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  • Jolin Tsai and SNSD Girls Spotted at London Fashion Week

    Talk about collision of the music worlds - at a fashion show, no less! C-pop princess Jolin Tsai and K-pop darlings Tiffany, Seohyun, and Yoona (of Girls' Generation) were spotted attending the Burberry Prorsum fashion show during London Fashion Week.

    Coincidentally enough, Tsai was wearing the same shoes as Seohyun and carrying the same clutch as Yoona. That said, the four ladies were dressed to the nines, and no doubt turned heads.

    xin msn reports that Tsai was in a good mood though, who was touring in the bustling city with her beau, Vivian Dawson. She shares, "I'm very excited because I'm a big fan of the brand. I've been here for a few days now, and had gone to a flea market. The earrings I'm wearing today were bought there."

    What do you think? Who wore the pieces better?

    3 years ago by rachelle.then
    • Jolin Tsai To Release New Album This Summer

      Jolin Tsai held a book signing event in Chongqing for her diet book "Yang Shou". 2,500 people showed up to the event to meet the singer and get their book signed.

      Due to a fight delay on her way to the event, the book signing had to be rushed to get through everyone. Jolin managed to speak to the crowd and sign everyone's book all within 90 minutes.

      Due to time constraints, Jolin's spoke a mere 400 words at the event. The singer gave the crowd some words of wisdom about losing weight, such as eating an apple a day to stay thin; the food is healthy and filling, making it a great snack to get you through the day. She also discouraged girls from becoming anorexic to become thin.

      Jolin Tsai also revealed that her next album would be released sometime this summer. The title, release date and other details are still shrouded in mystery.

      3 years ago by james.gatmaitan
      • Jay Chou Shows Off Dance Moves in "Mine Mine" MV

        Jay Chou is making his comeback with his eleventh album "Exclamation Mark" in just a week's time!

        Before getting your hands on the album, check out Jay's latest ballad "Mine Mine"! The king of C-pop shows off some English skills as well as cool dance moves.

        Jay personally composed and wrote the song, and even directed the music video himself. He has been known to base his ballads on past flames. Though there are rumors circulating that the song was inspired by rumored ex-girlfriend Jolin Tsai, Jay denies these speculations.

        What do you think of "Mine Mine"? Leave your thoughts below!

        3 years ago by silverlining
        • Jolin Tsai Begins Work On New Album

          Jolin Tsai may not be releasing a new album this year, but doesn't mean she isn't working on a album for 2012. Jolin Tsai's manager, Chen Ze-Shan, has answered a few questions about Jolin's new project through his weibo account.

          According to her manager, the singer does not have a title in mind for her new album. This is not surprising because they only recently received song demos. They are currently going through the demos to find the right beats for the singer's album.

          Are you looking forward to new music from Jolin Tsai?

          3 years ago by james.gatmaitan
        • Jolin Tsai and Vivian Dawson Voted "Most High-Profile Couple"

          Taiwanese netizens voted pop princess Jolin Tsaiand her model boyfriend Vivian Dawson as the "Most High-Profile Couple".

          Jolin Tsai and Vivian Dawson began dating a year ago and their relationship has since always been under the limelight.

          Former 5566 member Tony Sun and his fiancé, Angel Han, took the second place. In April, Tony proposed to his then-girlfriend in a cinema.

          S.H.E's Ella Chen and her Malaysian boyfriend, Alvin Lai, came in third place.

          3 years ago by silverlining
        • Jolin Tsai Gets Android App

          Jolin Tsai hopes to help you stay thin with her new Android App for her new diet book.

          Want to be thin and look as beautiful as Jolin Tsai? There's an app for that. Noumena Innovations has developed and released a free Android app for her new dieting book.

          The new app will give you Jolin's tips and tricks to staying thin and send you reminders on what to do directly to your phone. You can also use the app to find your body type and get more personalized weight loss tips for your body.

          The new app also features games that will give you a fun way to understand how to stay thin.

          Android users can download the new app here.

          3 years ago by Aysohmay
          • Jolin Tsai Looks Thin For New Diet Book

            Jolin Tsai has revealed the cover to her new diet book along with a couple of promotional pictures.

            Jolin Tsai is reveling the secrets to her beautiful body in her new diet book "Yang Shou :Jolin Neng Chi Neng Shui You Neng Shou De Jian Mei Yin Shi Diao Yang Fa". In the book, Jolin details how to have a healthy diet and exercise right as well as shares little tips and ticks she has discovered to keep her body perfect.

            With the book's July 13th release approaching, the singer has revealed the cover to the book:


            Promotional pictures for the book have also been released:


            People who preorder the book at and will receive SKIN79/BBcream products as a gift with your purchase.

            3 years ago by Aysohmay
            • Jolin Tsai Caught Lip-Syncing At Hong Kong Concert

              During a concert in Hong Kong, Jolin Tsai's headset fell off in the middle of a song. However, the audience was still able to hear Jolin sing!

              Over the weekend Jolin Tsai conducted the Hong Kong portion of her Myself World Tour. The singer wowwed the audience with her sexy performances. Even though she seemed to wear more covering costumes on stage, she remained sexy as ever with her dirty dancing.

              Things were going great until she started to perform "Perfect". During the performance, the singer's headset got tangled in her hair and fell out. Even though she no longer had a microphone to sing into, the audience could hear her "singing", exposing the fact that she was lip-syncing.

              Jolin later admitted that fast songs with strong dance performances require a backtrack playing along to help out with pace and vocals.

              3 years ago by Aysohmay
              • Jay Chou To Marry?

                As you all know, Jay Chou was the biggest winner at the 22nd Golden Melody Awards in the male category, winning 3 major awards. Then Karen Mok announced that she's going to get married this year but has Jay decided he'd do the same too?

                Oh, just kidding! Obviously, not so soon as he's yet to find himself a "partner".

                On a serious note, the shy singer/actor does not usually discuss his private life publicly but insiders revealed that he spilled the beans during the after party of the award ceremony. He's expressed to everyone that he hopes to get married in three years time. When he's married, he'd like to live in a beach house where he can relax. Other confessions include, if he has a girlfriend he'll only announce it publicly when they are about to get married. He prefers to keep things low profile in case of 'breakups'.

                So what about Jolin, you ask? Well, according to Jay he said not to take it seriously (regarding their sexy performance) because nothing is going to happen between them. He also thinks that Jolin's and Vivian's relationship is getting a little too much attention by the media and is glad that Jolin has found a great person.

                Jay also joked that his mother thinks he'll never find a girlfriend and his father believes what the media writes/talks about him.

                3 years ago by xaosmx
                • f(x)'s "Hot Summer" Is Another Cover Song

                  Following "Pinocchio (Danger)" and "Dangerous", f(x)'s new song "Hot Summer" is another cover, originally by German girl group Monrose. Including the version of f(x), the song has now already been released four times.

                  Some time ago, it's been revealed that f(x)'s comeback hit song "Pinocchio (Danger)" as well as "Dangerous", another track of their new album, were bought and reproduced by SM Entertainment.

                  This trend will continue with the release of their new song "Hot Summer", which is a cover of the #1 hit single of now disbanded German girl group Monrose. The song has already been covered twice; by Australian reality TV star Rhys Bobridge and Taiwanese singer Jolin Tsai.

                  Compare the songs below:

                  Monrose - Hot Summer (original)

                  f(x) - Hot Summer

                  Jolin Tsai - Hot Winter

                  Rhys Bobridge - Hot Summer

                  Do you have a favourite?

                  3 years ago by Nana7
                  • Jolin Tsai Sells Special Malaysian Edition Of "Myself" At Concert

                    During the Malaysian stop of Jolin Tsai's "Myself World Tour", a special Malaysia Tour Edition of Jolin's "Myself" album was sold. The album included new art work, 3 CDs and 3 DVDs.

                    Jolin Tsai's "Myself World Tour" has taken the singer all throughout China. The singer is now starting to go overseas for more performances.

                    Throughout the tour, Jolin has tried to keep things fresh by introducing special surprises to her concerts, including special guest performances from Jay Chou. Jolin surprised Malaysian fans with a special edition version of her latest album "Myself" only available at the concert.

                    The special edition album includes brand new cover art, 3 CDs which include a remix CD and her previous hit album "Butterfly" and 3 DVDs. The album has everything in the "Myself 4D" album along with the "Butterfly CD+MV" album all combined into one package.

                    3 years ago by Aysohmay
                    • JPA Poll: Which Celebs Would Make A Cute Couple?

                      So which Jpop, Kpop & Cpop celebrity couples made it to the top? Find out the final results!

                      We asked fans who they think would make cute couples? Here are the top three of each genre:

                      #1 Matsumoto Jun & Inoue Mao (couple from Hana Yori Dango)

                      #2 Akanishi Jin & Kamenashi Kazuya

                      #3 Yamashita Tomohisa & Keiko Kitagawa


                      #1 Yonghwa & Seohyun

                      #2 Jang Geun Suk & Park Shin Hye

                      #3 Yonghwa & Park Shin Hye


                      #1 Mike He & Rainie Yang

                      #2 Jay Chou & Jolin Tsai

                      #3 Rainie Yang & Show Luo

                      3 years ago by xaosmx
                      • Jolin Tsai's Bf Comments On Intimate Dance

                        Vivian Dawson, most notably known as Jolin Tsai's boyfriend has opened up about the recent intimate performance with her former flame, Jay Chou. Fans and netizens alike are all supporting the idea of Jay and Jolin reconciling but what are Vivian's thoughts on this?

                        Paparazzis swarmed around him as he was lying on a bench in public. When prompted with the question about the intimate performance between Jolin and Jay. He simply replied, "I saw it and thought it was really good." So is he jealous? He laughed it off and said he's not jealous at all. According to Vivian, Jolin hasn't even met his parents (from NZ) yet and they have no idea who she is either because they are not into Taiwan's showbiz. However, he has met her parents before and hoped that they have a liking towards him.

                        Do you think Jolin Tsai and him are incompatible?

                        3 years ago by xaosmx
                        • Jolin Tsai Releases 2 New Commercials

                          Jolin Tsai's new CF for Mix-Box has been revealed along with an alternate version of her Quakers commercial.

                          Last month, Jolin Tsai was spotted shooting a commercial for the cosmetics store Mix-Box. The commercial has now been revealed. You can watch the new commercial below:

                          A second commercial was also unveiled today. An alternative version of Jolin's Quakers commercial has also been released. The 1st commercial first aired in mid-April. The new version can be seen below:

                          3 years ago by Aysohmay
                          • Jay Chou Joins Jolin Tsai On Stage For Shanghai Concert

                            Jolin Tsai's Shanghai leg of her "Myself" tour featured a guest performance with Jay Chou. The two sung a duet version of Jolin's hit single "Nothing Left To Say".

                            Fans have been excited for a Jolin Tsai and Jay Chou performance ever since it was revealed that the two would be performing together at the Shanghai and Beijing leg of Jolin Tsai's "Myself" tour. Fans chanted "Jay! Jay!" during the beginning of the concert, unable to wait to see the two performing together. However, the audience had to wait until the end of the concert to see their performance.

                            Jolin Tsai wrapped up the concert with a duet with Jay Chou. "Double J" sung a duet version of Jolin's hit single "Nothing Left To Say". The audience erupted into cheer as Jay appeared at the piano playing the melody while Jolin danced sexily.

                            The pair ended the performance by getting intimate with each other. They caressed each other's face before walking hand in hand to the middle of the stage and making a dramatic stance as the concert came to a close.

                            Check out a fancam of the performance below:

                            4 years ago by Aysohmay
                            • Edison Chen and Jay Chou to Collaborate on New Fashion Label

                              Fans of Edison Chen and Jay Chou will be happy to hear that the two of them will collaborate on an upcoming fashion label. Not only are they collaborating on this fashion label, but Jay is also going to help Edison to create a remix of his latest single, "I Can Fly".

                              During the press conference for the upcoming label, Edison was forced to be accompanied by body guards since he's still receiving death threats for the sex scandal in 2008. Edison expressed that he prefers not having any body guards, as he doesn't like living in fear and anxiety.

                              Jay also confirmed that he will make a guest appearance on Jolin Tsai's upcoming concerts in Shanghai and Beijing on the 21st & 28th May.

                              4 years ago by elenko94
                              • Jolin Tsai In Femina China Photoshoot

                                Jolin Tsai posed for the may issue of the magazine Femina China. Check out the photoshoot!

                                Fans were teased with leaked photos uploaded onto Weibo of Jolin Tsai's Femina China photo shoot at the beginning of April. The full photo shoot has now been revealed. The spread is used in the May issue of the magazine.

                                The photo shoot shows Jolin in big, flowy outfits. Her poses give the appearance of motion to reflect the flow of the clothing.

                                4 years ago by Aysohmay
                                • Jolin Tsai Discusses Stefanie Sun's Marriage And Her Own

                                  With Stefanie Sun's wedding on Mother's Day, Jolin Tsai spoke about her wishes for Stefanie and her own plan for marriage.

                                  Stefanie Sun surprised many when it was discovered that she had filed for marriage with her boyfriend Nadim Van Der Ros. The wedding will take place on Mother's Day, May 8th. Despite preparing for her "Myself World Tour" later this month, Stefanie's good friend Jolin Tsai will be one of the few present at the wedding. Jolin was interviewed regarding the wedding.

                                  When Stefanie first filed for a marriage certificate, Jolin was not aware of the incident just like the rest of the world. Despite not being told of the marriage immediately, Jolin still wishes the couple the best and hopes they have a happy life together.

                                  The conversation then turned to Jolin's plans for marriage. She stated that she did not currently have any since she has not met "Mr. Right" yet. When she does she will start to consider it. Until this happens though Jolin is in no rush to get married like her friend.

                                  4 years ago by Aysohmay
                                  • Jolin Tsai's Guest Concert Singer Revealed

                                    Jolin Tsai's secret guest for the Shanghai and Beijing tour dates has been revealed. Find out who will be sharing the stage with Jolin!

                                    Jolin Tsai will be embarking on her "Myself World Tour" soon. In an interview with Beijing News, Jolin revealed that there would be a special secret guest performing with her at her Beijing leg of her concert. Although the singer had tried to keep the guest performer a secret to surprise the audience during the concert, it has been revealed that the special guest will be Jay Chou! The two will share the stage in Shanghai and Beijing.

                                    The two shared the stage last year during Jay Chou's tour at the Taipei Arena. Jay has expressed his desire to perform the song "Bravo Lover" together with Jolin. Will this be the time the finally get to do so?

                                    4 years ago by Aysohmay
                                    • Jolin Tsai Touches Fans With a Memorial Video Message

                                      It was around last year Jolin Tsai payed a visit to one of her fan's that suffered from muscle dystrophy. However, the muscle dystrophy was already at its final stages. A video of Jolin Tsai comforting the fan's parents was uploaded to the internet and was played on his memorial service a couple of days ago.

                                      Jolin is clearly upset in the video, holding back tears while saying that Ying-Chi's parents have to be brave, regardless of what happens. She also said that even though they're tough in front of him, they clearly must hurt inside and she expressed her worry for them.
                                      During the memorial service Ying-Chi's parents started crying uncontrollably when they watched the video message.

                                      The idea to film this came from Xu Feng Ming who was filming a documentary about muscle dystrophy. The director, Xu was the one that secretly asked Jolin to record this video in a way to help motivate Ying-Chi's parents to continue to live on.

                                      4 years ago by elenko94
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