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AS ONE by L'Arc~en~Ciel +lyrics

  •  - L'Arc~en~Ciel
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    AS ONE
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    22 July, 2005
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    67% upbeat  33% rocking  
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    Lyric added by: JustB181
    DNA ni hari tsuita ooikakusenu shoudou

    *History repeating - panic and confusion
    History is weeping - sense of disillusion
    History repeating - pieces of a puzzle
    Why can't we just live as one?

    **Nowhere to run - we're seeking redemption
    No waiting for divine intervention
    Search for the tree that overcomes death
    Taking the fruit - discover a new way to breathe

    Michi e no KEY wo sashite ochi yuku sei ni sousa wo


    History repeating - science and perversion
    History is weeping - weapons of destruction
    History repeating - in our final hour
    Why can't we just live as one?

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