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  • Loreen Recruits Fans to Help With Music Video for "Euphoria"

    Loreen is going to make a video for "Euphoria" and she has recruited the help of her fan base! In a unique twist, Loreen is going to use instagram as her medium to collect material to the video.

    The instructions can be found in the hero image and it's really simple to participate. All you have to do is connect the lyrics in the song to something in your surroundings.

    Of course, you need to have the Instagram app downloaded which you can find in your own phone's market place. Once you have uploaded the photo on instagram you need to tag it with #Loreen12p. The video will be posted on her official Facebook page.

    Haven't heard "Euphoria" yet? Fear not as you can both listen to it below and by following the link.

    3 years ago by erika