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  • K-Pop Takes Over New York City's Time Square

    K-pop is taking over New York City's Time Square. People passing through the iconic area will have a new ad to see. SM Entertainment has bought video ad space in Time Square to promote their artists.

    The first ad to run on SM Entertainment's video billboard was for the upcoming SM Town Live in NYC on October 23rd. The advertisement shows short clips from the performers' music video, followed by footage from previous SM Town concerts.

    With SNSD's new mini album "The Boys" being released today along with music video, the ad space will now be used to promote the title track. The MV teaser is played with an announcement for their new single showing at the end.

    With more of an emphasis being put into their international marketing and sales, the ad space is perfect placement to reach increase the group's exposure to the American market.

    Check out a fan video of the advertisements playing below:

    SMTOWN LIVE in NYC and Girl's Generation 'The Boys" ad in Time Square
    SMTOWN LIVE in NYC and Girl's Generation 'The Boys" ad in Time Square
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