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  • Rianna Sues Her Former Accountants

    According to the Associated Press, Rihanna has sued two of her former accountants as well as Berdon LLP (based in New York, and has accused them of bad bookkeeping, failure to recommend she cut expenses during a 2009 tour that was losing money, tens of millions of dollars in losses and an ongoing audit by the Internal Revenue Service.

    Filing the suit in Manhattan federal court under her real name, Robyn Fenty, she alleges that they took millions from revenues from four national and international tours over the course of five years.The suit points to her successful 2011 tour that produced a net profit equal to more than 40 percent of total tour revenues.

    The lawsuit states that during her 2009 tour, she discovered "significant net losses" despite revenue being up. It went on to say that the defendants took 22 percent while paying the pop star 6 percent. The lawsuit stated this was not a standard in accounting and business, and left no incentive to "counsel" Rihanna in controlling her finances.

    The singer is said to have hired them in 2005 and fired them in 2010. She accuses them of an ongoing IRS audit of tax returns, forcing her to pay to correct the errors.

    Rihanna's lawyers also accused the accountants for encouraging her to buy a new home in 2009 when her tour lost money. Last year Rihanna sued a real estate company over the same home, claiming its serious structural defects make it uninhabitable.

    2 years ago by heather.skinner