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  • Britney Spears' Ex-Manager Claims Head Shaving Was to Hide Drug Use

    In the latest news, Britney Spears' ex-manager claims that the singer shaved her head back in 2007 to hide drug use.

    The former manager, Sam Lutfi, is suing various members of the Spears family. In an opening statement during a Los Angeles trial, Lutfi claims that Spears used drugs and in order to hide it, she shaved her head. EW reports that Lufti's attorney said the following:

    "Most of the things that went wrong related to that habit [of amphetamine use]… My client sometimes spent 24 hours a day to prevent Britney from using drugs.”

    However, it's quite contradicting since the Spears family sought a restraining order against Lufti in 2009. That's not all, Lufti is also suing Spears' parents for defamation and accuses Spears' father for punching him in the chest. In total, Lufti is seeking 15% of Spears' earnings during the time he was in her employment, which was eight months.

    The lady in question, Britney Spears, is not expected to show up in court.

    2 years ago by erika
    • John Legend Slams Britney Spears and Demi Lovato

      John Legend was recently quoted saying that Britney Spears and Demi Lovato aren't real singers.

      Anything Hollywood reports that Legend was asked during a red carpet event regarding his opinion of the two women judging on X Factor. In response to the question he said the following:

      “It should be very interesting. I don’t have much to say. It’s interesting when people that, you know, are judging singing competitions when they aren’t really singers.”

      3 years ago by erika
      • Demi Lovato Signs On With X Factor

        Demi Lovato has officially signed a deal with X Factor, just like Britney Spears did not long ago. Popcrush reports that Lovato's paycheck isn't known yet as to whereas Spears' landed on a whopping $15 million.

        The tv-show will apparently not interfere with Lovato's upcoming summer tour. The official announcement will come at the Fox Upfronts where both Spears and Lovato will announce their participation in the show.

        3 years ago by erika
        • Britney Spears Signs on With X Factor

          After a lot of may or may not, we can finally confirm that Britney Spears has officially signed on with X Factor. According to popcrush, Spears signed a deal which will last for 1 year and it will earn her $15 million.

          Apparently both Spears and Simon Cowell are excited to work together. According to source which claims to be close to Spears, she's going to give it her all and work the hardest to contribute to the show.

          3 years ago by erika
          • Jason Trawick Becomes Britney Spears' Conservator

            Jason Trawick has been added as Britney Spears' co-conservator, along with her dad. A conservator is basically someone that has full control of one's economic situation and may control how you spend your money. Think along the lines of being underage and your parents are still controlling your life, which in Spears' case, isn't that far off.

            According to TMZ, Spears' father, Jamie Spears, is thrilled to have Trawick as a co-conservator. Apparently the singer agreed with her father's wish to have Trawick as co-conservator, not surprising considering their impending marriage.

            3 years ago by erika
            • Britney Spears Won't Judge on X Factor

              Britney Spears has allegedly declined a $10 Million contract offer to judge on X Factor. According to Celebuzz, the singer declined the offer simply because she wanted the double!
              However, it's unlikely that the producers will accept this demand and they're more likely to look for other A-list celebrities to fill the judging seat.

              Do you want Spears to judge on the show, or would you rather have someone else to do the job? Let us know in the comments!

              3 years ago by erika
                • hikaru
                  hikaru 3 years ago I don't really know what good Spears would do for the show. Thankfully, she declined.
                • Yunzip
                  Yunzip 3 years ago oh! come on! just take the 10 million! want to see britney on x-factor
            • Britney Spears to Judge on X Factor?

              Britney Spears has allegedly been offered $10 million to judge on the X Factor, RollingStone reports. Apparently Simon Cowell and the rest of the producers of the show fired the last judges, Paula Abdul and Nicole Scherzinger, due to the fact they wanted more famous judges, such as Janet Jackson.

              Apparently Spears would become one of the top earners in TV should she take up on the offer. Christina Aguilera got a little less to judge on the show whilst Jennifer Lopez judged on the show for the staggering amount of $12 million.

              Do you want Britney Spears to judge on the X Factor or not?

              3 years ago by erika
              • SPIN Announces 20 Best Pop Albums of 2011

                The eventful year of 2011 is coming to an end and 2012 awaits us with new albums, new song, new bands...

                However, before it's at that point, it's everyone's task to review the year and its music, right?

                The music site, SPIN, did this and announced the 20 Best Pop Albums of 2011 on 22nd December. Here is the top 10 on the list...

                10. Rihanna - Talk That Talk: Deluxe Edition
                9. Kelly Clarkson - Stronger
                8. Coldplay - Mylo Xyloto
                7. Florence + The Machine - Ceremonials
                6. 2NE1 - 2nd Mini Album
                5. Adele - 21
                4. Katy B - On a Mission
                3. Britney Spears - Femme Fatale
                2. Beyoncé - 4
                1. Lady Gaga - Born This Way

                If you want to check out the ranks from 20 to 11, click here!

                3 years ago by Meltem
                  • HaruHaru
                    HaruHaru 3 years ago 2NE1 wooo!
                  • BinnyJinny
                    BinnyJinny 3 years ago Can't believe nonsense like Britney, Beyonce, and Rihanna even made this list.
                    GO 2NE1!!! <3.
              • What Did Britney Do After Proposal?

                The day after Jason Trawick proposed to her, not only did she tweet about the exciting news but she also shared it on Facebook and updated her status from "in a relationship" to "engaged."

                Guess nothing is "official" until it's updated on Facebook these days.

                3 years ago by Anna
                • breaking Britney Spears Engaged to Marry Jason Trawick

                  It's been confirmed! Britney Spears is now happily engaged to wed Jason Trawick! No word yet on when the wedding will take place though, but she did share excitedly via Twitter a message, "OMG. Last night Jason surprised me with the one gift I've been waiting for. Can't wait to show you! SO SO SO excited!!!! Xxo"

                  How did they meet? Jason Trawick was Britney's former manager and TV agent back in 2008 up until they began to see each other romantically. This will be Britney's third marriage - maybe third time's the charm?

                  We wish Britney and Jason all the marital bliss in the world!

                  3 years ago by rachelle.then
                  • Super Junior, Britney Spears or Big Bang?

                    The eventful year of 2011 is coming to its end soon. Looking back at the happenings in the K-pop world this year, we can definitely say that it was Big Bang and Super Junior's year.

                    Back in November 2011, Big Bang won the award in the category of the World Wide Act at this year's MTV EMAs, held in Belfast, Northern Ireland. The Korean band stunned the world by beating famous international artists such as Restart (Latin America), Abdelfattah Grini (Africa/India/Middle East), Lena (Germany) and even the princess of pop, Britney Spears (North America).

                    However, Big Bang wasn't the only K-pop artist who managed to surpass the superstar, Britney Spears, in 2011. In the ranking of Top 10 Trending Topic's on Twitter, which was released by What The Trend on 6th December, Super Junior ranked 7th, just above Britney Spears and the devastating earthquake in Japan.

                    In 2011, Big Bang and Super Junior proved that they're indeed world stars receiving praise internationally and high attention.

                    3 years ago by Meltem
                    • Britney Spears Celebrates Her 30th Birthday

                      Britney Spears celebrates her 30th birthday on Friday, December 2nd in Houstan, ice-skating with her boyfriend, Jason Trawick. As reported by People, Britney receives quite a lot of birthday greetings from celebrity friends and fans.

                      Kim Kardashian greeted Britney on Celebuzz saying that, "I wish you all the best for this next year and beyond. You're going to love your 30's! I love you and hope you have a magical day."

                      Also greeting are Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber who called to greet; Nicki Minaj, Lance Bass, Rihanna, Katy Perry, Ke$ha, Pauly D, Heidi Klum, Miley Cyrus, Christina Aguilera and even Ryan Seacrest did not want to miss greeting the pop star's 30th birthday.

                      In the meantime, Britney Spears is continuing her South American tour and will play a free show in Mexico on Sunday before closing out her world tour next weekend.

                      3 years ago by farah.aqilah
                      • Nickelback and Justin Bieber Top List of Dating Turn Offs

                        Those of you who like Nickelback and/or Justin Bieber might not want to mention that fact on the first date according to Postmedia News.

                        The band and teenage pop sensation finished first and second in a survey held by the U.K. based dating site that matches singled according to musical tastes,

                        Members to the site were asked to name 12 bands whose music would become a romantic turnoff. 1,600 responses were gathered and Nickelback and Justin Bieber took the top spots with Lady Gaga, Ke$ha, Coldplay, U2, Creed, Katy Perry, Lil Wayne and Britney Spears following behind.

               founder, Alex Parish, noted that they were curious which bands people would be horrified to learn about when browsing a date's iPod. He added that, "Although sharing musical tastes with your partner is not the be all and end all, it can certainly help in maintaining a harmonious relationship - and we've seen it's a great conversation starter."

                        3 years ago by heather.skinner
                        • MTV EMA Announces Nominees for The Worldwide Act Category

                          MTV has announced the five nominees that will compete in the all-new Worldwide Act category at the "2011 MTV EMA".

                          Each nominee represents a region and have been chosen by fans who during the past five weeks voted at MTV.

                          Now a second round of voting has started where one of them will get the Worldwide Act distinction. The five global finalists are: Lena (Europe); Big Bang (Asia Pacific); Abdelfattah Grini (Africa/India/Middle East); Britney Spears (North America); and Restart (Latin America).

                          The Worldwide Act category celebrates diversity and the breadth of all the music that MTV has to offer by nominating incredible artists from all corners of the world. Fans can vote at until 11:59PM CET on Friday, 4th November, and the Worldwide Act winner will be announced at the show in Belfast.

                          The show will be hosted by Selena Gomez on November 6th at 9PM CET* from Belfast, Northern Ireland.

                          The performs include Lady Gaga, Bruno Mars, Coldplay, Red Hot Chili P...

                          3 years ago by solangelvp
                          • Criminal by Britney Spears

                            Criminal by Britney Spears
                            Artist  Britney Spears
                            Runtime  05:22
                            Release date  20 October, 2011
                            Shared by  jonmarulanda
                            This video is  
                            Expected release  
                            date next video  
                            1 year ago
                            3 years ago by jonmarulanda
                            • Britney Spears: "I'm Boring"

                              While in the UK, Britney took the opportunity to promote her new single, "Criminal" at KISS FM. She discussed about her son's Spiderman themed birthday party, the reason behind why she'd not consider being a judge on the X Factor, alternative career path if she's not "Britney Spears the popstar" and possibility of getting back into acting. She said she's a boring person who likes to stay at home when asked what she usually does when she's on a break.

                              Check out her interview below:

                              3 years ago by Anna
                              • Nominations are Out for 2011 MTV Europe Music Awards

                                This year's MTV Europe Music Awards will be held at Belfast's Odyssey Arena on November 6th.

                                The nominations have been revealed and you can determine the fates of all your favorites by voting here!

                                Find out if your favorite acts are in the running for an award at this years's MTV Europe Music Awards after the jump!

                                3 years ago by silverlining
                              • Stars Stay Away From Britney Spears Tour Launch Party

                                Britney doesn't draw in the crowds like she used to. The singer is starting her first European tour in 2 years and threw an extravagant party at the Sanctum Soho Hotel in London only to have no big name celebrities attend.

                                According to the Daily Mail, the only "stars" to attend the event were reality stars Mark Wright and Katie Waissel. Mark Wright stars in the show "The Only Way Is Essex" and was very excited to see the singer. "Is it silly that I am excited to be on the way to Britney Spears tour launch party going to be in the same room as one of the world's biggest stars?" Wright tweeted.

                                Britney stuck close to her boyfriend Trawick throughout the event. Despite not bringing out the star power like her glory days, Britney is still excited to be in the UK.

                                "So excited to stop over in the UK before I start my European tour in a few weeks. Can't wait! I LOVE London, it's like my second home," she tweeted.

                                3 years ago by james.gatmaitan
                                • Britney Spears To Shoot "Criminal" MV In The UK

                                  Last week, Britney Spears confirmed that the 4th single off her latest album "Femme Fatale" will be the song "Criminal".

                                  This week, the singer announced through her twitter account that the music video for the single will be shot in the UK.

                                  "Decided to shoot the 'Criminal' video in the streets of merry old England when I get there...," Britney tweeted.

                                  Are you excited or Britney's new single?

                                  3 years ago by james.gatmaitan
                                  • Britney Spears Invites Prince Williams And Kate To Concert

                                    Britney Spears 1st made the cover of Glamour magazine 10 years ago. Today, the singer graces the magazine's cover once again, sporting a similar expression and hair as her earlier cover.

                                    Britney revealed in the UK magazine that she learned that Prince Williams used to think of her as his ideal woman. Flattered, she has invited the prince and his wife Kate to attend one of her concerts.

                                    "I think they’re a beautiful couple. Unfortunately I didn’t get to watch the wedding but I heard it was beautiful," Britney stated.

                                    The singer also revealed that she plans and doing something wild for her 30th birthday in December.

                                    "I think the older you get, the wiser you get. I can’t wait. I’m really excited and definitely gonna celebrate and do something spectacular. I’m gonna be in South America so I’ll have to do something pretty fun. A carnival of Britney?", Britney said.

                                    3 years ago by james.gatmaitan
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