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  • MBLAQ Performs Run Without Leader Seung Ho

    MBLAQ's Seung Ho suffered a injury on the first performance of "Run" and has missed some of the comeback activities.

    The boys recently presented their follow up track "Run" but during the recording of Mnet Countdown the leader Seung Ho had a minor injury during his dance solo falling on his right arm and causing some problems on his back.

    Seung Ho is currently resting in order to recover according to the members of the band and missed the stage on Music Bank.

    With such a complicated and special choreography it is practically impossible not to have him there so a masked dancer took his place on the stage while Joon performed his lines.

    Check the 2 versions of "Run" with and without the leader and let's all wish him a fast recovery.

    120302 MBLAQ RUN LIVE
    120302 MBLAQ RUN LIVE
    KBS Music Bank2/3/12 RUN

    MBLAQ(엠블랙) - 'RUN(런)' 안무연습영상
    MBLAQ(엠블랙) - 'RUN(런)' 안무연습영상
    MBLAQ(엠블랙) - 'RUN(런)' 안무연습영상

    3 years ago by solangelvp