council’s superintendent registrar for about 20 years is expected to be marrying the couple. This building is where Paul had married his first wife, with four rooms that have seating ranging from 20 to 100 people.

              Mrs Cathcart comment

              "The best thing about being a registrar is the knowledge that in one moment you have changed people's lives, and I'm delighted that Paul and Nancy have chosen Marylebone Town Hall for their special day."

              Take a peak at the notice below!

              Stay Intuned for more!

              3 years ago by TokyoSeoul
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