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Stay up to date about your favorite artists

Intuned serves all your favorite artists news, video, album and single releases in one convenient place.

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New music service keeps you updated about artists

AMSTELVEEN, September 7, 2011 - Intuned announced their new revolutionary music service that keeps you up to date about the artists you care about. The personalized music stream keeps you updated in one single page partly based on the presentation of Facebook and Twitter. The stream is built on a self-learning algorithm that creates suggestions about recent news on artists you follow and similar artists in the industry.

"The stream pushes all information you want to stay updated with. Think breaking news, latest music video releases, and of course album and single releases. The artists you follow are not restricted by genre, so your follow list can contain a wide array of different kinds of music and artists. All this in one page and in just a few clicks," said Toesan Wen, founder of intuned. "And even better, following one artist will not only push this artists' information to your stream, but also from artists who are considered similar. Besides making it easier not forcing users to follow every artist they know, it's also a discovery service where you stay up-to-date and experience new music from similar artists."

The information pushed to your stream is a combination of intuned's team effort and crowd sourcing. This maintains quality stream items combined with fast publishing of the latest breaking news and releases. The personalization of the news stream goes even further as the user can explicitly show only stream items directly related to the artists they are following. It is even possible to adjust this on a per artist basis. Whether you want to stay updated about everything or just news, video, and/or album/single releases, intuned makes this possible.

Intuned has been recently established and its feedback from early testers has been very promising. With a long roadmap, many features and ideas to be implemented, it is still far away from its ultimate vision and goal. Expect some very big things to be launched for intuned in the near future!

Press contact:
James Gatmaitan
intuned PR USA
(352) 857-5174