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It's Okay - T-ara

Lyrics for It's Okay

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  • Na ije ijgo sarayo
    Geuriweodo ijgo salrayo
    Naege dashi oji anhado
    Ije jogeum salmanhangeolyo
    Ddo saengagi nagessjyo neomu apeudeon

    Geuddaegati chuweojilddaemyeon
    Nae mam sok eodingaeseo
    Amureohjido anhge harureul bonaeyo
    Ddo dareun nui saramgwa
    Nan gwaenchanayo ije

    Dolraseoganeun neoreul nan boljabeuryeo
    Aeweonhaebogo ddo nan nunmul bheulrigo
    Ije huhuineun eobsneyo

    Na ige ijgo salrayo
    Geuriweodo ijgo sarayo
    Naegeweodo dolra oji anhado
    Ije jogeum salmanhangeolyo
    Ddo ireohge gyeouli bwado

    Dashi nan ddo jigeumcheoreom gyeondyeonaltejyo
    Nan gwaenchanayo
    Saenggagina geuddae dolraseon
    Naui seulpeun dwit moseubi ddo na

    Ganjeonhage gidohaessji neo
    Dolraolggeoya naege ddo
    Babo gati jakku
    Mudyeojyeoissdeon gieokdeule nan

    Oneulbameun dashi ddo
    Geudaero dolragagessji nan
    Neomuna bogoshipdago
    Ddo ireolsuneun eobsdago

    Jeonhwado gyesok haebogo
    Jibapdo chajagago
    Neol aneun chingudeulege
    Yeonrakdo haebwasseo nan geureohge salrasseo

    Daedapdo eobsneun neoreul nan buljabeuryeo
    Sorichyeobogo ddo nan nunmul heulrigo
    Ije huhuineun anhaeyo

    Nan ije ijgo salrayo
    Geuriweodo ijgo sarayo
    Naegero dolra oji anhado
    Ije jogeum na salmanhangeolyo
    Ddo ireohge gyeouli wado

    Dashi nan ddo jigeum cheoreom gyeondyeonaeltejyo
    Nan gwaenchanayo

    Jeongmal geural saranghaesseoyo
    Geu chueoke ijen useoyo
    Naegero dashi oji anhado
    Ijen jeongmalro gwaenchanheun geolyo

    Ddo ireohge gyeoul wado
    Dashi nan ddo jigeum cheoreom gyeondyeonaeltejyo
    Nan gwaenchanayo
  • It's okay
    Arranged by composer choegyuseong Words choegyuseong choegyuseong

    I miss you forgot to forget you live live
    Salman does not come back to me just a little loving

    The idea, as byproducts, then cold, When I get too ahpeudeon
    Somewhere in my heart
    Another day with nothing of my people and send
    I'm fine now

    I'm going to turn around for you butjapeuryeo
    I beg to try and shed tears, I do regret now

    * I forgot I forgot I miss you live live
    Now I have to come back to me a little loving Salman
    ** Also this winter, too
    I'm back and I'll be fine as it is now gyeondyeonaeltejyo

    RAP] turned your sad thoughts and then look back again I
    You'll be back again and prayed fervently for me
    I remember to keep stupid mudyeojyeoitdeon
    Then again tonight I'll go back to

    And do not miss them so much be happening
    The phone also continues to try to go after the front door
    I've also connect to a mutual friend that I lived

    I can not answer you butjapeuryeo
    Scream over and over again, I'm not weeping now regret

    AH AH AH

    I love you I'm laughing at the memories
    To me, I really think I'd have to come back
    ** REPEAT


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