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  • T-ara's Eunjung Robbed In Italy

    While T-ara was visiting Italy, group member Eunjung was robbed, losing 23,000 Euros (30,078 USD).

    Eunjung had been put in charge of handling the group's money as well as Core Content Media's new seven member girl group who were also on the trip. The girls went to cathedral square in Milan for a break from work. Eunjung went to buy some coffee, but her handbag was stolen by a thief.

    The group lost 23,000 Euros (30,078 USD), but other important belongings such as their passports were not lost.

    "I'm so sorry to T-ara and the other seven members. I will reimburse the money when I return to South Korea," Eunjung stated.

    Although she put on a brave face after the incident, a staff member reported seeing her crying in her hotel room.

    3 years ago by james.gatmaitan