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  • Photos Of SNSD's Jessica Without Makeup On Surface

    Before SNSD rose to superstar status, Mnet aired a reality showed titled "SNSD Girls Go To School". The reality show was filmed during the group's debut with cameras following their every move.

    During one of the interviews for the show, Jessica appeared on camera without any makeup. Screen shots of the interview have begun spreading online due to netizens' interest.

    Netizens generally praised Jessica for her natural beauty and innocent charm. What do you think of Jessica's natural look?

    3 years ago by james.gatmaitan
      • JediSpiceGissia
        JediSpiceGissia 3 years ago Make-up only enhances what you already have, so yes, she is a natural beauty. People need to stop being haters...
      • KPopMusicDreamer
        KPopMusicDreamer 3 years ago She's natural beauty ~ ^_^