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  • Rita Ora Reveals "Ora" Artwork

    Rita Ora's upcoming album, "Ora", will be released on August 27th. The singer recently unveiled said album's artwork, which can be seen in the hero image.

    The album comes with the hit single "R.I.P" and a new single, "How We Do (Party)", which will be released on August 12th in the UK.

    Rita Ora said the following about her inspiration to the album:

    "It's going to be a shock, but in a good way. It brings together a few different aspects of music I've loved and listened to growing up. Literally, I haven't listened to just one style of music since I was little.

    I love Little Dragon and The Vaccines, but then I love B.I.G. and TLC and Destiny's Child, so you can expect variety. No Doubt was also a big influence on me while making this record, so you're going to hear all the ins and outs of those kind of genres."

    2 years ago by erika