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  • Tom Felton and McFly's Tom Fletcher to Work on New Music!

    UK's The Sun web reports that Harry Potter villain, Tom Felton and McFly singer Tom Fletcher will be working on music together.

    Tom Felton, known globally by his role as Draco Malfoy in the Harry Potter Franchise, hasn't kept it a secret that he loves music and has been quite eager to continue working with it after an EP release some time ago.

    Both Toms have booked writing and jamming sessions which they are hoping to lead to a collaboration on Tom Felton's wide release debut album.

    Felton reached out to Fletcher to discuss the music industry and the direction he wants to take when it comes to his music.

    Tom has a recording deal with his own independent record label and has hinted about becoming a rapper but the Pop-Rock image McFly have is a much better fit for him.

    A Tom and Tom production sounds really interesting! This is a different direction for Felton, who will be going towards music instead of pursuing film. What do you guys think? Excited to hear Draco sing?

    3 years ago by sheila.torres

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