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  • Perfume Reveals "Spring of Life" Covers And Teaser

    On April 11th, Perfume will be releasing a new single titled "Spring of Life".

    The single will come in a regular and limited edition and includes 4 tracks.

    The covers of the single shows the girls in transparent spheres.

    Check out the covers and the teaser video below:

    Regular Edition

    Limited Edition

    Teaser Video

    Perfume 「Spring of Life」 (Teaser)
    Perfume 「Spring of Life」 (Teaser)
    「キリンチューハイ 氷結」CMソング 4月11日リリースCM Ver. 着うた(R)配信中!!

    3 years ago by james.gatmaitan
    • Perfume Talks About Their Future Plans

      On November 30th, techno-pop girl group Perfume's latest release JPN became the trio's third consecutive album to debut at #1 on Oricon's daily chart. It's a historic achievement for the girls, and in a recent interview with music news site Natalie, they let us in on the goals they've got their eye on next.

      Fans outside of Japan will be happy to know that foreign expansion is high on the group's list of priorities. "Next time, we'd like to release something geared towards [foreign fans]," says A~chan. "Downloading seems to be mainstream there, so we'd even offer it digitally." Perfume has released their music digitally only once for their contribution to the international Cars 2 soundtrack, so it's certainly an exciting prospect.

      What else do the girls of Perfume have in store?

      3 years ago by Cait
        • BinnyJinny
          BinnyJinny 3 years ago Amazing. It would be crime for these girls to NOT appeal to their foreign fans! Love You Perfume Forever!
          Love from Texas <3 :).
        • BillUtley
          BillUtley 3 years ago More love from Texas! Please do a show here
    • breaking 2011 NHK's Kohaku Uta Gassen

      An "unofficial" list of anticipated performers for the event have been released.

      White Team

      1. Masafumi Akikawa
      2. Arashi
      3. Inawashirokos
      4. NYC
      5. Kanjani8
      6. SMAP
      7. Jang Geun Suk
      8. TVXQ
      9. TOKIO
      10. Hideaki Tokunaga
      11. AAA
      12. Naoto Inti Raymi
      13. Tsuyoshi Nagabuchi
      14. Ken Hirai
      15. Fukuyama Masaharu
      16. flumpool
      17. Porno Graffiti
      18. Yuzu

      Red Team

      1. aiko
      2. Yuki & Kaoru
      3. Angela Aki
      4. Ikimonogakari
      5. AKB48
      6. KARA
      7. Koda Kumi
      8. JUJU
      9. Girls Generation
      11. Rimi Natsukawa
      12. Kana Nishino
      13. Perfume
      14. Ayumi Hamasaki
      15. Ayaka Hirahara
      16. Nana Mizuki
      17. Ryoko Moriyama
      18. Seiko Matsuda
      19. Yumi Matsutoya
      20. Lady Gaga

      3 years ago by Anna
        • zaniatwo
          zaniatwo 3 years ago What the heck Lady Gaga is doing here?
        • Kyuhikaru13
          Kyuhikaru13 3 years ago omg red team has my favs ^^
    • Spice by Perfume

      Spice by Perfume
      Artist  Perfume
      Runtime  03:56
      Release date  27 October, 2011
      Shared by  james.gatmaitan
      This video is  
      Expected release  
      date next video  
      2 years ago
      3 years ago by james.gatmaitan
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        • RomanticRoulette
          RomanticRoulette 3 years ago Kashiyuka's hair has gotten SUPER long. I mean, it's always been long, but it looks longer :3

          I love them so much~ <3
        • selena
          selena 3 years ago good video,but there stepping on food,what a waste
    • Perfume Debuts Full Audio Of "Spice" + Music Station Performance

      Perfume is ready for the release of their new single "Spice". The techno trio revealed their full audio track to the new single on Japanese radio. Listen to the new song below:

      Perfume - Spice/スパイス (HQ) fan made
      Perfume - Spice/スパイス (HQ) fan made

      The group also performed the B-side song of single, "GLITTER", on Music Station. The group wowed the audience with their energetic performance. Check it out below:

      Perfume 「GLITTER」 Mステ 2011/10/21
      Perfume 「GLITTER」 Mステ 2011/10/21

      "Spice" will be released on November 2nd.

      3 years ago by james.gatmaitan
        • HaruHaru
          HaruHaru 3 years ago YESS a new single!!! :D sounding brill :D
        • HaruHaru
          HaruHaru 3 years ago I also love how they can dance so well in heels :D
    • The Girls Of Perfume Are Friends With SNSD And Kara

      While some Japanese people have negative feelings about Korean artists coming to Japan, the girls of Perfume have welcomed them and even befriended them.

      During a press conference for the 2011 Asia Song Festival, Perfume revealed that they were friends with both SNSD and KARA. According to the group, they met SNSD during a music program in Japan and became close. The regularly keep in contact.

      The girls are also friends with KARA. Before attending the press conference, Perfume threw a party and invited KARA to join them.

      ASF is a festival held for the top artists of Asia. Super Junior, SNSD, miss A, G.NA, U-KISS, Lee Seung Gi and B2ST from Korea, Perfume and AAA from Japan, Peter Ho from Taiwan, Leo Ku from Hong Kong, Bibi Chow from China and Tata Young from Thailand are all scheduled to perform.

      3 years ago by james.gatmaitan
    • Perfume Announce New Album, Single, Tour and Dance Contest!

      Super popular Perfume had four times the good news for their fans in a special video- the trio revealed the release date for their 4th album "JPN" and an untitled new single, plus even more!

      Kashiyuka, Acchan and Nocchi seemingly couldn't contain their joy as they announced that new album "JPN", containing all singles from "Fushizen na Girl/Natural ni Koishite" up till now will be released on the 30th of November. In honour of the album, a dance contest will be held at the Tokyo Shinagawa Stellar Ball in October- the lucky winner will get to dance with Perfume themselves.

      Oricon reports that A big national tour has been decided for the electropop queens, as well as a new single to be released on the 2nd of November. The title-song hasn't been named yet, but it will be coupled with Kirin CM song "GLITTER". Over the coming months, even the smallest Perfume fan should have something to celebrate!

      [コメント] Perfume より、4大重大発表!!(2011.9.5公開)
      [コメント] Perfume より、4大重大発表!!(2011.9.5公開)
      Perfume 4大重大発表!!☆2011/11/02(水)NEW SINGLE リリース決定!!☆2011/11/30(水)2年4...

      3 years ago by aimerodi
        • BinnyJinny
          BinnyJinny 3 years ago YES!!!!!!!!!
          Perfume 4EVER
    • Perfume to Make First Movie Appearance in "Moteki"

      The girls of Perfume will soon grace the big screen with their adorable presence! The electropop trio will be making an appearance in an upcoming movie "Moteki"!

      News site Natalie reports that Perfume will not have any lines as they will be featured in a dancing scene, playing themselves. They will be dancing along to their song "Baby Cruising Love".

      "Moteki" is originally a manga, it has been adapted into a drama last year, and now it is getting a movie adaptation as well! Moriyama Mirai will reprise the main role again, playing a man who finds himself suddenly popular with the women around him.

      The movie will premiere on September 23rd.

      3 years ago by silverlining
        View all 3 comments
        • BinnyJinny
          BinnyJinny 3 years ago Get out of town! Perfume on the Silver Screen? *drools*
          Must get my hands on this movie, and quick :).
        • John
          John 3 years ago That's pretty cool! First their song was used in Cars 2, and now this :P
    • Perfume’s A~Chan & ONE OK ROCK’s Taka: Couple or Just Friends?

      The latest issue of Josei Seven hints that Perfume’s Nishiwaki Ayaka (22), also known as A~chan, and ONE OK ROCK’s vocalist Taka (23) could be in a romantic relationship.

      The magazine says that in July, A~chan arrived in a taxi late at night at Taka’s apartment building. She was seen wearing a hat and mask to conceal her identity as she entered Taka’s apartment and turned on the lights. Taka arrived shortly after.

      Read the full article to find out more.

      3 years ago by quincy.elery
      • Perfume Launch Their Official English Site!

        After traveling to LA for the premiere of Disney Pixar's "Cars 2" in which their hit single "Polyrhythm" was featured, Perfume have been sparking interest around the world; they seem to have noticed, as today, the group's official English-language site was launched!

        On the website, you can take a look at the girls' profiles, or browse a discography. There's not much news yet, but in time the site will be full of gossip and details, all geared towards international fans! Whilst in LA, the girls expressed enthusiasm about one day going overseas to perform- the website is one step closer to that dream for fans and for Perfume themselves.

        Are you excited for Perfume's new website?

        3 years ago by aimerodi
        • Cars 2 Scene With Perfume's "Polyrhythm"

          A scene of upcoming movie "Cars 2" featuring Perfume's "Polyrhythm" has been released on Walt Disney Studio UK's official YouTube channel. Click the link to take a look...

          We have previously announced that Perfume's song "Polyrhythm" will be part of the original soundtrack for the new Disney movie "Cars 2".

          Now a scene where the song can be heard in the background has been released. Check it out below!

          3 years ago by Nana7
          • M-ON! Surprises With Full Version of Perfume's "Laser Beam" PV

            Despite reports that a full version of Perfume's "Laser Beam" PV did not exist, M-ON! aired a "full" version today. Check it out now!

            Last month it was reported that a full version of Perfume's latest single "Laser Beam" did not exist. Although filming for the PV was never finished, fans were shocked when a full 3:44 version video of the song was aired today on M-ON!.

            Despite appearing to finish the video, M-ON! repeated scenes to make the video longer. Check out the "full" version of the video by following this link: Perfume - Laser Beam

            3 years ago by Aysohmay
            • Oricon Weekly Charts For The Week Of May 30th!

              Here are the weekly sales of singles and albums for the week of May 30th!

              Weekly Singles
              *1 150,944 KAT-TUN
              *2 *93,828 Perfume
              *3 *73,890 DiVA
              *4 *59,059 2PM
              *5 *28,747 Nishino Kana
              *6 *19,242 NIGHTMARE
              *7 *18,674 BUMP OF CHICKEN
              *8 *15,497 Kanjani8
              *9 *13,458 9mm Parabellum Bullet
              10 *12,645 Hotei Tomoyasu

              Weekly Albums
              *1 36,980 FTISLAND
              *2 24,775 Amuro Namie
              *3 17,926 Shibasaki Kou
              *4 14,206 NAOTO INTI RAYMI
              *5 12,945 BIGBANG
              *6 12,057 wowaka
              *7 11,626 Tokunaga Hideaki
              *8 11,352 Oda Kazumasa
              *9 11,316 Song For Japan
              10 *8,532 Jennifer Lopez

              4 years ago by coffeebeans
              • Perfume Ready for An "Update" in New Interview

                Following the release of the group's new single this month, A~chan, Nocchi and Kashiyuka sat down with Oricon Style to talk "Laser Beam," their plans for the future and the true essence of Perfume. Check out what the girls had to say about their latest hit here!

                "Laser Beam" is a really great song.
                Nocchi: Thank you very much. It was written to be used as the CM song for Kirin's Hyouketsu chu-hi drinks, so in the lyrics, there's phrases like "straight" and "ripe fruit gathering droplets of water."

                The line "my heart is struck and feels bubbly" is really impressive.
                Kashiyuka: The nuance in it reminds you of fine carbonic acid (laughs).

                (laughs) The song feels futuristic, but I found the sense of reality depicted in lines like "your figure standing upon the ground" interesting.
                Nocchi: It's certainly mysterious. When it comes to our songs, hearing many different people's interpretations of them often creates a fuller picture, like, "I see — so there's that side of it, too."
                Kashiyuka: Why does 'ground' [which typically refers to a sports ground or sports oval in Japanese] show up in "Laser Beam," anyway?
                Nocchi: When we were learning the choreography, [Perfume's choreographer] MIKIKO told us, "[Baseball player Suzuki] Ichiro's precise return throw to home plate is referred to as a laser beam." So, in our choreography this time, it's like we're throwing a ball. I wonder if Nakata [Yasutaka, Perfume's sound producer] was also thinking of Ichiro's "laser beam" when he wrote that into the lyrics?
                A~chan: I haven't heard that Nakata likes baseball before (laughs). But if he wrote these lyrics without knowing of Ichiro, it was a perfect miracle. And if he wrote them with that knowledge, then he put a lot of thought into his work.
                Kashiyuka: Though we haven't asked about the real story behind it.
                Nocchi: It remains a mystery (laughs).

                (laughs) With its piano sound, "Kasuka na Kaori" was very fresh.
                Nocchi: It's not a feeling you often get from our singles.

                Lines like "so that I'll see your messages right away, I've gotten into the habit of clutching my cell phone as I sleep" especially really seem to grab you.
                A~chan: I always sleep holding my cell phone, too.
                Nocchi: Seriously?
                A~chan: I'm afraid of not being able to wake up in the morning, and I want to see the messages I get during the night, so I always hold on to it while I sleep (laughs).
                Nocchi: Is your phone still in your hand by the time you wake up in the morning?
                A~chan: Yeah.
                Kashiyuka: That's amazing! For about six hours straight?
                A~chan: Sometimes I wake up in the morning tangled up in the cord to my phone charger, though (laughs).
                Kashiyuka: What!? So you toss and turn in your sleep as you're holding it!?
                Nocchi: How scary~ (laughs).

                For such a romantic song, this conversation's taken a turn for the realistic, hasn't it (laughs).
                A~chan: It's my serious view of the actual situation (laughs). That's why, if it were me, it'd go "I've gotten into that sleeping habit, but I roll over and hit the keys — it's dangerous" (laughs).
                Kashiyuka: (laughs) The picture used in the regular edition cover represents this song. We shot it on the rooftop of a building.
                A~chan: [Tokyo Bay's man-made island] Odaiba was behind us. It was really cold, though.
                Nocchi: The costumes were light cotton fabric, after all.
                A~chan: But the photoshoot itself was very calm. We were able to relax as they shot it.
                Kashiyuka: We're only out at sundown during festivals, so it was unusual for us. With two types of single jackets being set up this time, I thought, "So Perfume's repertoire really stretches this far."

                Your fans must enjoy that range as well. Thinking of how cool you look while you're singing and dancing, as soon as the MC portion begins, you become very simple young women (laughs).
                A~chan: I think that's the essence of Perfume (laughs). I accept that there are opinions like, "When they start talking, their concept falls apart," but rather than only looking showy, I want to tell everyone "this is how I felt singing this song" and share that with them in a way that's easy to understand. That’ll never change.

                This is your first single release of the year, but it's certainly gotten you off to a good start.
                A~chan: Last year we reached the huge milestone of performing at Tokyo Dome, but this year we want to challenge a lot of different things, not only lives. We've gotten the courage to take our next step. We want to give the Perfume within everyone's hearts an update.

                Incidentally… Kashiyuka, on the cover of the "Laser Beam" single, there's a part in your bangs. Is there any kind of reason for it?
                Kashiyuka: There's no real reason behind it, but I thought it'd be nice to show a different image of me from before. I wanted to have fun with it (laughs).

                Perfume's new double A-side single Laser Beam / Kasuka na Kaori is on sale now.

                4 years ago by roomgirl
                • Perfume Reveals Full Version Of "Laser Beam" PV Does Not Exist

                  Due to the earthquake that occurred in Japan, shooting for the PV of "Laser Beam" was never complete. No full version of the PV exists.

                  With Perfume's newest single "Laser Beam / Kasuka na Kaori" being released May 18th, it has been revealed that a full PV for the single will not be released. This is because no full version exists!

                  The video began shooting in March, but filming stopped after the devastating earthquake that hit Japan. Filming never resumed. As a result, there will only be a short version of the PV available on the single's DVD.

                  4 years ago by Aysohmay
                  • Perfume Song To Be Used In Disney's "Cars 2"

                    Perfume's hit song "Polyrhythm" will be used in the soundtrack for the worldwide release of Disney-Pixar film "Cars 2", it was announced today.

                    The song will also be available on the CD release for the film's soundtrack, introducing Perfume's techno-pop style to a whole new audience.

                    The movie tells the story of a racing car "Lightening McQueen" and an old truck "Mater" traveling the world and getting involved in a World Grand Prix, which comes to Japan; this is where "Polyrhythm" will be played.

                    The production website tells of how they looked especially for Japanese artists to fill the role, and were recommended Perfume, as the cute "electronic" song matches the movie scene with brightly coloured flashing billboards and zooming cars.

                    It's definitely unusual for an US production to pick a Japanese artist for the soundtrack, but it's a great chance for Perfume! "Cars 2" will be released in Japan on the 30th of July.

                    4 years ago by aimerodi
                    • Get Your First Look At Perfume's "Laser Beam" PV!

                      If you've been dying to know what Perfume's next PV will look like, wait no more — the first preview of "Laser Beam" is here!

                      Ever since the group's latest track "Laser Beam" made its first appearance as a Kirin CM jingle back in February, Perfume fans have been abuzz about the song and its impending single release later this month.

                      Now, throughout the month of May, "Laser Beam" will serve as the ending theme to the TV Tokyo program JAPAN COUNTDOWN, and with its first time on-air has also come an official sneak peek at the song's PV.

                      Though Perfume's label Tokuma Japan Communications is unfortunately removing all uploads of the clip from YouTube, follow this link to Dailymotion where you can check out the short PV preview complete with audio!

                      As always, the trio stuns with their distinctive choreography, and their sleek, eye-catching "laser" concept is something fans and casual listeners alike are sure to love.

                      Look forward to Perfume's new double A-side single Laser Beam / Kasuka na Kaori when it drops on May 18th, and be sure to tell us what you think of the girls' bold new look in the comments!

                      4 years ago by roomgirl
                      • Perfume Comes Home to Hiroshima's Flower Festival

                        On May 3rd, girl group Perfume made a triumphant return to their hometown of Hiroshima, appearing as special guests at its 35th annual Flower Festival.

                        Members A~chan, Nocchi and Kashiyuka took to the festival's Carnation Stage, performing a number of their latest hit songs including "Fushizen na Girl" and "Nee" before an audience of roughly 20,000 people.

                        Catch a glimpse of the girls performing their landmark single "Polyrhythm" here:

                        At the end of their performance, A~chan briefly voiced her feelings towards the areas struck by Japan's March 11th earthquake disaster. "We wanted the dreams and hopes we send to you through our songs to become your strength," she said. "If those feelings can reach you, I'm happy."

                        Congratulations to Perfume on their spectacular homecoming stage, and look forward to their new single Laser Beam / Kasuka na Kaori on May 18th!

                        4 years ago by roomgirl
                        • Perfume's "Laser Beam" Full Audio Track Revealed

                          After a 1 minute long preview of Perfume's new song was released yesterday, the full audio track to their new single "Laser Beam" has been released. Check out the full version of the song now!

                          Yesterday a one minute preview of Perfume's new song "Laser Beam" was revealed, leaving Netizens craving to hear the full version. Today the full version of the song has been revealed. The song has a catchy feel to it that will get fans to the stores to buy the single when it is officially released on May 18th. Until then, enjoy the full audio track!

                          4 years ago by Aysohmay
                          • Perfume Releases Audio Preview To "Laser Beam"

                            A short 1 minute sneak peak of Perfume's new song "Laser Beam" has surfaced. Check it out now!

                            Japanese techno trio Perfume is set to release a new single on May 18th. The single, titled "Laser Beam / Kasakuna Kaori" will feature 2 new songs. A sneak peak of the lead track from the new single, Laser Beam, has been revealed. The song is a catchy, energetic song that is sure to satisfy fan once released. You can check out a minute long preview of the track below:

                            4 years ago by Aysohmay
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