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  • SNSD Presents Set of Concept Pictures

    SNSD is back with a new album which means a new concept and more official pictures of the girls.

    SM Entertainment has shared a whole set of group and individual photos giving fans a chance to take a closer look into the new elegant and sophisticated concept they bring this time.

    Through the pictures we can see the girls have turned into ladies and their beauty is undeniable.

    Check them and enjoy this brand new world.

    3 years ago by solangelvp
    • Doctors Find Nothing Wrong With Sunny

      After scaring fans by fainting on stage, doctors revealed that nothing is wrong with her.

      Yesterday SNSD's Sunny shocked fans when she collapsed on stage while performing in Japan. She later returned to the stage to finish performing with the girls during their encore performance.

      Fans worried about her condition can rest easier knowing that Sunny is fine. Doctors examined her after the performance and found nothing wrong with her medically. It seems as though Sunny was just exhausted. The singer is now resting before she takes the stage once again for SM Town Live in Paris.

      3 years ago by Aysohmay
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