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  • Girls' Generation to Introduce First Sub-Unit?

    A music publishing company, which is known to have strong ties with SM Entertainment and its artists, recently posted on its message board, "Our songwriter's song has been selected for one of the songs in Girls' Generation's subunit group's (Taeyeon, Tiffany, and Jessica) new album, so we're busy arranging the piece."

    Since then rumours have been circulating that Taeyeon, Tiffany and Jessica will form Girls' Generation's first-ever sub-unit. SM Entertainment only responded, "Details have not been finalized yet", on these rumours on 12th April.

    What do you think about the idea of making a sub-unit with Taeyeon, Tiffany and Jessica?

    3 years ago by Meltem
      • Junsica
        Junsica 3 years ago that will be amazing, I love every single of one of them, OMG so good
      • IncurablyRomantic
        IncurablyRomantic 3 years ago Yay, my three fav members! I hope they do...<3
  • SNSD's Jessica Has Not Had Plastic Surgery

    SNSD member Jessica has not had plastic surgery according to SM Entertainment.

    Netizens began speculating that the singer had gone under the knife after filming for the KBS2 drama "Wild Romance". While filming the show, Jessica looked very skinny. During her appearances after the show, people noticed her face looked fuller than before, causing people to wonder whether or not it was the effect of plastic surgery.

    SM Entertainment has denied these rumors, stating "[Jessica] definitely has not had plastic surgery."

    According to the agency, Jessica's schedule was very busy around the time she filmed "Wild Romance". This caused the singer to lose weight, resulting in her looking differently than she normally does.

    Jessica has reportedly gained back the weight she lost and has had some time off to relax. She has recently taken a vacation in San Francisco.

    3 years ago by james.gatmaitan
      • KPopMusicDreamer
        KPopMusicDreamer 3 years ago I do notice this, this means, Jessica is a healthy girl ^^

        When she was filming, she looks tired ~
  • SNSD's Jessica and Lee Dong Wook's Passionate Kiss Scene

    After the sweet couple shot of actor Lee Dong Wook and SNDS's Jessica was revealed the past couple of days, their kiss scene has been revealed.

    On January 31st, a passionate kiss scene preview between Lee Dong Wook (Park Mu Yeul) and Jessica (Kang Jong Hee) has been revealed during the preview of the KBS TV drama "Wild Romance". In the scene, Lee Dong Wook and Jessica are sitting side by side enjoying a glass of wine and a lovely atmosphere builds up and they shared a deep kiss. Jessica plays the role of Lee Dong Wook's first love.

    Watch out for the kiss scene on its 9th episode tomorrow, February 1st. "Wild Romance" airs Wednesdays and Thursdays on KBS at 9:55 PM (KST).

    Male Sones are jealous right?

    via GoKpop by maraiph

    3 years ago by solangelvp
      • delilah
        delilah 3 years ago woot....I must see this!
      • GioMetric
        GioMetric 3 years ago *wiggles eyebrows*
  • Photos Of SNSD's Jessica Without Makeup On Surface

    Before SNSD rose to superstar status, Mnet aired a reality showed titled "SNSD Girls Go To School". The reality show was filmed during the group's debut with cameras following their every move.

    During one of the interviews for the show, Jessica appeared on camera without any makeup. Screen shots of the interview have begun spreading online due to netizens' interest.

    Netizens generally praised Jessica for her natural beauty and innocent charm. What do you think of Jessica's natural look?

    3 years ago by james.gatmaitan
      • JediSpiceGissia
        JediSpiceGissia 3 years ago Make-up only enhances what you already have, so yes, she is a natural beauty. People need to stop being haters...
      • KPopMusicDreamer
        KPopMusicDreamer 3 years ago She's natural beauty ~ ^_^
  • SNSD's Jessica Confirmed As "Wild Romance" Cast Member

    Earlier this week, there was speculation thatSNSD's Jessica would have a role on KBS's upcoming drama "Wild Romance". It has been confirmed that she has accepted her role on the show.

    Due to Jessica's busy schedule, the singer had not official accepted the role she was offered. Her agency was working out a schedule that would fit the singer's busy life.

    Jessica will be playing the role of Kang Jong Hee, Lee Dong Wook's first love and ex girlfriend. She reappears in his life because she can't forget him.

    Jessica is expected to appear in 8 episodes.

    "Wild Romance" is set to begin airing on January 4th.

    3 years ago by james.gatmaitan
    • SNSD's Jessica To Star In New Drama "Wild Romance"?

      KBS 2 is producing a new drama titled "Wild Romance". Will SNSD's Jessica be starring in the new drama?

      According to the production homepage for the drama, that is definitely a possibility. When the show's website posted a short introduction of the drama, they included a relationship map. Lee Dong Wook's character was shown to have two love interests, one of them being Jessica!

      Jessica's picture was quickly removed from the graphic. Representatives for the drama explained that Jessica has been offered the role, but her place on the cast has not been finalized yet. They are still work on scheduling her into the show, but are keeping their options open.

      A finalized cast list is expected to be released later this week.

      3 years ago by james.gatmaitan
      • SNSD Presents Set of Concept Pictures

        SNSD is back with a new album which means a new concept and more official pictures of the girls.

        SM Entertainment has shared a whole set of group and individual photos giving fans a chance to take a closer look into the new elegant and sophisticated concept they bring this time.

        Through the pictures we can see the girls have turned into ladies and their beauty is undeniable.

        Check them and enjoy this brand new world.

        3 years ago by solangelvp
        • SNSD's Jessica Sings for "Romance Town" OST

          SNSD's Jessica releases her contribution for the soundtrack to K-drama "Romance Town". The song is a ballad titled "Because Tears Are Overflowing".

          Check out Jessica's first solo single for an OST:

          Catch the song as it plays on the third episode of "Romance Town" which will air on the 18th!

          4 years ago by silverlining
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