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  • 'Family Guy' and KISS Team Up For Licensing Deal

    It's the dream team some were waiting for: KISS and Family Guy have joined forces for a co-branded product line that will be released in stores this fall, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

    Fox will be developing the products with Live Nation Merchandise (KISS' licensing agent) and will be looking for partners to create items like bobblehead dolls to clothes and fine art.

    KISS' singer and guitarist Paul Stanley said that the deal comes as the band focuses on more of the opportunities for "prestige" partnerships. He add that with Family Guy's success and track record, this could be the ideal match-up.

    Previously the band have made three cameos on the hit series. A running storyline includes a previous relationship between Peter Griffin's wife Lois, and KISS' bassist and ladies' man Gene Simmons.

    2 years ago by heather.skinner