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  • Jane Zhang Gives 3 Reason Why Her New Album Is Titled "Reform"

    After a press conference for her new album, Jane Zhang told Netease Entertainment why her album was titled "Reform".

    Jane Zhang held a press conference in Beijing for her new album "Reform". During the press conference, Jane performed two songs off of her new album and announced that she would be signed to Universal Music China.

    After the press conference, Jane spoke with Netease Entertainment for a short interview. During the interview, Jane explained the 3 reasons why her new album was titled "Reform".

    Jane's first reason for the title was because of the cover. Jane's album cover shows off her body's curves and all of her leg. She wanted to reform the taboo of being a sexy woman.

    The second reason for her album title was because her musical sound has been reformed. The album features 8 fast paced songs and only 2 of the classic love songs her fans have come to love. She wanted to attempt to change the way people heard her and her music by changing her musical style.

    The final reason for Jane's album title is because she has changed to become more like herself again. Jane became a star after she first gained national attention in the singing competition Super Girls. Afterward, she couldn't go out looking casual because she worried about her image. However, Jane has gotten rid of the pressure to always look her best and feels more like herself again.

    3 years ago by Aysohmay