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  • Katy Perry Dyes Hair Purple

    Katy Perry has once again dyed her hair, this time she's gone purple! The songstress has had various hairstyles and hair colors, all from purple to blue and now finally a "purple velvet". Perry apparently dyed her hair before the Coachella festival on April 14th and she tweeted it out to her followers two days before the festival.

    Rita Hazan, who is Perry's hairstylist, said the following about the hair, US Weekly reports.
    "She wanted to go to a more dramatic, darker, almost punk rock Goth vibe. Her new color is what I call 'purple velvet' -- it's dark and rich."

    The big question is how long this hairstyle and color will last. What do you think? Let us know in the comments!

    3 years ago by erika