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  • Watch "Youtube Rewind 2012" For 2012's Most Popular Videos!

    It's the end of the year, so Youtube has made Youtube Rewind 2012, showing the most popular Youtube videos of 2012. While each country has their own Rewind Youtube 2012 channel, the worldwide MV for the event is Rewind YouTube Style 2012, featuring a mash-up of culturally defining moments of 2012 and starring many well-known Youtubers. Does the name sound vaguely familiar? Watch the MV now!

    Rewind YouTube Style 2012
    Rewind YouTube Style 2012
    We invited some YouTubers to star in a mash-up of culturally defining moments of 2012. Can you spot all the references? WATCH THE TOP VIDEOS OF 2012:

    Also check out the Interactive Timeline for Korea that features the most popular Korean Youtube videos of each month. Of course the timeline features artists like Girls' Generation, Wonder Girls, Shinee and Big Bang, but also many non-music Korean videos.

    Korea's Top 11 2012 videos...

    2 years ago by LongHotSummer
    • T-ara's Eunjung Robbed In Italy

      While T-ara was visiting Italy, group member Eunjung was robbed, losing 23,000 Euros (30,078 USD).

      Eunjung had been put in charge of handling the group's money as well as Core Content Media's new seven member girl group who were also on the trip. The girls went to cathedral square in Milan for a break from work. Eunjung went to buy some coffee, but her handbag was stolen by a thief.

      The group lost 23,000 Euros (30,078 USD), but other important belongings such as their passports were not lost.

      "I'm so sorry to T-ara and the other seven members. I will reimburse the money when I return to South Korea," Eunjung stated.

      Although she put on a brave face after the incident, a staff member reported seeing her crying in her hotel room.

      3 years ago by james.gatmaitan
      • T-ara Confirmed to Return as 9-Member Group in July

        On 6th April, Core Contents Media's CEO Kim Kwang Soo released an official announcement on T-ara's member change, confirming the 7-member girlband to transform into a 9-membered one.

        Kim Kwang Soo stated that 2 new members will be added to T-ara, but none of the current members will be replaced. He also affirmed that T-ara will start its promotions as 9-member group by making a comeback this July.

        Beyond that, Kim Kwang Soo commented on T-ara's competitiveness within all the new idol groups in the K-pop scene saying as follows.

        Even now with new girl and boy groups debuting left and right every month, [the girls of T-ara] are working hard for more than ten hours a day... In situations like these, if they find safety in thinking, 'We are one of the top groups in Korea', they can never progress. T-ara has worked tirelessly to challenge itself in new ways, and it's still doing so now. (...) If there is a member within T-ara who does not work hard and becomes full of herself, and as a result causes harm to other members, I will decisively exchange that member in question with a new member. That is the way that T-ara can go from being just Korea's T-ara to a group that goes beyond Asia to stand at the center of K-Pop.

        3 years ago by Meltem
        • T-ara Volunteers With Disabled Children In Seoul

          On March 22nd, T-ara took the time to volunteer for the welfare facility of Seoul Main Customs.

          The members helped children with disabilities pot plants, helped dentists with dental activities and helped with the meals.

          "Thank you to the children who warmly greeted us. We were able to enjoy and have another great volunteering experience. We hope to continue to be a neighbor to these people and will work harder to become 'volunteer-dol' T-ara," they stated.

          3 years ago by james.gatmaitan
          • T-ara To Have A European Trip in April

            As reported in nate, T-ara will be having a trip to Europe traveling across Italy, Switzerland and Austria for 9 days and 8 nights to film a music video. During that period of time, the members will record themselves and upload their videos on Youtube to update fans about their activities.

            Nathaniel @ Diadem translated that Hyomin and the seven-member rookie girl group including actresses Hwang Jihyun, Choi Sooeun, Lee Haein and supermodel Kim Hyeji will also be updating their activities through Twitter in every six hours. Aside from them, Core Contents Media's CEO Kim Kwang Soo will also travel with them to Europe along with director Cha Euntaek and photographer Jo Saehyun and other 20 staff members. The trip will cost around 1 billion won.

            The whole production and trip is expected to come to a total of 10 billion won. T-ara named their European trip as 'FREEDOM' and explained that they will enjoy the freedom they get while traveling.

            Kim Kwang Soo will be in charge of the media production of the new girl group which will debut in May.

            3 years ago by farah.aqilah
            • T-ara To Comeback With 9 Members?

              The next time T-ara returns to the music scene, the group will have undergone a transformation. A few days ago, Core Cotents Media's CEO Kim Kwang Soo revealed that the group's line up will be changing. Today, he revealed new details about the group's changes.

              Kim Kwang Soo explained that some of T-ara's current members will not be returning in the new line up. The reason for kicking out some members is to keep the group competitive.

              "New talent by their third year become full of themselves and lazy. If they're not always on the edge of their seat, working hard and think that they can just get by with what they already have, they won't be able to beat the competition. I have seen many singers become complacent because of their pride. For the members who have no singing ability and don't work hard, I won't give them parts," he stated.

              While the group will be losing some of its members, new members will be coming in. The group is expected to comeback with 8 or 9 members. The changes will be officially revealed on April 7th.

              3 years ago by james.gatmaitan
              • T-ara to Undergo Shift in Members?

                According to Nate, T-ara will experience a major change in April, which will not only include the concept of the 7-member girlband but also a change in its members.

                CEO of Core Contents Media, Kim Kwang Soo, stated, "Regardless of T-ara's current popularity and skill, we are planning a major change for the group in April, so that the group can be upgraded to another level. (...) This change not only includes the group's concept but also the members."

                This isn't the first time that T-ara experiences a change in its members. The girlband released its first song, "Good Person" (Cinderella Man OST), as 5-member group in April 2009. However, 2 of the members left before T-ara's official debut, which led the girls to regroup as a 6-member group one month later. Since the promotions of songs such as "Roly Poly", "Lovey Dovey" and so on, T-ara has been a girlband of 7 members.

                What exactly will change this time?

                3 years ago by Meltem
                • breaking Gaon Reveals Its 2011 Year End Charts

                  After a year of hits, comebacks, and debuts, Gaon has finally unveiled its anticipated year end charts, combining all the sales numbers of major music services, revealing 2011's biggest selling artists.

                  3 years ago by jonmarulanda
                  • Korean Pop Idols Festival in Peru Rocks Fans in Special Event

                    On February 12th k-pop fans in Peru gathered for one of the most special and great events presented in the country organized by Jpoprules

                    The Korean Pop Idols Festival has been one of the most loved events by fans during its 6 editions were girls and boys who love k-pop get together to have a great time together and share their love for k-pop and idols.

                    The event has 4 main parts. The first one is the fan chants war, where local fan clubs get organized with special chants for their favorite idols. Also there is a screening part of the most popular k-pop videos and songs where all fans enjoy the stages of their favorite idols on a huge screen. As well there is a dance cover contest where the finalist groups that have went through special auditions and previous competitions present their best moves at the stage. Finally there is a giveaway with a lot of albums and goodies from the most popular artists.

                    This year 9 clubs were pr...

                    3 years ago by solangelvp
                    • SPEED Releases Audio Preview for "Lovey Dovey Plus"

                      The male sub unit of Co-Ed School, SPEED has released a 60s Audio Preview of their upcoming track "Lovey Dovey Plus". This is a remake T-ARA's Lovey Dovey but features the own style of SPEED and their rapping abilities.

                      The full track is said to be released on the 13th of February.

                      Let's listen to the preview below:

                      "Lovey-Dovey Plus" (러비더비 플러스) by SPEED BY T-ARA (60s Audio Preview)
                      "Lovey-Dovey Plus" (러비더비 플러스) by SPEED BY T-ARA (60s Audio Preview)
                      Your #1 source to Coed School (남녀공학) -

                      3 years ago by pauljason
                      • B2ST Takes To The Top on Gaon Charts

                        With a world tour and a 2nd full length album under way, B2ST's latest release "I Knew It" has proven to be the group's biggest charting hit yet taking the top spot on the Gaon Charts.

                        Following in the success of the 2011 single "On Rainy Days" which has become one the group's longest charting singles, B2ST continues to prove their popularity with "I Knew It" which also marks the first time the group has taken the no.1 spot on the Gaon Charts.

                        Rising 7 spots at no.2 SISTAR's Hyorin hit a solo career high with her How To Love Smart OST track “I Will Love You", while T-ara took a tumble from the the top spot at no.3.

                        Female vocalist Lyn's latest OST track “Over Time" climbed 3 spots at no.4, while 10cm's “Sorrow" slipped 2 spots down at no.5.

                        3 years ago by jonmarulanda
                        • T-ara Will Establish Official Fan Club

                          As reported in Naver, Core Contents Media CEO, Kim Kwangsoo, earlier said that he was not going to form an official fan club for T-ara. However, a final decision has been made recently that T-ara will establish an official fan club this summer.

                          Since 2009 where T-ara debuted with "Lies", Kim Kwangsoo had refused to agree when T-ara told him that they really want an official fan club. Now that after seeing T-ara's overflowing success in their promotions and how T-ara really worked hard despite their active schedule, Kim Kwangsoo finally decided to grant the girls' wishes.

                          Nathaniel and maknaes @ Diadem translated that Kim Kwangsoo said T-ara would grab every opportunity they have to tell him about how much they wanted an official fanclub. He also added that,

                          I thought T-ara would first have to become a group receiving interest worldwide and have a stronger backing, which is why there was no plans of establishing an official fanclub.

                          For the first time in 30 years, I've been beaten by my artists and decided to create an official fanclub for T-ara.

                          Step by step, we'll begin to form the large fanclub that'll be ready by summer. T-ara members are still unaware that I made this decision of an official fanclub, so I hope it's a good holiday present for T-ara.

                          3 years ago by farah.aqilah
                            • hikaru
                              hikaru 3 years ago I wish I could afford to join all the fanclubs of everyone I like. :/
                        • K-Pop Artists to Attend Fashion Event in Tokyo

                          It has recently been announced that Korea's MBC and Japan's Fuji TV will co-host a collaborative Korean-Japanese fashion event at the end of the month, which will showcase some of the hottest Japanese and Korean musical artists.

                          Entitled "Korean International Style Show", also known as "KISS", the event is set to be held at the Yoyogi National Gymnasium in Tokyo, Japan on January 25th through the 27th. Artists such as T-ara, KARA, Secret, SNSD, CN Blue, Sistar, BEAST, 4minute, Infinite, among many others, will be performing their hit songs throughout the three-day event.

                          In addition to their regular musical performances, Ki Kwang and Du Joon from BEAST, along with Hong Ki from FT Island, Gyuri of KARA, and female idol groups Chi Chi, After School, and RaNia will take to the runway, acting as models in what promises to be an extravagant fashion show.

                          For more information, check of the MBC's official website for "KISS" here.

                          3 years ago by ashleed
                          • 21st Seoul Music Awards Winners Revealed

                            One of Korea's 4 major music awards, the Seoul Music Awards, held its 21st award show on January 19th. The winners of the awards are chosen through a combination of online voting, music sales and a judging panel.

                            The show's biggest award, the Bonsang, recognizes the top artists of the year. Winners are chosen through online voting (20%), music sales (50%), research (10%) and a judge's panel (20%). One artist is then chosen as the top artist of the year, receiving the Daesang award.

                            Bonsang Winners
                            F.T. Island
                            miss A
                            Girls' Generation
                            Lee Seung Gi
                            Super Junior

                            Daesang Winner
                            Super Junior

                            Find out the rest of the results under the cut:

                            3 years ago by james.gatmaitan
                            • KBS2 Releases Second Teaser 'Dream High 2'

                              After revealing the full cast's poster and the first teaser of Dream High 2, KBS2 released a second teaser video for the drama.

                              Check out the teaser below!

                              KBS2 드림하이2 2nd Teaser 120116
                              KBS2 드림하이2 2nd Teaser 120116
                              KBS2 드림하이2 2nd Teaser 120116

                              Are you excited for the second season after watching both teasers?

                              3 years ago by solangelvp
                              • "Dream High 2" Reveals Full Cast

                                The full cast of 16 for the upcoming KBS2 drama "Dream High 2" has been revealed.

                                The students of Kirin Arts High School will be portrayed by 2AM's Jinwoon, T-ara's Jiyeon, SISTAR's Hyorin, Kang Sora, JB, Park Seo Joon, Yoo So Young, Kim Ji Soo, Ailee, Jr, and Jung Yeon Joo.

                                The teachers of the school will be played by After School's Kahi, J.Y. Park, Kim Jung Tae, Kwon Tae Hyo and Choi Yeo Jin.

                                "Dream High 2" follows a new generation of students who attend Kirin Arts High School and are inspiring to become superstars. The first episode will be aired on January 30th.

                                3 years ago by james.gatmaitan
                                • T-ara Rings In The New Year At No.1 on Gaon

                                  Following in the success of their 2011 smash hit track 'Cry Cry", T-ara's popularity continues to shine claiming the top spot on the Gaon charts with their latest hit "Lovey Dovey".

                                  The group's latest release was met with little to no competition, knocking their collaborative track with Davichi "We Were In Love" down to no.3.

                                  Following closely behind at no.2 was Dynamic Duo with their latest release 'Without You", while Trouble Maker took a tumble down two spots at no.4.

                                  Wrapping up at no.5, 8eight member Lee Hyun makes his solo comeback return with his latest ballad track "Because It's You".

                                  3 years ago by jonmarulanda
                                • "Dream High 2" Reveals First Teaser

                                  Looking forward to seeing "Dream High 2"! The production has released a hilarious short teaser to get you counting down the days till the show airs!

                                  Drean High 2 Teaser 1 120109 [KBS2]
                                  Drean High 2 Teaser 1 120109 [KBS2]
                                  Priner Teaser de la segunda parte de este estupendo drama!!! espero que lo disfruten!!! Y no olvides SUEÑA ALTO!!!

                                  Like its predecessor, "Dream High 2" will feature a star-studded cast including Kang So Ra, 2AM‘s Jin Woon, T-ara‘s Ji Yeon, and Sistar‘s Hyorin.

                                  "Dream High 2" will begin airing on January 30th!

                                  3 years ago by rachelle.then
                                  • T-ara Will Not Get An 8th Member

                                    Rumors have been spreading earlier saying that T-ara will get another member joining as the 8th member through an audition program called Global Super Idol. It was revealed that the winner would earn the benefit of promoting as T-ara's 8th member.

                                    However, according to Newsen, the rumors have been cleared up. An official from T-ara’s management, Core Contents Media, have spoken with Newsen on the 9th.

                                    Maknaes @ Diadem translated that, Core Contents Media said, "We were not aware of anything about selecting an 8th member. We have no reason to pick out a new member". The company revealed that it was merely a groundless information.

                                    3 years ago by farah.aqilah
                                    • T-ara's Eunjung Shows Fighting Spirit Despite Ankle Injury

                                      Due to her ankle injury, T-ara's Eunjung wore an ankle brace on stage while performing for T-ara's "Lovey-Dovey" comeback for the January 5th episode of the Mnet's M!Countdown.

                                      According to Nate, despite her ankle injury, Eunjung have managed to perform at her very best to make their stage performance a success.

                                      Nathaniel @ Diadem translated that when asked about the status of her ankle, Eunjung said that, "It's okay". However, as soon as after the "Lovey-Dovey" stage, Eunjung began showing pain and she had to use crutches while leaving the stage.

                                      Forgetting about her injury, Eunjung said with a bright expression, "I have to wear an ankle brace now. My shoes are two different sizes!"

                                      3 years ago by farah.aqilah
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