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  • P'UNK~EN~CIEL Announces 1st Album "P'UNK IS NOT DEAD"

    P'unk en Ciel is an alternate project formed by the members of L'arc en Ciel in 2004. On this alter ego of the band the members change positions where Hyde takes care of the guitar, Ken plays the drums, Yukihiro the bass and Tetsuya performs as the main vocalist.

    The style of this alternate project is a bit heavier than the usual music presented by L'arc en Ciel, and the members even change their own appearance where Hyde wears a pirate patch on his left eye. The band also plays covers of L'arc en Ciel's tracks giving it a new and different sound.

    P'unk en Ciel has been inactive for a while but it has been announced that the first album "P'UNK IS NOT DEAD" will be released soon.

    Stay intuned for more details of this new and unique album!

    3 years ago by solangelvp