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  • Drake Might Be Charged for Club Fight

    Drake was recently involved in an alleged club fight with Chris Brown. The fight might end up causing Drake to be charged with reckless endangerment.

    The stories differ, but allegedly Drake had sent a bottle of beer to Brown's table, where he was also seated with Meek Mill. The two declined the bottle and what happened afterwards isn't really clear. The Boom Box states that Brown's chin was split open by a bottle thrown by Drake. Brown might pursue charges against Drake after claiming he "produced physical evidence" which points the finger at Drake.

    Brown's attorney also stated that it's quite evident that Brown was the victim in this altercation.

    "I believe the police are building a case against Drake and his thugs. Clearly, Drake was the instigator, and there is evidence he threw glassware," said Brown's attorney, Mark Geragos.

    The reason for the fight is said to be the two stars' connection to Rihanna, who both have had a relationship with, either personal or professional.

    2 years ago by erika
    • Chris Brown Unveils Deluxe Edition Cover for "Fortune"

      Chris Brown recently unveiled the deluxe edition cover for his upcoming "Fortune" album. We previously reported that the album was pushed back to a July release, more precisely a July 3rd release.

      The full track-listing hasn't been revealed yet. However, we know that album will come with the four previous singles, "Turn Up the Music", "Sweet Love", "Till I Die" and “Don’t Wake Me Up”.

      3 years ago by erika
      • Chris Brown Postpones "Fortune" Release

        Chris Brown has postponed the release of his "Fortune" album. According to This is RnB, the album has been pushed back to July 3rd, 2012 instead of being released on May 8th.

        The album currently have three singles out, "Turn Up the Music", "Sweet Love" and "Till I Die". However, a fourth single is also going to be released soon. The single is titled "Don’t Wake Me Up" and so far the release date isn't known, but it's most likely going to be released prior to the album hitting the shelves in July.

        3 years ago by erika
        • Brandy to Collaborate With Chris Brown on New Single

          Brandy is going to collaborate with Chris Brown on her upcoming single, "It All Belongs to Me". According to This is RnB, Brown will be the rapper on the song which was written by Sean Garrett and produced by Bangladesh.

          Brandy didn't disclose the release date for the single, but she did say it will be out soon, probably within two weeks. The single is the lead single off of her upcoming album "Two Eleven" which will be out this summer.

          3 years ago by erika
          • Rihanna Covers May Issue of Elle Magazine

            In addition to landing on the cover, Rihanna bares some skin in the photospread in May's Elle magazine.

            The pop starlet touches on quite a few topics in the feature. In particular, about her breakup with Chris Brown. She notes, "It gave me guns. I was like, well, f***. They know more about me than I want them to know. It’s embarrassing. But that was my opening. That was my liberation, my moment of bring it. […] Now you know that, so you can say what you want about it. I don’t have anything to hide.”

            Read the rest of the interview when the magazine hits stands! For now, check out the sultry pictures in the slideshow below!

            3 years ago by rachelle.then
            • Chris Brown Announces New Singles

              Chris Brown has announced two new singles through twitter, This is RnB reports. The singles are titled "SWEET LOVE" and "TILL I DIE", the genres are RnB and Rap respectively. Brown will apparently collaborate with some interesting people as well, for his "TILL I DIE" single, he will collaborate with both Big Sean and Wiz Khalifa.

              Brown's upcoming album will be released on May 8th. So far no release dates for these singles have been announced, but we'll keep you updates as soon as they're out to the public.

              3 years ago by erika
              • Nicki Minaj Unveils "Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded" Track-Listing

                After releasing the cover art for her upcoming album, Nicki Minaj also released the track-list for upcoming album, "Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded". The tracks features various artists, most notable are perhaps, Lil Wayne, Drake, Chris Brown, Young Jeezy and more. The album hits the stores on April 3rd.

                Check out the massive track list below:

                1. Roman Holiday
                2. Come On A Cone
                3. I Am Your Leader Feat. Cam’ron & Rick Ross
                4. Beez In The Trap Feat. 2 Chainz
                5. HOV Lane
                6. Roman Reloaded Feat. Lil Wayne
                7. Champion Feat. Nas, Drake & Young Jeezy
                8. Right By My Side Feat. Chris Brown
                9. Sex In the Lounge Feat. Lil Wayne & Bobby V
                10. Starships
                11. Pound The Alarm
                12. Whip It
                13. Automatic
                14. Beautiful Sinner
                15. Marilyn Monroe
                16. Young Forever
                17. Fire Burns
                18. Gun Shot Feat. Beenie Man
                19. Stupid Hoe
                Deluxe Edition
                20. Turn Me On
                21. Va Va Voom
                22. Masquerade

                3 years ago by erika
                • Rihanna Talks About Chris Brown Collaboration

                  Few have missed that Chris Brown and Rihanna came together for a remix of the latter's "Birthday Cake". What they perhaps didn't know is that it was Rihanna who initiated the contact. According to popcrush, the singer contacted Brown simply because he is "the hottest R&B artist out there".

                  However, Brown made a counter offer, he would help Rihanna on her remix if she helped him with the remix of "Turn Up the Music". Should we believe Rihanna, the tracks were made in favor of the fans: one remix for Rihanna's fans, one remix for Brown's fans.

                  Do you believe that the collaborations were merely business? Let us know in the comments!

                  3 years ago by erika
                  • Free Music From Chris Brown!

                    Like most artist, Chris Brown is gearing up for his latest album release. But unlike most artist, Chris Breezy has done the unthinkable and vows to leak new music for Team Breezy supporters until FORTUNE drops on May 8th!

                    The first free single of what seems to be one of many chart toppers off of FORTUNE, is "Fuck The City Up".

                    Now, don't let the title fool you. Despite it's title and implications of the song being a hip-hop/rap contender, "Fuck The City Up" is a R&B single.

                    Chris Brown - Fuck the City Up 2012 [New Music]
                    Chris Brown - Fuck the City Up 2012 [New Music]
                    Chris Brown - Fuck the City Up part 2, 2012 Lyrics chris brownchris brown - fuck the city up 2012 new music chris brown - fuck the city up, chris brown - Fuck the City Up...

                    What do you think about Browns kind gesture? Are you feeling his new single? Let us know what you think!

                    3 years ago by cm.vergara
                    • Brandy Talks About New Album + Dedicates Song to Whitney Houston

                      Brandy recently talked about her upcoming album which is titled, "Two Eleven". According to idolator, the album name is inspired by a few important things which happened on that specific date.
                      One is Brandy's birthday, the other one is the death of Whitney Houston.

                      Apparently the album will drop in June and it will feature collaborations of various artists, some are Sean Garrett and Chris Brown.

                      During a show at the Factory in L.A on March 2nd, the singer performed, “Right Here (Departed)”, in honour of Houston.

                      Check out the performance below:

                      Brandy Dedicates 'Right Here (Departed)' to Whitney Houston
                      Brandy Dedicates 'Right Here (Departed)' to Whitney Houston
                      Fan cam of Brandy's show at the Factory in L.A on March 2nd.

                      3 years ago by erika
                      • Chris Brown Accused of iPhone Theft

                        Chris Brown has been accused of stealing an iPhone from one his female fans. Brown who is on a five-year probation due to his well known beating of then-girlfriend Rihanna in 2009 is being investigated by the Miami police.

                        According to RollingStone, the singer apparently took the phone out of the hands of one his female fans whilst she was trying to take a photo of him. Allegedly the singer had then said, "You ain't going to put that up on no website," and driven off in car.

                        The stakes are a high for Brown as he risks prison should the accusations be correct. However, as of now the investigation is on-going and they're deciding whether or not to press charges against him.

                        3 years ago by erika
                          • BinnyJinny
                            BinnyJinny 3 years ago Not surprised. What a jackass.
                      • Jay-Z Disappointed That Rihanna Reconciled With Chris Brown

                        Jay-Z is allegedly disapproving of Rihanna's and Chris Brown's collaboration due to what happened a few years ago between them. The source told Radar Online about his feelings towards Brown and they weren't pretty.

                        The source claimed that Jay-Z wants nothing to do with Chris Brown nor does he want Rihanna to collaborate with the latter. He's apparently deeply disappointed with her actions and even though he's all for forgiveness, he wants the singer to remember what happened. Apparently Jay-Z does't believe that Brown has even started to work on his anger management issues and this supposed "work-only" relationship between the two won't end well.

                        According to another source, Rihanna got her fair share of advice but she's apparently not listening to them. Instead she intends to do whatever she wants. Jay-Z is also concerned over what kind of message this is sending to Rihanna's more younger [female] fans.

                        The big question now is: What do you think about this whole ordeal?

                        3 years ago by erika
                          • BinnyJinny
                            BinnyJinny 3 years ago Sad sad sad. I am so BAFFLED at the sheer number of abused women who return to their abusive partners. I never understood why, but here it is! Though Rhianna's never been all too smart, in my opinion.
                      • Estelle is Back More Honest Than Ever With Upcoming Album

                        Estelle is back and more personal and honest than ever with upcoming album, 'All of Me'. According to Estelle, the recording process was uncomfortable since she didn't want to make a record to appease anyone, reports.

                        Some of the tracks we can look forward to are: “International (Serious)” which features Chris Brown and Trey Songz. Other tracks are “Wonderful Life” and “Speak Your Mind”.

                        All of Me hits the shelves on February 28th.

                        3 years ago by erika
                        • Beyonce Shares Top 10 Favorite Songs of 2011

                          Pop princess and mama-to-be Beyonce rounds out the year with her very own top 10 list of 2011 songs!

                          She rolled out her favorites via her official website! The ten tracks featured big names like Adele, Drake, Rihanna, Kanye West, and her husband Jay-Z. The songs were not ranked in any particular order though. Check out the complete list below!

                          Beyonce's Top 10 Songs of 2011
                          Big Sean featuring Nicki Minaj - "Dance (A$$)"
                          Future - "Tony Montana"
                          Jay-Z & Kanye West - "N—-s in Paris"
                          Kelly Rowland - "Motivation"
                          Adele - "Someone Like You"
                          Drake - "The Motto
                          Rihanna - "Man Down"
                          Justin Bieber and Chris Brown - "Look At Me Now"
                          James Blake - "The Wilhelm Scream"
                          Frank Ocean - "Novacane"

                          What do you think of Beyonce's list? What are some of your favorite songs of 2011?

                          3 years ago by rachelle.then
                            • BinnyJinny
                              BinnyJinny 3 years ago Crap, just like her.
                            • farnoosh
                              farnoosh 3 years ago justin bieber and chris brown?! <3 i love them ;)
                        • Chris Brown & 50 Cent Bring Their "Lighters" Out

                          What do you get when you put a R&B hot-shot, a Gangsta, and a master at the turntables together? You get the collaborative efforts between Chris Brown, 50 Cent, and DJ Felli Fel entitled "Lighters".

                          "Lighters" was initially intended for LA native DJ Felli Fel, who happens to be the songs producer. Instead, the song can be found on 50 Cent's upcoming album.

                          With Chris Breezy on the hook, G-Unit's F-50 spitting rhymes, and Felli meticulously putting everything together, we have one more 2012 chart-topper to look forward to.

                          3 years ago by cm.vergara
                          • Brandy Collaborates With Frank Ocean

                            Popcrush reports that Brandy has started recording her newest album, she's currently working together with Frank Ocean due to their similar views on music. The album will be out in stores during the first quarter of 2012, possibly around March.

                            The album is also said to contain other collaborations, for instance it's rumored that Chris Brown and Rico Love will also be featured. In other news, Brandy will also join the cast of Tyler Perry’s ‘The Marriage Counselor’ in 2012.

                            3 years ago by erika
                            • Chris Brown Brings Down the House With Dance Freestyle

                              We all know that 22 year old R&B singer, Chris Brown has skills on the dance floor, there's no doubt about it.

                              During an LA bash at the Beacher's Madhouse, located inside the infamous Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, Chris Breezy and his crew broke down the house with a crazy whirlwind of breakdancing moves.

                              Check out some of Breezy's dance moves caught on tape by TMZ.

                              Chris Brown's Epic Dance-Off
                              Chris Brown's Epic Dance-Off
                              Chris Brown took the stage at Beacher's Madhouse and proceeded to have one of the most epic dance-offs EVER.

                              3 years ago by cm.vergara
                              • breaking The Grammy Nominations Are Out!

                                And so the countdown to The 54th Grammy's begins!

                                The prestigious award ceremony will air, Sunday, February 12th, at 8 PM ET/PT on CBS. Leading the pack this year is Kanye West with a whooping 7 nominations! Following close behind is Adele, Bruno Mars, and Foo Fighters with 6 nominations.

                                With 77 categories and a house packed with talented artist dressed in their finest, who knows what kind of evening is in stored.

                                Check out the full article to see whether or not your favorite artist made the cut for the years most prestigious award.

                                3 years ago by cm.vergara
                                • and Lil Jon to Perform at American Music Awards

                                  Despite the American Music Awards being two days away, its list of performers seems to be growing.

                                  Last week we reported that David Guetta and Nicki Minaj will be the AMA's opening act. This week, we're happy to report that Black Eyed Peas',, as well as the King of Crunk himself, Lil Jon, will be joining Chris Brown, Justin Bieber, LMFAO, and many others come November 20th.

                                  With so many big names under one roof at the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles, California, it will be on festive evening on television you wouldn't want to miss.

                                  3 years ago by cm.vergara
                                  • Yuya Matsushita Announces New Single + Album Details

                                    November 26th marks the 3 year anniversary for the talented 21 year old, Japanese R&B singer, Yuya Matsushita. To celebrate his young, but growingly successful career, Yuya held an acoustic concert which was streamed live on Nico Douga.

                                    His setlist consisted of 11 songs (not including the encore). One of which was a take on Chris Brown's "She Ain't You".

                                    Towards the end of his celebratory concert, Yuu-kun, who was sporting his new blonde-do, announced that his 10th single will be coming out on January 25th!

                                    Some time after the concert, the U Staff tweeted a confirmation of the 10th single. In the same tweet, the U Staff announced that Yuya's sophomore album will drop the following month!

                                    So what were the songs in Yuya's setlist? What's the title of the 10th single? Find out in the full article!

                                    3 years ago by cm.vergara
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