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  • Selena Gomez to Record New Album

    Selena Gomez is going to start recording her new album at the end of the year. The announcement came during a fragrance event at Macy’s in NYC this weekend. Gomez told MTV about her plans to return to music, and how she missed it.

    “I finished three movies this year, so I’m very happy about that, because it’s exactly what I wanted: I wanted to do film for a little bit. But I am missing music, so we’re going to start on the fourth record at the end of this year.”

    In addition to releasing a new album, Gomez also revealed that she wants to work with both Fun. and Taylor Swift! It would seem from Gomez's description of the new album, that it will be very different from her previous works. She also stated that she wants it to sound 'mature', since she will be close to 21 when it gets released.

    2 years ago by erika
    • Selena Gomez Learned How to Smoke for “Spring Breakers”

      Selena Gomez had to learn how to smoke in order to properly act out her role in “Spring Breakers”. Anything Hollywood reports that Gomez had never smoked in her life before and she had to be shown how to do it.

      As to why she accepted the role, Gomez replied that she had grown tired from doing the same roles over and over again. In addition to doing something completely different from what we're used to, Gomez stated she wants to be taken seriously as an actress.

      3 years ago by erika
      • Complex Music Ranks the 25 Sexiest Musicians Under 25

        Complex Music recently ranked the 25 sexiest female musicians under the age of 25. The list consists of Rihanna, Rita Ora, Kimbra, Selena Gomez, Miley Cyrus, Jessie J, Taylor Swift, Azealia Banks and quite surprisingly, Wonder Girls' own Yubin! In addition to being the only Korean artist that has ranked on the list, Yubin was also the only Asian one.

        You can view the full list below:

        1. Rihanna (24)
        2. Rita Ora (21)
        3. Sky Ferreira (19)
        4. Iggy Azalea (21)
        5. Kat Graham (22)
        6. Kimbra (22)
        7. Victoria Justice (19)
        8. Nayer (24)
        9. Jhene Aiko (24)
        10. Selena Gomez (19)
        11. Paulina Gretzky (23)
        12. Teyana Taylor (21)
        13. Miley Cyrus (19)
        14. Taylor Momsen (The Pretty Reckless, 18)
        15. Jessie J (24)
        16. Florrie (23)
        17. Taylor Swift (22)
        18. Azealia Banks (20)
        19. Alexandra Stan (22)
        20. Yubin (Wonder Girls, 23)
        21. Alice Costelloe (Big Deal, 19)
        22. Kreayshawn (22)
        23. Grimes (24)
        24. Honey Cocaine (19)
        25. Alice Glass (Crystal Castles, 23)

        Do you agree with the list?

        3 years ago by erika
          • HaruHaru
            HaruHaru 3 years ago Wheres Cl and Minzy? :O
          • erika
            erika 3 years ago This list only features artists which have been active in the US market. I don't know if 2NE1 has been releasing any material in the US, but I don't think they have?
      • Justin Bieber Denies Engagement Rumours

        Justin Bieber has denied that he and Selena Gomez are engaged. For those that haven't been following, Bieber gave his girlfriend, Selena Gomez, a ring on valentine's day. This ring has sparked quite a lot of rumours although it doesn't look like a "regular" engagement ring. However, fans will be glad to know that Bieber isn't engaged to Gomez, Celebuzz reports. Bieber denied the rumours when he was visiting "On Air with Ryan Seacrest" for his 18th birthday.

        3 years ago by erika
        • Selena Gomez Wants to Concentrate on Acting Career in 2012

          Pop starlet Selena Gomez will be shifting gears and focusing in on her acting career instead of her singing one for this year.

          She told Front Row Live, "I'm gonna do my South America tour, which I'm excited about and then I'm gonna take a little break from music and do two films, which will probably take up most of my year. And then I'll start working slowly on a fourth album towards the end of the year so I won't have anything new out this year. But then again, I'm so anxious with music that I'll probably release something in November!"

          Are you excited to see the "Wizards of Waverly Place" actress star in more roles?

          3 years ago by rachelle.then
          • Selena Gomez Shows Off Dyed Blue Tips

            Pop princess Selena Gomez shares a fresh new hairdo with fans via Twitter!

            She uploaded the picture (as seen on left, click to enlarge) along with a message, "Change is good… My girls @ninezeroone take care of me always : ) LOVE.”

            What do you think of Gomez's new hair? Take a closer look in a separate picture in the full article!

            3 years ago by rachelle.then
              • erika
                erika 3 years ago I wanna dye my hair blue as well xD
          • Selena Gomez to Hold Second Charity Concert for UNICEF

            Selena Gomez gives back! The pop darling has just announced that she will be holding a second annual charity concert benefiting UNICEF.

            Popcrush confirms that the concert will be held at the House of Blues in West Hollywood, Los Angeles, on January 20th. Tickets will go on sale on January 6th at 8:00PM ET via Ticketmaster. The event will also feature special guests, promising fans a good night out, and all for a worthy cause!

            Gomez has served as an ambassador for the charity organization since 2009, and has this to say about her decision to hold these concerts, "Giving back has always been important to me. This concert allows me to connect with my fans in person which is one of the best parts of my job and to raise money for important causes at the same time. I can’t think of anything I would enjoy doing more.”

            It's heartwarming to hear of Gomez's efforts at advocating for good causes!

            3 years ago by rachelle.then
            • Selena Gomez All Grown Up in Cosmopolitan Cover Outtakes

              Popcrush shares that Selena Gomez is looking all grown up in a series of cover outtakes for Cosmopolitan magazine!

              The 19-year old shows a bit of skin, but still looks age-appropriate in these colorful frocks. No word yet on which cover will be the official one for an upcoming issue of the magazine.

              3 years ago by rachelle.then
              • MTV Hosts Star Studded New Year's Eve Special

                MTV will be throwing the biggest new year's eve bash - complete with a star studded line-up of performers.

                Demi Lovato and "Teen Wolf's" Tyler Posey will be hosting the gala set in - where else? - New York City. "NYE In NYC 2012" will feature live performances by one half of the hosts (Demi), Selena Gomez, Jason Derulo, Mac Miller, and J.Cole.

                Tune in on December 31st at 11:00PM ET on MTV to catch the event! More information available right here!

                3 years ago by rachelle.then
                • Selena Gomez Recruits Fans to Help Create Fragrance

                  Not to be outmatched by her boyfriend Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez will soon be releasing a fragrance of her own. And she wants input on her fans on what it should smell like!

                  She's certainly gotten the ball rolling though, as she shares a message (along with a picture) through Twitter, saying, "Shot in a giant fish tank all day yesterday for my new fragrance. Help me decide my final scents now at...". Selena looks mesmerizing posing in a strapless dress (as seen in the picture on the left, click to enlarge)!

                  Help decide Selena's new fragrance
                  Help decide Selena's new fragrance
                  Selena and her fragrance team have been hard at work developing her new perfume, now we need you to help decide the final scents. Visit

                  Help Selena choose the right fragrance notes right here! The first one hundred thousand of you will get a free sample before the perfume hits stores!

                  3 years ago by rachelle.then
                  • Selena Gomez Covers Katy Perry's "The One That Got Away"

                    Disney starlet Selena Gomez stopped by with her band Selena Gomez & The Scene at 107.9 The End's 2011 Jingle Ball in Sacramento, California on the night of December 1st. In an unexpected move, she chose to cover the Katy Perry hit "The One That Got Away"!

                    "One of my inspirations is Katy Perry," Selena revealed, stirring cheers from the audience. "She's been really wonderful and just really good as a person to me, I think. She's given me, like, two songs of hers, and she's been great. So, in honor of Katy, we wanted to do this song for her."

                    Check out Selena's toned-down rendition of the track below:

                    Selena Gomez & The Scene - The One That Got Away at Jingle Ball 2011
                    Selena Gomez & The Scene - The One That Got Away at Jingle Ball 2011
                    Selena Gomez & The Scene cover Katy Perry's "The One That Got Away" at Jingle Ball 2011 on Dec 1st.The video was from TheEnd1079, and all the credit goes to them.http://m...

                    3 years ago by Cait
                    • Selena Gomez & The Scene Stops By "Ellen" for a Performance

                      Selena Gomez hangs out at "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" where she talks briefly about her boyfriend Justin Bieber's paternity suit as well as their relationship. Check it out as Ellen tries to coax Selena into getting Bieber to pull up his pants!

                      Selena Gomez's Thoughts on the Paternity Suit
                      Selena Gomez's Thoughts on the Paternity Suit
                      Selena Gomez tells Ellen about her relationship with superstar boyfriend Justin Bieber, and dealing with media scrutiny. Plus, she dishes on her favorite qualities about ...

                      Later on, Selena Gomez & the Scene gave the audience members a performance of "Love You Like A Love Song".

                      Selena Gomez Performs 'Love You Like a Love Song'
                      Selena Gomez Performs 'Love You Like a Love Song'
                      The pop superstar Selena Gomez stopped by to do a performance of "Love You Like a Love Song," from her album, "When the Sun Goes Down."

                      3 years ago by rachelle.then
                        • Miguel
                          Miguel 3 years ago awww it's private
                    • Hit the Lights by Selena Gomez & The Scene

                      Hit the Lights by Selena Gomez & The Scene
                      Artist  Selena Gomez & The Scene
                      Runtime  03:24
                      Release date  16 November, 2011
                      Shared by  Meltem
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                      2 years ago
                      "Hit the Lights" is a single included on Selena Gomez & The Scene's 3rd studio-album, [i]When the Sun Goes Down[/i]. It was written by Leah Haywood, Daniel James, and Tony Nilsson. According to Selena Gomez, the song lyrically speaks of having fun and living in the moment.
                      3 years ago by Meltem
                      • Celebrities Get Immortalized as Royalty at MTV Voices Dinner

                        Some of your favorite stars get the royal treatment this past weekend at MTV Voices dinner - in the form of paintings, in the style of British royalty.

                        According to Idolator, Justin Bieber was honored for his contributions to charity work during the event. Other stars that got immortalized wearing Victorian-era garb include Adele, Katy Perry, Selena Gomez, Eminem, Beyonce, Lady Gaga, and Justin Bieber himself. Be sure to take a scroll through the gallery below!

                        The paintings were showcased and hung on the walls of Merchant Hotel in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

                        How do you think the stars look in royal wear?

                        3 years ago by rachelle.then
                          • BinnyJinny
                            BinnyJinny 3 years ago What is this ghetto rendition of classic artwork? Only in America....
                      • Did Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez Split Over Baby Mama Drama?

                        Is the Biebs in trouble? It looks like all this talk of Justin Bieber allegedly being the father of a fan’s baby is causing even more problems now.

                        RadarOnline reports that Selena Gomez had decided to end her relationship with Justin Bieber due after the mess surrounding Mariah Yeater and the paternity suit she has against J.B surfaced.

                        Although the teen heart-throb denies ever meeting Yeater Radar's source claims: "Selena ended it abruptly. She broke the news to Justin just in the past 24 hours. His camp is in damage control mode and attempting to convince her to stick around in the relationship for a few more weeks.

                        But don’t get upset just yet team Jelena. It turns out the rumors are false!

                        Bieber's rep told E! News that there is "no truth" behind the Radar story. Jelena is still a go!

                        3 years ago by quincy.elery
                        • Justin Bieber's Rapping Talent

                          Justin Bieber's Rapping Talent

                          If you haven't noticed in the past, Justin's got a hidden talent!

                          Recently, he was on Southern California's Power106 FM and showed off his smooth rapping skills accompanied with Jay Z's & Kanye West's song, Otis. Of course, he rapped about Selena Gomez...

                          "My girl says I'm perfect, she just loves an imperfect person perfectly personally, I think she's perfectly perfect. Get it done abundantly. She wants to get up onto me."

                          Awww, how sweet!

                          click here to watch him rap

                          3 years ago by Anna
                          • Justin Bieber's & Selena Gomez's Puppy Love

                            The young lovebirds was recently spotted spending a couple of hours at an animal shelter (Winnipeg, D'Arcy's A.R.C) in Canada adopting a 10 week old husky mix puppy!

                            Selena has been a strong advocate on animal rescue owning, 5 rescue dogs herself.

                            3 years ago by Anna
                            • MTV EMA World Wide Act Special Nominees and Categories

                              The MTV EMA are around the corner and it is time for you to vote. Remember you only have time until November 4th.

                              The list of nominees is really long and each celebrity deserves the first place but the one who wins will need your help.

                              Selena Gomez will host the “2011 MTV EMA” that this year will be held at the Odyssey Arena in Belfast, Northern Ireland, on November 7th.

                              There are several options to vote for your favorite star. Besides the regular categories that we all know where artists like Lady Gaga, Bruno Mars, The Black Eyed Peas, The Red Hot Chilly Peppers, Eminem, 30 Seconds to Mars, Katty Perry and more are nominated there are also some special categories for each region.

                              This year the MTV EMA is having a “World Wide Act” which includes Asian Pacific Acts Nominees like Agnes Monica, Big Bang, EXILE, Gotye, Jane Zhang, Jay Chou and Sia.

                              As well there is a Latin, North American and Africa/India/Middle East “World Wide Act” nominees that you can help....

                              3 years ago by solangelvp
                              • Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez Invited to Lunch with the Beckhams

                                L.A. Galaxy football player David Beckham and his wife, Victoria Beckham have extended a lunch invite to Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez.

                                Justin confirms the lunch date by saying, “I have met David more than once, but I haven’t met Victoria properly yet. They seem a really cool family, and I would like to spend more time with them in the future for sure … They have invited us [me and Selena] out for lunch.”

                                Popcrush also reports that David and Victoria's three boys are huge Bieber fans, and are extremely excited to have lunch with him and his girlfriend.

                                3 years ago by silverlining
                                • Selena Gomez to Host 2011 MTV EMA!

                                  It was just announced on, that the host for this years 2011 MTV European Music Awards will be Selena Gomez!

                                  Having co-hosted the the black-carpet VMA Pre-Show, singing in front of thousands of people, as well as starring in movies and her very own tv show, Selena has no problem having all eyes on her. Apart from seeing the 19 year old Pop-Star MCing live, she will also be twitting about the nights event, on and off camera.

                                  Be sure to mark your calendars for November 6th to watch Selena and the MTV EMA!

                                  3 years ago by cm.vergara
                                    • Miguel
                                      Miguel 3 years ago Lately i'm not liking selena much
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