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  • Kelly Clarkson Gets Personal About Newest Album

    Kelly Clarkson recently told the UK Mirror about her upbringing and how it has affected her in the long run. Apparently Clarkson's fifth album, 'Stronger', is a personal one which tells on how she came out stronger at the end.

    During the interview she talked about how she no longer has to worry about bills or about clean clothes, allegedly this has changed her for the better. In the interview she also touched on the fact her mother has gone through two divorces, one being with Clarkson's father when she was five.

    Apparently Clarkson isn't looking for anyone to share her life with as she's always on-the-go. Having a relationship under those conditions is extremely hard and more effort than normally has to be put into it, she prefers to stay single.

    3 years ago by erika