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  • Sooyoung’s Sister Talks About her Condition

    Just as we informed you SNSD's Sooyoung was involved in car accident and luckily was not seriously hurt.

    Fans were really worried about her condition but her older sister Soojin informed a few details that clarified the situation by posting the following message on her twitter account:

    “Thanks to all who were worried for Sooyoung. There is no change in our cheerful princess Sooyoung and she looks fine. Don’t know what is so fun about being in the ambulance and going to the hospital, but she keeps on laughing. Please continue to pray for her.“

    Netizens felt relieved after knowing that Sooyoung was in a good mood despite the accident. We hope that she can have a fast recovery.

    Netizens said, “She’s really the cheerful and the happy one.” “No pain could take away her smiles.” “She has faith in God. God protected her. That’s why she’s still alive. She laughs because she’s thankful & doesn’t want other people to worry.”

    3 years ago by solangelvp

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