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  • Keri Hilson Dishes On Third Album

    During her visit to 106 & Park, Keri Hilson announced that right after her tour, she hit the studio to work on her new album. She admits being excited about her new project, but at the same time hesitant. "There's some people in the world that aren't gon' like this album coming from me", she says. Keri explains:

    "As I was experiencing the world, there were things that I was also experiencing on a personal front, and in my music it's, it's coming out. There's a specific few people who ain't gon' like to listen to this new album. I'm just gon' say that. [*chuckles*] Very emotional, I'll sat that."

    When asked about a time frame for the untitled album, Hilson shares how she doesn't know. At the moment, Hilson and her team are still trying to figure out whether they'll be releasing another single off of her 'All The Boys' album, or to jump straight into full recording mode for her new project. Either way, Miss Keri Hilson'll be in the studio, making magic.

    3 years ago by cm.vergara