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  • Review of Big Bang's ALIVE (Part 1)

    About a week has passed after Big Bang released its 5th mini album ALIVE on 29th February, and I finally have got enough insight to review it.

    The reason why it took me such a long time to get enough insight, although I haven’t listened to any other songs than those from ALIVE yet, is because Big Bang’s songs are like a puzzle.

    Read the full article to understand what I mean!

    3 years ago by Meltem
    • Big Bang Makes Hot Comeback on Inkigayo

      Finally, Big Bang performed its anticipated comeback stage on SBS' music schow, Inkigayo.

      Before their performance, the members had a short interview with IU and Kara's Nicole and Hara. It features a cute surprise by Taeyang for IU...

      120311 BIGBANG - Back Stage Interview (Taeyang hug IU) @ Inkigayo (Check live in Description)
      120311 BIGBANG - Back Stage Interview (Taeyang hug IU) @ Inkigayo (Check live in Description)
      My Twitter : Week 120312 120313 120314 120315 120316120311 Inkigayo : BIGBANG120311 Interview : BIGB...

      Then they finally performed "Blue", "BAD BOY" and "FANTASTIC BABY". Enjoy watching!

      BIGBANG_0311_SBS Popular Music_INTRO & BLUE
      BIGBANG_0311_SBS Popular Music_INTRO & BLUE
      BIGBANG_0311_SBS Popular Music_INTRO & BLUECopyrightⓒ2012 SBS Contents Hub Co.,Ltd. & YG Entertainment Inc. All rights reserved.『2012.02.29 BIGBANG 5th Mini Album "AL...

      BIGBANG_0311_SBS Popular Music_BAD BOY
      BIGBANG_0311_SBS Popular Music_BAD BOY
      BIGBANG_0311_SBS Popular Music_BAD BOYCopyrightⓒ2012 SBS Contents Hub Co.,Ltd. & YG Entertainment Inc. All rights reserved.『2012.02.29 BIGBANG 5th Mini Album "ALIVE" ...

      BIGBANG_0311_SBS Popular Music_FANTASTIC BABY
      BIGBANG_0311_SBS Popular Music_FANTASTIC BABY
      BIGBANG_0311_SBS Popular Music_FANTASTIC BABY Copyrightⓒ2012 SBS Contents Hub Co.,Ltd. & YG Entertainment Inc. All rights reserved.『2012.02.29 BIGBANG 5th Mini Album ...

      Today's winner of Inkigayo's "Take 7" was Big Bang as well.

      120311 Today's Winner on Inkigayo -- BIGBANG
      120311 Today's Winner on Inkigayo -- BIGBANG "ALIVE"
      Subscribe my channel for All BIGBANG ComeBack on Music Shows !

      3 years ago by Meltem
      • Big Bang to Perform 3 Tracks on Inkigayo Tomorrow

        Tomorrow, on 11th March, it's finally time for Big Bang's music show comeback! As SBS announced, Big Bang will perform 3 songs from ALIVE which will be "Blue", "BAD BOY" and "FANTASTIC BABY".

        SBS' Inkigayo will start airing at 1.10 p.m. (KST). Big Bang's T.O.P reminded fans of this and thanked them via me2day. He wrote, "Thank you to everyone who has been anticipating all this while! All the way!"

        3 years ago by Meltem
        • Big Bang Shuffles for Sunny10 CF

          Big Bang is Sunny10's Sparkling Ade model for 2012. The first Sunny10 CF featuring Big Bang was released on 9th March.

          Take a look at Big Bang's shuffling skills!

          Last year, it was Big Bang's sub-unit, GD&TOP who endorsed Sunny10's Sparkling Ade. Its theme song became a nationwide hit.

          GD&TOP Sunny 10 Sparklingade CF (30s)
          GD&TOP Sunny 10 Sparklingade CF (30s)
          GD & TOP Sunny 10 Sparklingade CFAll copyright to SUNNY10 owner, YGENT, BIG BANG.

          3 years ago by Meltem
          • Seungri Explains Real Story Behind Big Bang's Solo Promotions

            Following one of G-Dragon's statements from SBS' "Big Bang Comeback Show – Alive Big Bang", we want to share Seungri's explanation on why Big Bang focused on solo or unit promotions the previous years.

            "The truth is last year, until we promoted 'Tonight', the 5 of us didn't get along well. I think, you could say our relationship was awkward", he started off frankly.
            Then he elaborated, "All the members were hungry for individual promotions. We all felt we could do just as well going solo. Taeyang and I wanted solo albums. T.O.P wanted to do movies and dramas, and G-Dragon had big dreams as a producer."

            However, the hardships of 2011 brought the 5 members back together and their bond has become stronger than ever. Seungri said, "We came together thinking Big Bang wasn't allowed to crumble like this. We encouraged each other to move on with renewed energy."

            3 years ago by Meltem
          • G-Dragon Doesn't Want to Hide

            As you know, SBS aired Big Bang's comeback special entitled "Big Bang Comeback Show - Alive Big Bang" today.
            During the show, the 5 members of the band expressed their feelings about their comeback, their new songs and so on.

            While lots of V.I.Ps are celebrating the boys' comeback, there are still people who say that it's too early for them to make their comeback yet. The most frequent argument mentioned is that not enough time has passed for the boys to recover from the controversies they went through, especially for Big Bang's leader, G-Dragon.
            G-Dragon indirectly responded to this by saying, "I can't keep hiding. Because this would hurt too many people, I can't do it." Then he continued, "Rather than saying hundreds and thousands of reflective words, why not come out as a changed person for all to see and gain forgiveness from them in this way. Because of such thoughts, I have thus took out the courage to step forward."

            Was G-Dragon's decision right? What do you think?

            3 years ago by Meltem
              • JediSpiceGissia
                JediSpiceGissia 3 years ago Oh for goodness shake! He did something he shouldn't have, he knows it, feels bad about it, and wishes people would forgive him and get over it already! There are celebraties who have done far, far worse! Time to focus on the music!
          • GD&TOP Collaborate with British Star Pixie Lott

            Universal Music Japan recently published the tracklist of British pop star Pixie Lott's Japanese edition of her studio album, Young Foolish Happy, which will be released on 21st March.
            The studio album is composed of a total of 23 tracks, including a collaboration song called "Dancing On My Own" featuring Big Bang's sub-unit, GD&TOP.

            Pixie Lott debuted with her single, Mama Do, in 2009 and has been ranking highly in the charts. So far she has produced eight Top 20 Singles on the UK Singles Chart.

            3 years ago by Meltem
          • G-Dragon & Taeyang Reveal New Tattoos

            The tattoo studio of 302 ARTWORK STUDIO released photos of the new tattoos of Big Bang's G-Dragon and Taeyang.

            You can see that both of them tattooed the right side of their torso. While Taeyang's new and very first tattoo is a cross, G-Dragon's new tattoo says, "Forever Young". Another tattoo G-Dragon has now is the one on the left side of his body saying, "MIND CONTROL".

            Currently, G-Dragon has got a total of 7 tattoos: "too fast to live too young to die" on his back, "vita dolce (sweet life)" and a Keith Haring tattoo on his right forearm, "moderato (moderate)" on his left forearm, a dragon ball on his shoulder plus the 2 new ones.

            Which of the tattoos is your favourite?

            3 years ago by Meltem
            • Fantastic Baby by Big Bang

              Fantastic Baby by Big Bang
              Artist  Big Bang
              Runtime  04:00
              Release date  6 March, 2012
              Shared by  HaruHaru
              This video is  
              Expected release  
              date next video  
              2 years ago
              3 years ago by HaruHaru
              • Watch Big Bang's First Comeback Stage Live on YouTube!

                As we reported, Big Bang's first comeback stage on a music program will be on Sunday, 11th March at SBS' Inkigayo.
                Prior to that, Big Bang will have a special comeback show prepared by SBS, which you can also watch live from overseas.

                Big Bang and SBS' Comeback Show will be broadcasted on Friday, 9th March at 6 p.m. (KST). On this broadcast, you will be able to watch Big Bang's first-ever TV comeback stage as well as shots of the band's recent concert, BIG SHOW 2012.

                "This broadcast will employ the stage design of concerts, and MTV will broadcast it through a global channel like YG-Life or YouTube so that more foreign fans will be able enjoy the comeback stage. There is a limit of introducing songs on music programs, but this broadcast will mainly focus on the introduction of all new songs, a YG official stated.

                Don't miss the Comeback Show on Friday!

                3 years ago by Meltem
                • Lee Seung Gi's Final 'Strong Heart' Episode to Be YG Special

                  Broadcast station, SBS, confirmed that the YG Family members, Big Bang, 2NE1, SE7EN, Tablo, PSY and Gummy, will be guested on SBS' popular variety show, Strong Heart, on 27th March and 3rd April.
                  "The YG Special will feature many new stories and episodes that have occurred within the company", an SBS official stated.

                  Beside that, this episode will be the final episode for Strong Heart's beloved MC, Lee Seung Gi.
                  It hasn't been announced yet who is going to replace him.

                  3 years ago by Meltem
                  • Big Bang Sets Countdown for "FANTASTIC BABY" MV

                    Big Bang's 3rd music video is coming, namely its "FANTASTIC BABY" MV! It will be released on Wednesday, 7th March at 12 p.m. (KST), and YG Entertainment already set a countdown for its release.

                    However, the countdown is based on your computer's internal time, so it's not accurate for you as long as you don't live in Korea. So don't forget to consider time differences!

                    Meanwhile, Big Bang successfully completed its BIG SHOW 2012 and released a preview for the "FANTASTIC BABY" MV this weekend.

                    3 years ago by Meltem
                    • Big Bang Announces Dates of ALIVE Tour 2012 in Japan

                      Through its official Japanese website, Big Bang announced the tour dates of its ALIVE Tour 2012 in Japan, which will be as follows.

                      May 17 & May 18 Japan NGK Insulators Hall (Aichi)

                      May 26 & May 27 Yokohama Arena (Kanagawa)

                      June 1 & June 2 Osakajo Hall (Osaka)

                      June 16 & June 17 Saitama Super Arena (Saitama)

                      June 23 & June 24 Marine Messe Fukuoka (Fukuoka)

                      More updates will follow, so stayed intuned!

                      3 years ago by Meltem
                      • Big Bang Reveals Brand New Preview for "Fantastic Baby" MV

                        Today's episode of SBS' Inkigayo featured a teaser for Big Bang's comeback stage next week.

                        The teaser starts off with clips from Big Bang's "Blue" MV and then shows a preview of the band's next music video for "Fantastic Baby", so it will perform these 2 songs next week.
                        Beside that, this also indicates that Big Bang will release the "Fantastic Baby" MV before 11th March.

                        Check out the teaser!

                        3 years ago by Meltem
                        • Laurieann Gibson Praises Big Bang

                          This weekend Big Bang kicks off its BIG SHOW 2012, alias ALIVE Tour, in Korea.
                          Yesterday, before the concert itself, a press conference was held in which Laurieann Gibson, the main director of the ALIVE Tour, also talked about working with Big Bang. She described her experience of the group as follows.

                          Although there were difficulties in language, there was no barrier in terms of music, I've worked with many super stars, but I felt no difference. Big Bang has its unique and special charm. I am touched by how hard they work at young age. They are the best of the best. Because they are so special, I didn't need to change anything. Personally, G-Dragon and T.O.P are outstanding on stage. Seungri is young but has a strong attraction. Daesung is passionate. Taeyang reminded me of Michael Jackson. I was touched they didn't get upset even once when they were made to work hard.

                          Before collaborating with Big Bang, Laurieann Gibson most recently directed Lady Gaga's The Monster Ball Tour.

                          3 years ago by Meltem
                          • breaking Get Creative for Big Bang's GLOBAL COVER CONTEST!

                            Big Bang has released more information on its global event titled "2012 BIGBANG [BLUE & BAD BOY] GLOBAL COVER CONTEST" today.

                            How to participate?
                            Step 1: Think about a creative concept and create your cover video of Big Bang's "Blue" or "Bad Boy".
                            It doesn't matter which kind of cover you make. It can be singing, dancing, band play, cosplay, instrument play or something else. The most important thing is that you amaze the jury, which will be Big Bang, YG Entertainment and netizens.

                            Step 2: Upload your video on YouTube and title it, "2012 BIGBANG COVER - Your Song Choice" (example: "2012 BIGBANG COVER - BLUE")

                            Step 3: Submit your video link at "Submission". Please follow the upload guidelines on YouTube to find it.


                            3 years ago by Meltem
                            • Big Bang to Appear on Lee Hyori & Jung Jae Hyung's YOU & I

                              It was announced that Big Bang will have special performances on SBS' YOU & I, hosted by Jung Jae Hyung and Lee Hyori, on March 18th.

                              Big Bang will perform with a secret band which will also be working with the boys during their world tour. YG Entertainment hasn't revealed yet who it is. The only thing we know is that this secret band has already collaborated with worldwide-renowned artists such as Mariah Carey, Erykah Badu, Chris Brown and Boyz II Men.

                              A YG representative added, "Big Bang will perform its new songs as well as old hits with new arrangements on stage."

                              Do you have any guess who this secret band might be?

                              3 years ago by Meltem
                              • Big Bang to Perform 2 Different Songs Each Week

                                As you all know, Big Bang will promote all 6 tracks of its newly released mini album, ALIVE. Since this comeback strategy is so new for the music industry, everyone has been wondering how Big Bang is going to handle a promotion like this.

                                The big boss, Yang Hyun Suk, explained how it will work.
                                First of all, he confirmed Big Bang to have its first comeback stage on SBS' Inkigayo on Sunday, 11th March. The boys will perform 2 songs from ALIVE every week on the show, so that they present a different stage each week.

                                Yang Hyun Suk also said, "You are not going to get bored with the same old costumes and performances because we will deliver different stages for you."

                                Are you already anticipating for their Inkigayo stage?

                                3 years ago by Meltem
                                • Bad Boy by Big Bang

                                  Bad Boy by Big Bang
                                  Artist  Big Bang
                                  Runtime  03:57
                                  Release date  28 February, 2012
                                  Shared by  erika
                                  This video is  
                                  Expected release  
                                  date next video  
                                  2 years ago
                                  3 years ago by erika
                                  • Sean & Big Bang Help Disabled Children

                                    As you know, Jinusean's Sean has been doing various charitable actions.
                                    One of these is the $10 Miracle Donation Campaign, which he started at the 3rd birthday of his son, Harang. Ever since then, he has saved up $10 each day and donated his savings to help building a rehabilitation hospital for disabled children in Korea.
                                    On Harang's 4th birthday, Sean had saved up $3,650 which he paid for a cochlear implant surgery of a deaf child.

                                    As he stated via Twitter, his aim is to donate a total of $32 million this year by gathering 1,000 people to save up $10 per day, just like him. He also revealed that the boys of Big Bang, who are about to make their comeback, joined the $10 Miracle Donation Campaign and support him with this project.

                                    For those who want to join this campaign as well, send an email to by giving you name, phone number, address, country and email address. You can also help by saving up just $1 a day.

                                    3 years ago by Meltem
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