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  • GD&TOP Ready to Release Japanese Debut Single "Oh Yeah"

    GD&TOP will release its first single in Japan.

    After having a successful debut as a sub-unit in Korea last year, G-Dragon and T.O.P will also present their first single in Japan.

    The track chosen for this is "Oh Yeah" featuring 2NE1's Bom, and will also include "High High".

    The single will come in 5 editions and the reservations will be open from October 18 until November 8 and will be released on November 9th. Each version will have a different cover and include different extras like CDs, DVDs or photobook.

    To check all the versions take a look at the complete article.

    3 years ago by solangelvp
  • G-Dragon Announces Solo Comeback

    With Big Bang on hiatus, the group's members are working on their own projects. The first member to go solo is G-Dragon.

    G-Dragon will be coming out with a new solo album in October. The singer is currently working on completing the album and will be coming up with a concept for the album soon.

    "Because we are still writing songs for his album, we haven’t decided on his title song. When we are done, we will decide on the album concept," a YG Entertainment representative stated.

    With the next couple of months saturated with big name comebacks, including KARA, SNSD, Brown Eyed Girls and now G-Dragon, many agencies are rescheduling their artists' activities so they aren't competing against Korea's most popular artists.

    3 years ago by james.gatmaitan
      • erika
        erika 3 years ago *___* Can't wait!
      • Anna
        Anna 3 years ago awesome!
  • Big Bang's Daesung Found Innocent plus Future Plans

    Daesung has been cleared of the charges related to the car accident he suffered where a man died.

    A prosecutor informed that despite the fact that Daesung did not keep a safe distance and did not watch carefully he has been cleared of the charges since there was not enough evidence to be sure that the man survived the prior accident he suffered.

    The decision was taken on August 26th and YG actually did not receive a notice and was informed about the result after the announcement made by the prosecutor.

    YG also mentioned that for the time being Daesung has decided that he will not be in any activities besides church.

    3 years ago by solangelvp
      • Megan
        Megan 3 years ago Thank Goodness :)
  • Big Bang's G-Dragon Spotted at Marc Jacob's Fashion Show

    The ever fashionable leader of Big Bang is spotted at a Marc Jacob's fashion show.

    Check out some pictures of G-Dragon!

    3 years ago by silverlining
    • Big Bang Reveals CF for The North Face

      Big Bang is the new faces of outdoor apparel, The North Face. The group was recently in New Zealand for a CF shoot; and the finished CF has since been revealed!

      Check out the boys in the breathtakingly beautiful New Zealand landscape!

      THE NORTH FACE 2011 F/W Berkeley with G-Dragon
      THE NORTH FACE 2011 F/W Berkeley with G-Dragon
      Source :

      Liked the song playing in the CF background, the song will be revealed on North Face's official Facebook page later today.

      Also, check out Seungri's video he uploaded via his me2day around two weeks ago.

      Browse through some of the pictures from the photo shoot as well! Only Big Bang can make poofy and heavy winter jackets look so hot!

      3 years ago by silverlining
    • K-Pop Invades German Magazine "Popcorn"

      German magazine "Popcorn" made a special article about k-pop and the most influential bands.

      The special included summaries of JYJ, Big Bang, SHINee, 2NE1, f(x) and SNSD which introduced the groups to the German audience that have not met k-pop yet.

      Check the full article for a translation of the report and tell us in which place on the world you would like to find a k-pop article.

      3 years ago by solangelvp
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        • Siddy
          Siddy 3 years ago I'd be nice to see a K-something around here! It seems that there is everything BUT K-something here. =O
        • ILoveOnew
          ILoveOnew 3 years ago ^ mee too
    • Big Bang's Taeyang Recommends Demi Lovato's "Skyscraper"

      Big Bang's Taeyang updates his Twitter with a song recommendation for his followers!

      It seems he has caught Demi Lovato's "Skyscraper" fever, as he writes,

      Demi Lovato – Skyscraper makes this summer day seem so gloomy... Have fun listen to it in this weather! :)

      Have you heard Demi Lovato's latest ballad? Catch up here!

      3 years ago by silverlining
      • Big Bang To Release DVD+CD+Photobook from Love & Hope Tour 2011

        Fret not, VIPs who didn't get a chance to go to Big Bang's Love & Hope Tour 2011. Big Bang will soon release DVD and CD box sets, along with photobooks, to catch you right back up!

        Big Bang's Love & Hope Tour 2011 took place from May 10th to May 19th, and stopped by the Japanese cities of Tokyo, Osaka, and Nagoya.

        Click on to read more about the DVD and CD packages!

        3 years ago by silverlining
      • Puerto Rican Commercial Accused of Plagiarizing 2NE1 & Big Bang

        Space Gang, a Puerto Rican juice drink, recently aired a new commercial featuring bright colors, a catchy song and a faux boy and girl group. K-pop fans were quick to notice that they have seen this concept used before in Korea from 2NE1 and Big Bang with their song "Lollipop".

        Due to the striking similarities between the two, netizens have accused the Puerto Rican brand of plagiarism. Many have shown their support for their K-pop idols, saying the brand should pay YG royalties for using their concept and that the Space Gang commercial was a cheap rip off.

        Check out the Space Gang commercial and the Lollipop MV and let us know if you think its plagiarism or not.

        Space Gang CF

        Big Bang & 2NE1's Lollipop plagiarized
        Big Bang & 2NE1's Lollipop plagiarized
        video recorded yesterday by me. CREDIT IF USING.

        Lollipop MV

        3 years ago by james.gatmaitan
      • Big Bang’s T.O.P Reveals New Hairstyle

        Performing at the “D Summer Night Party”, Big Bang's T.O.P arrived to the event debuting his new blonde look.

        With Big Bang's leader G-Dragon showing off his shocking new shaved look earlier this month, TOP's new look has been drawing just as much buzz.

        Similar to his style during GD&TOP's promotions which was dubbed the silver ‘grass head’ style, TOP's blonde look has already received many different nicknames.

        With G-Dragon and TOP's new look, many fans are curious if Big Bang's Taeyang & Seungri are sure to follow with their own radical new hairstyles.

        3 years ago by jonmarulanda
          • Nirama
            Nirama 3 years ago :O EEEeeeeeeeehhhhhh!!!!! :D Still cute!!:D
          • xsmilesx
            xsmilesx 3 years ago ew i hate it! >.<
      • Who Are Japan's Favorite K-pop Artists?

        Japanese music site Recochoku recently ran a poll titled "Everyone's Favorite K-Pop Artist", and published the top five only today!

        1. Kara
        2. Shoujo Jidai
        3. F.T Island
        4. BIG BANG
        5. B2ST

        Click here to find out the reasons Japanese K-pop fans gave for why they especially love Kara, Shoujo Jidai and F.T Island.

        3 years ago by aimerodi
      • "The North Face" New Front: Big Bang

        Big Bang is the latest idol to be chosen as the new faces for outdoor brand, "The North Face". The members have been a trend setter in the industry, particularly G-Dragon.

        A representative from the brand's marketing team stated,

        "Big Bang has always been a group that's open to innovation, they are trend setters. That's why we think they are the right fit to represent us. For this new project, we want to portray more modern outdoor styles."

        The CF and promotional shots that were taken in New Zealand is due to be broadcasted sometime next week.

        3 years ago by Anna
          • yoona93
            yoona93 3 years ago THIS BASICALLY MAKES MY LIFE....
            but i wish daesung were there :((
          • XFrozenFlowerX
            XFrozenFlowerX 3 years ago omo cant believe i didnt realise it earlier... DS hurry up and get back!
      • G-Dragon Writes a Message for VIPs

        Big Bang's leader G-Dragon prepared a special handwritten letter fro his dear VIPs.

        He first apologized to fans for not doing this before but since Big Bang's 5th anniversary is approaching he took the chance to send fans a surprise through the band's Daum cafe.

        He asked fans not to send him presents during his birthday since their hearts are more important.

        He promised to spend more time with fans and create memories together.

        To check the complete letter read the full article.

        3 years ago by solangelvp
      • G-Dragon Shaves His Head

        Performing at the 2011 SuperTraxx Concert, Big Bang leader G-Dragon had heads turning debuting his new clean cut shaved hair.

        Known as a fashion icon among his peers and having sported many different looks over the years, G-Dragon made the quite the statement and left many surprised, with "G-Dragon" becoming the no.1 search on Naver after photos surfaced.

        While some panicked thinking G-Dragon was heading to the military, others praised G-Dragon with one fan commenting "He can have a shaved head and still make it look good!".

        What do you think of G-Dragon's new look?

        3 years ago by jonmarulanda
          • yoona93
            yoona93 3 years ago OH MYYYYYYYYY D: wowowowow. i mean he's still gorgeous but... COME ON!!!!!!!!!!
          • xsmilesx
            xsmilesx 3 years ago i actually like it
      • SNSD Reveals Individual MVs for "Hoot"

        "All About SNSD: Paradise in Phuket" DVD is a treasure trove of little gems for the SNSD fan inside of you! Aside from the music video for "Echo", the DVD also includes so-called 'solo music videos' of the girls from their song "Hoot"!

        The music videos have surfaced online and can be found below!










        Any favorite out of the nine solo music videos?

        3 years ago by JpopAsia
        • Daesung Giving Up Career?

          As you all know, Daesung will be charged for the May 31st motorcyclist's death after autopsy results have been revealed recently. So will this affect Big Bang's future? What will happen to Daesung now?

          Prior to the final autopsy results, Daesung has been going to church to pray as well as receive counselling for his depression. When final results were revealed, holding him responsible for the death of the motorcyclist, he was lost for words! As a result, YG Entertainment halted all of Daesung's promotional activities to give him time off to self reflect until the end of this year. Furthermore, Daesung's license have been revoked and he has to attend a court trial to decide charges against him. Some say he might be going to jail for 5 years, or alternatively pay it off. However knowing Daesung, he's always blaming himself and putting others before him. Rumour has it that he might decide to give up his career. Many netizens have been debating against the autopsy results because it does not make sense.

          YG Entertainment has stated that the absence of Daesung will not affect other group activities because everyone understands what he's going through. Moreover, most of the scheduled important events are over so there's not much going on as a group for the time being. So, other members of the group will be focusing on their solo activities until Daesung is ready for a comeback.

          What are your thoughts on this?

          3 years ago by xaosmx
          • Taxi Driver Tells His Side of Daesung's Fatal Car Accident

            Among the speculation that has arisen after the car accident involving Big Bang's Daesung, the taxi driver who attended to the motorcyclist killed in the collision was interviewed by Dispatch to give his side of the story.

            At 1:40 AM KST on May 31, Big Bang's Daesung was involved in a fatal car accident, crashing into the back of a taxi. While the taxi driver was not injured, a motorcyclist the taxi driver was trying to help has been pronounced dead.

            Since the day of the accident, various rumors have arisen, and the situation has gotten confusing. However, the sole eye witness finally speaks out.

            In an interview with Dispatch, the taxi driver in the incident, Kim (45), spoke out with the words, "I have to correct everything that's being wrongly reported."

            The interview is below.

            Q. “At this time, the motorcyclist is deceased and the attention is now being focused on whether his death was caused by Daesung’s collision or not.”


            “Daesung is also a victim in this case. It seems that the motorcyclist already received much injury from a previous accident. He was discovered 30m away from his motorcycle and you could tell how bad his condition was with the naked eye. There was a lot of blood where he was lying and his head was also bleeding profusely. Maybe it's because of the shock from the impact, but his helmet was also nowhere to be seen. The police later discovered it, and it, too, was badly damaged.”


            Q. “You checked for the condition of the motorcyclist but Daesung was unable to. Eventually, he passed Hyun and collided with the taxi.”


            “There is a reason why Daesung could not have avoided Hyun. There was another car in front of Daesung. To put it simply, I put up my emergency lights after discovering the motorcyclist and stopping on the road. Just before I was about to call the police, another car discovered Hyun and swerved to the next lane. The car following him was Daesung's. Although the first car was able to swerve and avoid an accident, I don't think Daesung could see what was going on. Usually, when the first car swerves, the car behind can't catch what he's swerving away from. Daesung was in that exact situation.”


            Q. “Daesung testified that he did not see the motorcyclist.”

            Kim: “Daesung did not know of the motorcyclist at all. He only knew once I told him that there was a person on the road. The car in front of him had swerved away so he didn't have time to check at the scene.”

            Q. “Daesung is currently being questioned for speeding and negligent driving.”


            “ I think he was within the 60 km/h-limit because the car in front of him was not speeding. This was what I observed with the room mirror in the taxi. They say that he was speeding at 80 km/h during the investigations, but I feel that's the speed he was at when he collided with the taxi.”


            Q. “No skid marks were discovered at the scene. Does that mean his car only stopped after it collided with the taxi?”


            “In my personal opinion, he accidentally stepped on the accelerator instead of the brake. There should have been skid marks, but there are none. Even after the collision, the taxi was pushed out 30m from where it was originally standing. If it was pushed to that extent, it means he did not brake. Even during the collision, I don't think he braked, and it was most probably because he was nervous and shocked that he accidentally pressed the accelerator.”


            Q. "Then if he wasn't able to see the motorcyclist at the time of the accident, did he check afterwards?"


            "Daesung did not have a chance to. Within two minutes of the accident, police arrived and he was taken for investigations. He did not know that there was a person at the time of the accident so I don't think he knew to check. He only knew that there was a collision with the taxi. Immediately afterwards, a representative of his agency arrived, and he, too, did not see the motorcyclist."


            Q. "Did he look shocked?"


            "There was so much going on. There was an accident and a victim was revealed. Within 10 minutes, journalists swarmed in. Since he's a young celebrity, I think he was shocked. Even while being investigated by the police, his hands were shaking."


            Q. "The taxi was severely destroyed. Just looking at the taxi, you must have also been severely injured. How are you right now?"


            "In comparison to the taxi being destroyed, I was not that injured. I think it was because I sensed an accident and prepared for it. The hospital said that I didn't break anything, but I am receiving physical therapy for my shoulders, back, and neck."


            Q. "If Daesung is found to be unrelated to the death of the motorcyclist, that leaves only the issue of his collision with the taxi. The compromise will be important."


            "Daesung's side has not begun a compromise yet. I have not received contact from them and we did not exchange business cards at the time. I do not want to reach a compromise at this moment, as I feel that the accident being reported truthfully is more important."


            Q. "As the sole witness, how do you feel?"


            "It's very disappointing. It was poor driving for him to not be able to see the motorcyclist and drive over him, but the situation is becoming severe in that there's also the issue of a preceding accident and it's unclear as to who caused it. This is why I mustered the courage to say something."


            3 years ago by utadafreak22
            • Lee Hyori Worried About Daesung

              Lee Hyori, popular Korean singer and good friend of Big Bang's Daesung, expressed her worries for him on Twitter.

              Very shocked of the breaking news about Daesung's car accident, Lee Hyori tweeted the following message:

              "Knowing that Daesung's character is one that will always turn things around to make it his own fault, it makes me more sad and worried…"

              Lee Hyori and Daesung were both part of popular variety show "Family Outing" and have been very good friends since then.

              3 years ago by Nana7
              • Police Release New Statement About Daesung's Accident

                The police have released a new statement regarding Daesung's accident, stating that the singer was speeding and not driving safely.

                Although the investigation into Daesung's involvement into an accident that ultimately left one person dead, the police have released a statement regarding Daesung's involvement in the accident. The following is the official statement from the police:

                Daesung has violated his duty to drive safely.

                At 1:28AM, Daesung was driving in the first lane from Hapjeong-dong in the direction of Yangpyung-dong on a 4-lane road. He was driving at 80km per hour (speed limit is 60km/h) and crashed into a stopped taxi after driving over a motorcyclist who was passed out on the street.

                We will carry out a more detailed examination by monitoring the CCTV collected around the accident site, as well as gathering eyewitness reports and understanding the path of the motorcycle. We have requested an autopsy on the victim from the National Institute of Scientific Investigation.

                3 years ago by Aysohmay
                • [UPDATE] Big Bang's Daesung Cleared of Drunk Driving Allegations

                  It is revealed that Big Bang's Daesung is cleared of suspicions of drunk driving when the accident happened.

                  The police department has released an official statement regarding the car accident. Seoul's Young Deung Po Police Station states that, "Big Bang's Daesung crashed into a passed-out motorcyclist with his car on the morning of May 31st at Yanghwa Bridge. The motorcyclist was already passed out due to a previous accident when Daesung crashed into him."

                  Police also cleared up contradicted reports that the motorcyclist was pronounced dead at the scene. They confirmed that he was alive with the statement, "The motorcyclist has been admitted to the hospital where his death has yet to be confirmed. We are investigating whether or not alcohol was involved."

                  A few pictures of Daesung's car have been revealed through the press.





                  In a previous article, Daesung was reported to have been involved in a serious car accident. Reports have revealed that the motorcyclist was a hit-and-run victim from a separate accident. A taxi driver had stopped to assess the situation and help the motorcyclist when Daesung crashed into the taxi.

                  According to Koreaboo, there are also conflicting reports that the taxi, once being hit by Daesung, crashed into the motorcyclist killing him. However, it is not clear whether or not this actually occurred and how serious the motorcyclists condition was after being hit by the original car.

                  We'll keep you updated as we wait for an official statement from YG Entertainment.

                  3 years ago by silverlining
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