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  • Girls' Generation to Introduce First Sub-Unit?

    A music publishing company, which is known to have strong ties with SM Entertainment and its artists, recently posted on its message board, "Our songwriter's song has been selected for one of the songs in Girls' Generation's subunit group's (Taeyeon, Tiffany, and Jessica) new album, so we're busy arranging the piece."

    Since then rumours have been circulating that Taeyeon, Tiffany and Jessica will form Girls' Generation's first-ever sub-unit. SM Entertainment only responded, "Details have not been finalized yet", on these rumours on 12th April.

    What do you think about the idea of making a sub-unit with Taeyeon, Tiffany and Jessica?

    3 years ago by Meltem
      • Junsica
        Junsica 3 years ago that will be amazing, I love every single of one of them, OMG so good
      • IncurablyRomantic
        IncurablyRomantic 3 years ago Yay, my three fav members! I hope they do...<3