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  • Official Lineup for Melodifestivalen 2012 Announced

    The official lineup for the Swedish Melodifestivalen has been released through Mr Radar Music, the show will air on Swedish television on SVT starting on February 4th and continuing on for 4 Saturdays, ending on February 25th.

    First Contest (4/2 in Växjö):

    Sean Banan - "Sean Den Förste Banan"
    Abalone Dots - "På väg"
    The Moniker - "I Want To Be Chris Isaak (This Is Just The Beginning)"
    Afro-Dite - "The Boy Can Dance"
    Dead by April - "Mystery"
    Marie Serneholt - "Salt & Pepper"
    Thorsten Flinck och Revolutionsorkestern - "Jag reser mig igen"
    Loreen - "Euphoria"

    Second Contest (11/2 in Göteborg)

    Ulrik Munther - "Soldiers"
    Top Cats - "Baby Doll"
    Sonja Aldén - "I din himmel"
    Andreas Lundstedt - "Aldrig Aldrig"
    Timoteij - "Stormande hav"
    David Lindgren - "Shout it Out"
    Mimi Oh - "Det går för långsamt"
    Thomas Di Leva - "Ge aldrig upp"

    Third Contest (18/2 in Leksand)

    Youngblood- "Youngblood"
    Maria BenHajji - "I mina drömmar"
    Mattias Andréasson - "Förlåt mig"
    Love Generation - "Just A Little Bit"
    Carolina Wallin Pérez - "Sanningen"
    Andreas Johnson - "Lovelight"
    Molly Sandén - "Why Am I Crying"
    Björn Ranelid feat. Sara Li - "Mirakel"

    Fourth Contest (25/2 in Malmö)

    Charlotte Perrelli - "The Girl"
    OPA! - "Allting blir bra igen"
    Dynazty - "Land Of Broken Dreams"
    Lotta Engberg and Christer Sjögren - "Don’t Let Me Down"
    Hanna Lindblad - "Goosebumps"
    Axel Algmark - "Kyss mig"
    Lisa Miskovsky - "Why Start A Fire"
    Danny Saucedo - " Amazing"

    3 years ago by erika