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  • Taetiseo Sets iTunes Record

    Girls' Generation's new subunit Taetiseo debuted their first mini album "Twinkle" through iTunes on April 29th. The album quickly sold thousands of copies, rising as high as the 4th spot on the US album chart.

    The release of the album set a new iTunes record. "Twinkle" has reached the highest spot on the US iTunes album chart that any K-pop album has ever reached. This shows K-pop's growing popularity outside of Korea as more and more people become addicted to K-pop's catchy hits.

    Aside from the US chart, "Twinkle" has done well in other countries as well. It has reach #1 in Bulgaria, #2 in Japan, #4 in Australia, #5 in Canda and #6 in Brazil to name a few.

    After nearly 36 hours after its release, "Twinkle" is still at number #9 on the US iTunes album chart, showing the potential for K-pop to become a lasting presence on charts outside of Korea.

    3 years ago by james.gatmaitan