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  • Watch "Youtube Rewind 2012" For 2012's Most Popular Videos!

    It's the end of the year, so Youtube has made Youtube Rewind 2012, showing the most popular Youtube videos of 2012. While each country has their own Rewind Youtube 2012 channel, the worldwide MV for the event is Rewind YouTube Style 2012, featuring a mash-up of culturally defining moments of 2012 and starring many well-known Youtubers. Does the name sound vaguely familiar? Watch the MV now!

    Rewind YouTube Style 2012
    Rewind YouTube Style 2012
    We invited some YouTubers to star in a mash-up of culturally defining moments of 2012. Can you spot all the references? WATCH THE TOP VIDEOS OF 2012:

    Also check out the Interactive Timeline for Korea that features the most popular Korean Youtube videos of each month. Of course the timeline features artists like Girls' Generation, Wonder Girls, Shinee and Big Bang, but also many non-music Korean videos.

    Korea's Top 11 2012 videos...

    2 years ago by LongHotSummer
    • Secret to Perform Again For New Year Shows, Releases Second "Talk That" BTS

      After their previous behind the scenes video for Talk That, Secret has now released a second behind the scenes video.

      The video follows one week after the Secret members were in a car accident. Although it was first thought Zinger's injuries could be serious, it turned out she "only" broke a few ribs and bruised her lung and is expected to leave the hospital in a few weeks.

      Because of the incident, Secret will first perform again for the New Year's celebration around 27 December.

      Check out the new behind the scenes video, and the previous one, below!

      시크릿(SECRET) - TALK THAT cover shoot making film
      시크릿(SECRET) - TALK THAT cover shoot making film
      @ TS Entertainment시크릿(SECRET) - TALK THAT cover shoot making film

      2 years ago by LongHotSummer
      • Secret Releases Talk That Teaser

        Secret has just released a teaser for their latest MV, Talk That. This sad love song MV will come out on December 4th. It appears that the girls go again for an era that has passed as they did for Poison, which was set somewhere in the 1920-1940's. Check out the teaser!

        시크릿 (SECRET) - TALK THAT teaser
        시크릿 (SECRET) - TALK THAT teaser
        @ TS EntertainmentSECRET - TALK THAT teaserSECRET facebook - fancafe- ENT. twitter - https://tw...

        If you are a big Secret fan, don't forget to follow

        SECRET's Facebook, SECRET's Fancafe and TS Entertainment's Twitter.

        2 years ago by LongHotSummer
        • Ride by Lana Del Rey

          Ride by Lana Del Rey
          Artist  Lana Del Rey
          Runtime  10:09
          Release date  12 October, 2012
          Shared by  erika
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          1 year ago
          • Ride

            Single - 25 September, 2012 - 1 track

          2 years ago by erika
          • Orange Caramel Will Release 4 Versions of 2nd Japanese Single "Lipstick / Lamu no Love Song"

            Orange Caramel plans to release four different versions of its 2nd Japanese Single Lipstick / Lum no Lipstick on December 12 (12/12/12).

            The song "Lamu no Love Song" is a cover of the opening theme for the popular anime series "Urusei Yatsura". This series is credited for introducing the format of using pop songs as opening and ending themes in anime. Also, the series is credited with pioneering work in the "magical girlfriend" genre.

            Read more to check out the details.

            2 years ago by LongHotSummer
            • 4Minute Helps Promote Debut Group S4 With Volume Up Party in Indonesia

              YS Media Entertainment presented the "Volume Up Party" featuring 4Minute, Phantom, and Indonesian groups SM*SH, as well as the newly debuted group S4 at Kelapa Gading Sports Mall on 31 October 2012. Read more for the interview, details and photos.

              2 years ago by LongHotSummer
              • After School Gains Manga Artists' Interest With Manga Parody

                After School's popularity has reached a new height now that the girl group has gained the attention of three manga artists who have made an After School Manga Parody.

                Leaded by Vee, a former freelance cartoonist who became an After School fan in 2010, the group has self-published ("dōjinshi") 35 strips so far in just a few months time. The unofficial manga parody covers After School's current events and other stories. After School fans can also send in their ideas to the artists for stories they would like to see.

                Check out some of the strips below.


                2 years ago by LongHotSummer
                • Kara Reveals Electric Boy Behind the Scenes Video

                  Kara Reveals Electric Boy Behind the Scenes Video

                  Kara has revealed a behind the scenes video for their latest Japanese music video Electric Boy. Although the girls don't talk much in the video, it's worth watching for the real Kara fans.

                  Check out Kara's official youtube channel.

                  2 years ago by LongHotSummer
                  • Marié Digby's Overwhelming "Your Love" Asia Tour in Singapore

                    Singer-songwriter Marié Digby visited Singapore for her Your Love Asia Tour on 18th October 2012 at the Esplanade Concert Hall.

                    People queued up right after the concert as she also had autograph signing of her CD.

                    She is known as one of the Youtube sensations where she first gained popularity.

                    Check out photos from her concert in the gallery below!

                    Special thanks to EOY for the opportunity to cover the said event

                    2 years ago by iannemirambel
                    • Jack Osbourne Plans to Home School Daughter

                      Jack Osbourne isn't content with the L.A school system and has therefore decided to home school his daughter Pearl.

                      The poor educational system isn't all that's deterring Jack and Lisa Osbourne to enroll Pearl in a public school when she's old enough. Contact Music reports that they fear she will be treated differently due to her last name. And instead of enrolling her in a private school, they will hire a teacher that can travel with them to teach her.

                      This decision was apparently influenced by Jack's own experience in school, which included being pulled out of school a lot due to his parents, Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne's travelling.

                      2 years ago by erika
                      • Hyuna Releases Teaser For Ice Cream

                        Hyuna has released a teaser for her music video Ice Cream, while she earlier released concept pictures for this song.

                        Earlier we reported the track "Very Hot" was banned from the album so with ice cream she certainly should be safe.

                        This is the first track on her new mini album Melting, made by Brave Brothers. The mini album will be released on October 22.

                        Check out the teaser below! What do you think?

                        HyunA - 'Ice Cream' (Teaser)
                        HyunA - 'Ice Cream' (Teaser)
                        현아 두번째 미니앨범 'MELTING'의 타이틀 곡 'Ice Cream' 티져 2012.10.22HyunA, the hottest K-POP icon is back! New EP 'MELTING', featuring the single 'Ice C...

                        2 years ago by LongHotSummer
                        • Britney Spears' Ex-Manager Claims Head Shaving Was to Hide Drug Use

                          In the latest news, Britney Spears' ex-manager claims that the singer shaved her head back in 2007 to hide drug use.

                          The former manager, Sam Lutfi, is suing various members of the Spears family. In an opening statement during a Los Angeles trial, Lutfi claims that Spears used drugs and in order to hide it, she shaved her head. EW reports that Lufti's attorney said the following:

                          "Most of the things that went wrong related to that habit [of amphetamine use]… My client sometimes spent 24 hours a day to prevent Britney from using drugs.”

                          However, it's quite contradicting since the Spears family sought a restraining order against Lufti in 2009. That's not all, Lufti is also suing Spears' parents for defamation and accuses Spears' father for punching him in the chest. In total, Lufti is seeking 15% of Spears' earnings during the time he was in her employment, which was eight months.

                          The lady in question, Britney Spears, is not expected to show up in court.

                          2 years ago by erika
                          • Marié Digby's "Your Love" Asian Tour in Singapore

                            Marié Digby will be visiting Singapore for the first time ever on October 18th! The singer who gained popularity through YouTube will be appearing on the grand stage of the Esplanade Concert Hall in Singapore.

                            The concert will take place on October 18th at 8.30 PM to 10.30 PM. An autograph session will also be held from 10.45 PM to 11.45 PM. The concert tickets can be bought from SISTIC. The tickets cost $48, $68, and $88.

                            2 years ago by erika
                            • Orange Caramel Discuss Lipstick, Nana Wants to Be an Actress

                              Orange Caramel, After School's first sub-unit, recently discussed their latest music video "Lipstick" and their ambitions for the near and more distant future in SportsSeoul.

                              Lizzy mentioned about the Lipstick music video that her "… table tennis skill is all CG (computer graphics) power". She said she was embarrassed of all the strikes she got while actually playing the game. About the concept for Lipstick, Nana confessed "Honestly, at first I felt awkward. Stage costumes… the song, the choreography, too …But now I’m relaxed and I’m glad."

                              Because of the success of Orange Caramel’s fist Japanese single "My Sweet Devil", the group will follow up with more promotions in Japan this November. They will release a second Japanese single.

                              Reasons for Orange Caramel's success are the group member's...

                              2 years ago by LongHotSummer
                              • Orange Caramel Discusses Being Sexy And Cute

                                Orange Carmel recently had an interview with SportsChosun about charisma and positivity.

                                They released their first full length album "Lipstick" on September 13th. A surprise was Lizzy's emotional ballad "Clara's Dream" and Raina's upbeat solo "Superwoman", showcasing her rap skills.

                                SportsChosun asked about the different concepts of After School (sexy) and Orange Caramel (cute). Raina revealed "…songs, choreography, and facial expression changed a lot… I once went to an event with After School… after a while I came right back out wearing different clothes with Orange Caramel on the same stage". While laughing she stated "… I am more adapted now."

                                Lizzy had a harder time exaggerating her expressions on stage: "At first I was ashamed of...

                                2 years ago by LongHotSummer