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  • NU'EST Talks About Favourite Artists

    During their interview with W Star News, the boys of rookie boyband, NU'EST, were asked, "Excluding your labelmates, who is your favorite artist?"

    JR revealed, "The members all like TVXQ and Big Bang", and continued, "As for me individually, I like Eminem. At first, no one appreciated him, but he put in a lot of effort and later, he achieved recognition from white people, black people, everyone and became the best singer. I also want to try to become the best musician recognized by everyone."
    Ren said that he liked Michael Jackson and Beyoncé and explained, "I long to take after their perfection."

    Aron picked a Korean artist as his favourite, namely Lee Jeok. "My vocal teacher often tells me that my singing resembles Lee Jeok's tone of voice", he said.
    Baekho picked TVXQ and stated that he admires TVXQ's powerful image and stages. He wants to show off such a powerful image as well.
    Big Bang was Min Hyun's choice as favourite artist. He explained his choice by saying, "They show their fans that they enjoy the stage. I also want to become a person who knows how to enjoy himself on stage and will put in a lot of effort to do so."

    3 years ago by Meltem