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  • Usher Breaks Down in Court

    Usher is currently involved in a court case regarding the custody of his children. Usher's ex-wife, Tameka Foster, accused Usher for being a bad dad during yesterday's court trial.

    Foster's lawyer apparently had showed multiple photos which showed Usher partying in Europe. The photos were dated back in February. In addition to accusing him for being a bad dad who rather parties than takes care of his children, Foster also threw in drug allegations.

    Usher stated that he had smoked pot previously, but that he has never done it in front of his children. TMZ reports that Foster didn't stop at the pot allegations, but also stated that he has used ecstasy, something Usher denied. It is common knowledge that Foster accused Usher of doing drugs in front of their children at the start of the court case.

    The trial is scheduled to continue today.

    3 years ago by erika
      • Miki
        Miki 3 years ago man, i hate reading these news, they are so sad T_T
      • erika
        erika 3 years ago I agree. I feel for the man. Being accused of being a bad father must be like being punched or kicked in the stomach. What's worse is that many will judge you based off of one single person's testimony. And this is regardless of the fact that she's [b]clearly[/b] biased.