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  • Lady Gaga to Reveal Name of Fourth Studio Album in September

    Lady Gaga will apparently reveal the name of her fourth studio album this coming September! We have been eagerly anticipating a new album since she revealed that she will not release any new singles off of 'Born This Way'.

    The news was broken by Lady Gaga herself through twitter. She wrote the following to her 25 million followers: "Exciting news little monsters! I've played my new record for my label and will be announcing my new Album Title in September! X"

    September can't come quick enough!

    2 years ago by erika
    • Elton John Expresses Concerns Over Lady Gaga

      Elton John has expressed his concerns over his son's godmother, Lady Gaga. In a recent interview with The Guardian, he stated that he's worried for her health as she has a tiny and frail frame. She doesn't eat properly too which, makes her parents worry.

      Elton also finds her work ethic amazing because she works really hard and manage to upkeep her crazy travel schedule - she's in Denmark one night and then to Saudi Arabia the next. He hopes she can maintain a healthy lifestyle considering he was recently hospitalized for a serious respiratory infection but doing well now.

      2 years ago by Anna
      • Madonna Sings Mash Up Of "Express Yourself" And Lady Gaga's "Born This Way"

        The controversy surrounding Lady Gaga's "Born This Way" single sounding similar to Madonna's 1989 hit "Express Yourself" was reinvigorated over the weekend when Madonna performed a mash up of the two tracks.

        During a performance in Israel over the weekend, Madonna performed her song "Express Yourself". However she replaced the lyrics of the chorus with the chorus from "Born This Way". At the end of the medley, she incorporated her song "She's Not Me" as well.

        The mash up has caused a stir among netizens. When "Born This Way" was released, many people noted the similarity between the two songs, causing much controversy as to the originality of Lady Gaga.

        Find out what the singers have to say about the controversy and watch the performance under the cut:

        2 years ago by james.gatmaitan
        • Lady Gaga's Rolex Tweet Angers Thailand's Population

          Lady Gaga recently tweeted out a message to her followers in which she expressed her desire to go out and buy some fake merchandise. One particular tweet caused quite the backlash. It was a tweet regarding Lady Gaga's desire to go out and buy a fake Rolex whilst staying in Thailand for her concert.

          Many of Thailand's population described the tweet as "offensive, insulting and bad for the country's image". In addition to this, many felt like the singer was supposed to be admire the country, not insult it.

          2 years ago by erika
          • Lady Gaga Forced to Cancel Indonesia Concert

            Lady Gaga's "Born This Way Ball Tour" has been one bumpy ride. After having minors banned from her S. Korea concert, now she has also been forced to cancel her concert in Indonesia.

            Billboard reports that the permission to perform in Indonesia wasn't granted since Lady Gaga's safety couldn't be guaranteed. Apparently many of Indonesia's Muslims feels that the singer's suggestive nature would "undermine the country's moral fiber". The ill-feelings towards the concert and the singer herself was clearly shown with physical threats should the singer dare to step off the plane. However, it's important to point out that there is only a small part of the Muslim community in Indonesia that opposed the concert.

            The national police spokesman Boy Rafli Amar, talked about the issue at hand. The reason no permit was granted was due to the lack of safety and Amar was also disappointed in the cancellation.

            Whether or not refunds will be handed out isn't completely clear. Apparently the permits are handed out about three weeks prior to the concert and often the tickets are sold before the permit has even been processed.

            3 years ago by erika
            • Lady Gaga To Appear on Season Finale of "The Simpsons"

              It is a clash of pop culture icons! Lady Gaga revealed that she will be making an animated appearance on the season finale of "The Simpsons"!

              Mother Monster broke the news to her little monster earlier today via Twitter. Yahoo! reports that Gaga fever has taken over Springville as Lady Gaga is in town for a concert.

              Check out the teaser below!

              Lady Gaga On The Simpsons Promo/ Lisa Goes Gaga 2012
              Lady Gaga On The Simpsons Promo/ Lisa Goes Gaga 2012
              Lady Gaga On The Simpsons Promo/ Lisa Goes Gaga 2012

              Will you be tuning in to see Lady Gaga and the Simpson clan together?

              3 years ago by rachelle.then
              • Lady Gaga Talks About Former Drug Abuse

                Lady Gaga recently talked about her former drug abuse on Lifetime's The Conversation With Amanda de Cadenet. In the interview, Lady Gaga revealed that she felt really lonely prior to debuting. This was at the age of 19 and she had to keep three jobs in order to support herself. In addition to this, the songstress revealed that she would just return home and sit in her apartment.

                Rolling Stone revealed that she started using cocaine in order to cope with the loneliness, to fill a void. Although according to the songstress, the "white devil" only created a bigger void. One day however, she woke up with the realization that if she was going to be a real artist, she couldn't spend her money on cocaine.

                3 years ago by erika
                • Nominations for the 2012 Billboard Awards are Out!

                  The nominees for the 2012 Billboard Awards have been revealed, with Adele, LMFAO, and Rihanna being front runners of the race. Adele racked up 18 nominations, LMFAO scored 17, and Rihanna had 13 nods.

                  The awards show will take place in Las Vegas’ MGM Grand. The live broadcast will air on Sunday May 20 at 8:00 PM ET on ABC.

                  Check out the full article to find the full list of nominations!

                  3 years ago by rachelle.then
                  • Lady Gaga Is On a Diet?

                    Lady Gaga is apparently on a diet to get in shape for her "Born This Way" ball tour. However, she's not skipping any meals but the content of the five meals she eats every day is a bit different from normal. According to The Sun, the singer is eating meals that focuses on foods such as aubergines, fresh spinach and sugar snap peas.

                    The singer doesn't have to eat this type of food every day of the week, more like six days of the week. One of the days she can eat whatever she wants, perhaps a cheeseburger would be suitable considering the singer's previous tweet, which can be seen below:

                    “Just killed back to back spin classes. Eating a salad dreaming of a cheeseburger #PopSingersDontEat #IwasBornThisWay.”

                    3 years ago by erika
                    • Lady Gaga Responds to S.Korean Show Ban

                      Lady Gaga has responded to the fact that her concert in S.Korea was banned by the government. According to the singer's twitter, she holds no grudge against the government but she also wish that more parents will speak out against the ban. In her opinion, the parents should be the ones to decide whether or not something is appropriate for their children.

                      The concert is the start of Lady Gaga's world tour, "Born This Way Ball Tour". The tour kicks off on April 27th in Seoul, S.Korea.

                      3 years ago by erika
                        • hikaru
                          hikaru 3 years ago I am sick of Korea trying to "protect" their youth when it only makes them oblivious to the world around them.
                    • Lady Gaga Wants to Have a Lot of Children

                      During an interview with Oprah Winfrey, Lady Gaga stated that she wants to have a lot of kids. She stated that she doesn't want only one, she wants to have a few. Although "a few" seems to be a whole soccer team should we believe her own words.

                      Don't worry monsters, mother monster won't be having tiny monsters of her own in a long time. The Sun reports that the interview with Winfrey will be Gaga's last in a very long time, although if that's correct remains to be seen.

                      3 years ago by erika
                      • Cher Kicks Off Tour in September

                        Good news for Cher fans as the singer announced on twitter that she's once again hitting the road. This time the tour will start in Kansas sometime in September this year. The twitter message can be read below:

                        No s–t im shaking ! The whole set/Look chamges 4 every song!I mean COMPLETING CHANGES! Tour starts in sept.!First dates Kansas

                        So, when can we look forward to Cher's 26th album then? Apparently no exact date is set yet, however we know, or hope, that it will be this year. The album even features a collaboration with Lady Gaga for the track, "The Greatest Thing."

                        Are you looking forward to the tour and album?

                        3 years ago by erika
                        • Lady Gaga's Perfume Got Tones of "Expensive Hooker"

                          Lady Gaga has finally shed some light on her new perfume and apparently it got tones of "expensive hooker." Lady Gaga has teamed up with the men and women behind Britney Spears' Fantasy perfume to create this interesting scent of hers.

                          The fragrance inventor, Dawn Goldworm said the following: ''I can say it's comfortably something you've never smelt before, that you'll never forget."

                          According to Aol Music, the perfume will be released this year although the exact date isn't known yet. In related news, Mother Monster is also busy shooting the commercial for the perfume together with Steven Klein.

                          3 years ago by erika
                          • Lady Gaga Announces 11 Dates for Born This Way Ball World Tour

                            Calling all little monsters! Lady Gaga has just revealed the first eleven dates to her upcoming world tour!

                            Mother monster specially tweeted the update to her fans earlier today. The world tour will span 110 shows, so do not despair yet if you can't find your country on the list below:

                            Lady Gaga ‘Born This Way Ball’ Tour Dates

                            4/27 – Seoul, South Korea @ Olympic Stadium
                            5/2 – Hong Kong @ Asia World Arena
                            5/10 – Tokyo, Japan @ Saitama Super Arena
                            5/28 – Singapore @ Indoor Stadium
                            6/7 – Auckland, New Zealand @ Vector Arena
                            6/13 – Brisbane, Australia @ Brisbane Entertainment Centre
                            6/20 – Sydney, Australia @ Allphones Arena
                            6/21 – Sydney, Australia @ Allphones Arena
                            6/27 – Melbourne, Australia @ Rod Laver Arena
                            6/28 – Melbourne, Australia @ Rod Laver Arena
                            7/7 – Perth, Australia @ Burswood Dome

                            Lady Gaga also shared the poster for her tour via Twitter (as seen on left, click to enlarge). Are you planning to see Gaga at the ball?

                            3 years ago by rachelle.then
                            • Lady Gaga Won't Release Any More Singles Off of 'Born This Way'

                              It appears that Lady Gaga won't release any more singles from "Born This Way", popcrush reports.

                              According to what an executive revealed, no more singles from the album has been planned. This pretty much slams all the rumors that ‘Heavy Metal Lover’ will ever get a single of its own.

                              Even though no more singles will get released from this particular album, we can still look forward to a new and fresh Lady Gaga album this year!

                              3 years ago by erika
                                • delilah
                                  delilah 3 years ago let's just wait for the new album
                            • Lady Gaga To Launch Born This Way Foundation at Harvard

                              Lady Gaga will be putting her "Born This Way" anthem of a song to good use. Idolator reports that the pop songstress will officially launch the Born This Way Foundation on February 29th during a fete at the prestigious Harvard University.

                              The lyrics that embody the message to self-love and respect each other's differences is what Lady Gaga's foundation strives to do.

                              Lady Gaga's mother and co-founder, Cynthia Germanotta has this to say about the foundation, "My daughter’s foundation was born out of her passion to create a better world where people are kinder and nicer to one another and are accepted for who they are, regardless of how different they may be."

                              You go, Lady Gaga and Mama Gaga!

                              3 years ago by rachelle.then
                              • Lady Gaga to Perform in Japan's Annual New Year's Eve Show

                                As the year comes to a close, Japan's over-the-top New Year's Eve soiree draws nears.

                                Kohaku Uta Gassen -literally translated as 'Red and White Song Battle'- is a contest between Japan's most famous artist, who are divided into two teams: the red team (female soloist or groups with female vocalist) and the white team (male soloist or groups with male vocalist).

                                Rumors surfaced that Lady Gaga was to be a constant in the 62nd edition of KUG, and netizens went wild! But the dust has finally settled and it has been announced that Gaga will not be a contestant, and will instead be a guest performer.

                                Unfortunately, the songstress won't be in Japan for the extravaganza; her performance will be done remotely from New York.

                                Japanese national broadcaster NHK will air the show on December 31, from 7:15pm to 11:45pm Japan Standard Time. If you can't watch the live airing, you can also catch it on the radio.

                                So be sure to mark your calendar to get a glimpse of Japans greatest and Mother Monster!

                                3 years ago by cm.vergara
                                • Lady Gaga Plays Santa For Her Little Monsters

                                  Whether you've had a good Christmas or a bad one, it isn't quite complete until you've received a gift from GaGa Claus.

                                  Now for those of you who missed it, Mother Monster played Santa this year and gave all the little boy and girl monsters the gift of music. At the stroke of midnight, Lady Gaga released "Stuck on F---in' You".

                                  Check out the live, one take wonder below and tell us if you're stuck on the new track!

                                  Lady Gaga - Stuck On Fuckin' You
                                  Lady Gaga - Stuck On Fuckin' You
                                  So to give you a little background to the creation of this song. I wrote it in Minnesota after the Monster Ball on the tour bus. We recorded it in one shot. Fernando on g...

                                  3 years ago by cm.vergara
                                  • Lady Gaga Sued By Former Personal Assistant

                                    Lady Gaga is being sued by her former personal assistant Jennifer O'Neil.

                                    According to TMZ, O'Neil is suing the singer for $380,000 for 7,168 hours of overtime.

                                    O'Neil claims that Lady Gaga worked her tirelessly, expecting her to go above and beyond on the job. Duties included being a "personal alarm clock" and being on duty at all hours of the day. O'Neil worked without breaks or even at times without sleeping.

                                    Representatives for the singer have stated that O'Neil's claims are not true and are unfounded.

                                    3 years ago by james.gatmaitan
                                    • Sir Cliff Richard Wants to Make a Duet With Lady Gaga or Rihanna

                                      According to uk.msn, Sir Cliff Richard wouldn't mind making a duet with either Rihanna or Lady Gaga. His only requirement is that the song lives up to his standards and it's not a "dance thing".

                                      He did praise both Rihanna & Lady Gaga however, saying they both got great voices. It all comes down to what type of song it is and if they would consider having a duet with him. Richard also continued with saying he got nothing to offer them in the U.S, but he's well known in the rest of the world.

                                      What do you think of this?

                                      3 years ago by erika
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