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  • Adele Planning on Re-releasing "21"?

    Adele might re-release her immensely successful album "21". Digital Spy reports that Adele's album is currently the fifth best selling album in Britain, even beating Michael Jackson's "Thriller". Adele's album has sold approximately six million copies and with the re-release, the music company hopes that Adele will beat Queen's "Greatest Hits".

    That being said, the re-release isn't set it in stone. However, if the re-release will happen, the album will come with an unknown amount of bonus tracks. All of the bonus tracks didn't make the album's final cut, but it does make sense to bring them out as bonus tracks.

    3 years ago by erika
      • Kodocha
        Kodocha 2 years ago That makes sense. A lot of K-Pop artists release re-packaged versions of their albums with bonus tracks and stuff. When it comes out I can't wait to hear it! Adele fighting! :)