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  • Lady Gaga Forced to Cancel Indonesia Concert

    Lady Gaga's "Born This Way Ball Tour" has been one bumpy ride. After having minors banned from her S. Korea concert, now she has also been forced to cancel her concert in Indonesia.

    Billboard reports that the permission to perform in Indonesia wasn't granted since Lady Gaga's safety couldn't be guaranteed. Apparently many of Indonesia's Muslims feels that the singer's suggestive nature would "undermine the country's moral fiber". The ill-feelings towards the concert and the singer herself was clearly shown with physical threats should the singer dare to step off the plane. However, it's important to point out that there is only a small part of the Muslim community in Indonesia that opposed the concert.

    The national police spokesman Boy Rafli Amar, talked about the issue at hand. The reason no permit was granted was due to the lack of safety and Amar was also disappointed in the cancellation.

    Whether or not refunds will be handed out isn't completely clear. Apparently the permits are handed out about three weeks prior to the concert and often the tickets are sold before the permit has even been processed.

    2 years ago by erika

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