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Recent news about Siwon

Member of Super Junior

Siwon's Bio

Choi Si-won (born February 10, 1987 ; his real birthday is actually April 7, 1986, but his parents didn't register his birth with national registry until February 10, 1987), sometimes mononymously credited as Siwon, is a Korean pop singer and actor. He is a member of super boy band Super Junior and is part of its subgroup, Super Junior-M. Siwon is best known for his role in the 2006 Hong Kong historical action film A Battle of Wits as the young prince, Liang Shi. He is also one of the first...

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  • General
  • bloodtype
  • family
    Mom, Dad Younger Sister (Choi Jiwon)
  • birthplace
    Seoul Kangnam, Seoul, South Korea
  • education
    Gujung SHS, Inha Univ (Physical Education major)
  • Appearance
  • height
  • shoe-size
    27 cm
  • eye-color
    Dark Brown
  • weight
    65 kg
  • Preferences
  • religion
  • ideal-women
    Christian, wavy hair, and abs
  • Personality
  • specialties
    Taekwondo, Chinese Language