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  • Florence Welch Still Lives With Her Mother

    Florence Welch is apparently still living with her mother, despite turning 26 in August this year. According to, the singer likes living at home due to various reasons. One of the reasons are all of the posters, paintings, postcards and clothes which makes her room like a living scrapbook.

    However, Welch explained that she wants to move out but she hasn't had the time to look for an appropriate place. Well, who can blame her. It's not everyday you become Grammy nominated or have your songs featured on Glee.

    3 years ago by erika
    • Florence Welch Graces October Cover of Vogue Japan

      Florence Welch is not only making strides in the music world, she dabbles in the realm of fashion as well.

      The red-haired voice of Florence and the Machine is the first non-model in five years to grace the cover of Vogue Japan.

      Notable fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld photographs Florence for the October issue, where she sports a colorful Ralph Lauren jacket for a decidedly androgynous look.

      Florence and the Machine delighted fans by putting a date on an upcoming (still untitled) album. Expect to see the second album by sometime in November. For now, enjoy her newly released "What The Water Gave Me"!

      3 years ago by silverlining
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