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  • f(x)'s "Hot Summer" Is Another Cover Song

    Following "Pinocchio (Danger)" and "Dangerous", f(x)'s new song "Hot Summer" is another cover, originally by German girl group Monrose. Including the version of f(x), the song has now already been released four times.

    Some time ago, it's been revealed that f(x)'s comeback hit song "Pinocchio (Danger)" as well as "Dangerous", another track of their new album, were bought and reproduced by SM Entertainment.

    This trend will continue with the release of their new song "Hot Summer", which is a cover of the #1 hit single of now disbanded German girl group Monrose. The song has already been covered twice; by Australian reality TV star Rhys Bobridge and Taiwanese singer Jolin Tsai.

    Compare the songs below:

    Monrose - Hot Summer (original)

    f(x) - Hot Summer

    Jolin Tsai - Hot Winter

    Rhys Bobridge - Hot Summer

    Do you have a favourite?

    3 years ago by Nana7