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  • Monster by Big Bang

    Monster by Big Bang
    Artist  Big Bang
    Runtime  04:44
    Release date  2 June, 2012
    Shared by  HaruHaru
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    2 years ago
    2 years ago by HaruHaru
    • G-Dragon Hints at New Concept with Extreme Makeover to Red Hair?

      Big Bang's leader G-Dragon has changed his "seaweed hairstyle" into another shocking hairstyle. Might that be a hint at the concept for his upcoming solo album?

      On 5th May, G-Dragon attended the show of "God's Kitchen Fusion" at Sheraton Grand Walkerhill in Seoul. There he met German DJ and producer Boys Noize and posed backstage together with him revealing his new red hairstyle. You can take a look at the taken photos in the gallery!

      Netizens who saw these photos have been wondering whether G-Dragon's makeover is supposed to hint at his or Big Bang's upcoming activities. Some comments said, "Is it Big Bang's new concept?", "Is it for G-Dragon's solo album?", "Red hair fits him perfectly" and "He looks like Ronald McDonald". What do you think about this change?

      Boys Noize was also involved in the production of Big Bang's Japanese song "FEELING".

      Translation by:

      2 years ago by Meltem
        • HaruHaru
          HaruHaru 2 years ago I love GD but i thought the hair was a bit... D:
    • Big Bang's "FANTASTIC BABY" On Ice

      On 4th May, the E1 All That Skate Spring 2012 took place at the Seoul Songpa-gu Olympic Park Gymnastics Stadium. Kim Jin Seo, who is the current figure skating champion in Korea, showcased a hot performance at the event, choosing Big Bang's "FANTASTIC BABY" as his theme song. His performance was one of the most catchy ones and gained many cheers from the audience.

      Enjoy watching!

      김진서_Fantastic Baby.MTS
      김진서_Fantastic Baby.MTS
      E1 올댓스케이트 스프링 2012피겨계의' fantastic baby' 김진서 선수!

      Translation by:

      2 years ago by Meltem
      • Reports About "The K-Pop Explosion"

        "[South Korea's] native popular music, universally known as K-pop, is also finding a growing international audience in places such as the United States, Europe, the Middle East, and South America. And in other Asian markets, including Japan, it's already big business", begins Jon Matsumoto his article titled "The K-Pop Explosion" on

        He discusses the success of our beloved Kpop, its development, popular bands, strategies and how the Hallyu Wave has exploded throughout the world.

        You can read his full article by following this link!

        2 years ago by Meltem
        • SNSD, miss A & GD&TOP Have Stages with Kpop Star Participants

          During the broadcast of SBS' Kpop Star, the participants, Park Jimin, Lee Hayi and Baek Ah Yeon, had the great chance to collaborate with GD&TOP, miss A and Girls' Generation's Tiffany and Taeyeon.

          Baek Ah Yeon was the first to perform her special stage. She performed "Lady Marmalade" together with Tiffany and Taeyeon.

          Next up was Lee Hayi featuring miss A, and they performed miss A's "Bad Girl Good Girl".

          Last but not least, Park Jimin had a joint stage together with Big Bang's sub-unit of GD&TOP. They presented GD&TOP's song "Oh Yeah", which originally features 2NE1's Park Bom.

          At the end of the show, the jury of Yang Hyun Suk, Park Jin Young and BoA decided to eliminate Baek Ah Yeon, so the finalists are Park Jimin and Lee Hayi.

          3 years ago by Meltem
          • NU'EST Talks About Favourite Artists

            During their interview with W Star News, the boys of rookie boyband, NU'EST, were asked, "Excluding your labelmates, who is your favorite artist?"

            JR revealed, "The members all like TVXQ and Big Bang", and continued, "As for me individually, I like Eminem. At first, no one appreciated him, but he put in a lot of effort and later, he achieved recognition from white people, black people, everyone and became the best singer. I also want to try to become the best musician recognized by everyone."
            Ren said that he liked Michael Jackson and Beyoncé and explained, "I long to take after their perfection."

            Aron picked a Korean artist as his favourite, namely Lee Jeok. "My vocal teacher often tells me that my singing resembles Lee Jeok's tone of voice", he said.
            Baekho picked TVXQ and stated that he admires TVXQ's powerful image and stages. He wants to show off such a powerful image as well.
            Big Bang was Min Hyun's choice as favourite artist. He explained his choice by saying, "They show their fans that they enjoy the stage. I also want to become a person who knows how to enjoy himself on stage and will put in a lot of effort to do so."

            3 years ago by Meltem
            • Big Bang Shooting New Music Video for New Song

              Star News reported that Big Bang will shoot a new music video for a song that wasn't included in the band's 5th mini album, ALIVE. The MV shooting will take place from 18th to 20th April.
              YG Entertainment confirmed, "It is correct that Big Bang is filming a new music video for a new song. We cannot reveal details on this project yet."

              This news surprised many people and made them wonder why the boys start a new project so soon after their comeback promotions. Some guess that they will release a repackaged version of ALIVE, just like they did last year.

              What do you think? Are you anticipating Big Bang's new project?

              Translated by: @kristinekwak

              3 years ago by Meltem
              • Big Bang;s Daesung Celebrates Birthday with Fans in Taiwan

                Big Bang touched down in Taipei's Taoyuan International Airport on the 9th, and were received by thousands of loving fans.

                Big Bang made the trip to hold a press conference and to promote their latest album "Alive". During the press conference, the members tried out their Mandarin skills by saying "I love you", "I miss you", and "Taiwanese fans are so cute" to the fans.

                There was also a birthday celebration for Daesung, with the fans in the audience singing the birthday song to him in Korean. The members were touched at this gesture.

                When asked about their plans for the rest of the year, the band revealed that they will be holding concerts in Japan and Asia. They will also be embarking on a world tour.

                3 years ago by rachelle.then
                • Teen Top Covers Big Bang's "FANTASTIC BABY" MV

                  A video surfaced on the internet showing Teen Top covering the music video of Big Bang's song "FANTASTIC BABY", and caught the attention of both Andromedas and V.I.Ps.

                  Take a look at Teen Top's cover!

                  BIGBANG - Fantastic Baby (Teen Top cover.)
                  BIGBANG - Fantastic Baby (Teen Top cover.)

                  It's not the first time Teen Top covers songs by Big Bang. Previously, the boys also covered Big Bang's "Dirty Cash" and "Sunset Glow".

                  3 years ago by Meltem
                  • Seungri & Daesung to Accompany IU as MCs on Inkigayo

                    YG Entertainment announced that Big Bang's Seungri and Daesung will join IU on SBS' music show, Inkigayo, this Sunday, on 15th April, and replace Kara's Nicole and Hara as MCs for one day.

                    Hara and Nicole will be in Japan in the meantime, holding Kara's concerts there.

                    It has been two years since Seungri and Daesung were MCs for a music program. Their last MC activities were for MBC's Music Core in 2010.

                    3 years ago by Meltem
                    • Pixie Lott Releasing "Dancing On My Own (feat. GD&TOP)" Worldwide

                      British pop star, Pixie Lott, made her debut in Japan, releasing the Japanese edition of her 2nd studio album, Young Foolish Happy, on 21st March. She has gained much attention for her collaboration with Big Bang's sub-unit, GD&TOP, and their song titled "Dancing On My Own" has been quite popular ever since its release.

                      On 7th April, Pixie Lott announced via Twitter that her 4th single from Young Foolish Happy will be "Dancing On My Own" featuring GD&TOP. Therefore, it will be released worldwide soon.
                      She shared her excitement about this with her fans by tweeting the following.

                      sooooo excited its happening! "Dancing On My Own" with GD & TOP will be released WORLDWIDE soon! #BigBang

                      Unfortunately, the release date of her upcoming single hasn't been revealed yet. Stay tuned for updates!

                      3 years ago by Meltem
                      • How Does G-Dragon Seduce Women in Japan?

                        On 2nd April, Big Bang appeared on the Japanese program, Music Lovers (NTV), where G-Dragon revealed how he seduces women.

                        Before the show, G-Dragon was asked to write down a Japanese phrase he usually uses to seduce women.
                        During the broadcast of Music Lovers, it was revealed that G-Dragon had written, "I've fallen in love with you" (Kimi ni horechatta.), as answer. Then he had to say this phrase out loud, which made the women's hearts in the audience melt away.

                        Get seduced by him as well, by clicking on the clip below!

                        3 years ago by Meltem
                          • HaruHaru
                            HaruHaru 3 years ago :O *gaping fish mouth*
                      • Jang Nara Misses Big Bang

                        Singer and actress, Jang Nara, was guested on MBC's radio program, Date at 2 O'clock, on 3rd April.

                        During the broadcast MC, Joo Young Hoon, asked her, "Which male idol do you miss the most?", whereupon Jang Nara replied, "I met Super Junior last night on radio", avoiding to answer his question.
                        However, Joo Young Hoon insisted on his question and repeated it. Then, Jang Nara finally responded, "I miss Big Bang the most. Its performance on stage is spectacular."

                        On 26th March, Jang Nara released her comeback single, I Only Think Of You.

                        3 years ago by Meltem
                        • Big Bang Compared to Jersey Shore?

                          Recently, famous fashion photographer, Terry Richardson, shared photos featuring Big Bang on his web-diary, which you can check out in our gallery below.

                          One of these photos received comments comparing Big Bang with the boys of the American reality TV series, Jersey Shore, which caused a little controversy between netizens. The comments said, "They look like the Asian version of Jersey Shore", and, "Those guys are f****** posers."

                          However, it is important to note that these netizens apparently didn't know who Big Bang actually was, so they just shared their first impression on Terry Richardson's photos with the public.
                          Though, a V.I.P defensibly replied to them, "You guys are quite ignorant, they're anything but posers or similar to the goons on Jersey Shore. They're one of the biggest groups in Korea. Look them up!" By this, the situation was fortunately settled and it didn't dwindle into a "netizens war".

                          Beside that, Big Bang's photos together with Terry Richardson received hundreds of "likes" on Facebook and other social platforms, more than any other photos taken by Terry Richardson, which shows the great popularity Big Bang itself has and spreads.

                          3 years ago by Meltem
                            • Kodocha
                              Kodocha 3 years ago I really love these photos! So great and TOP is really looking cute! :)
                              They are really good with facial expressions and poses!

                              They really do not know anything to compare them to Jersey Shore. I guess the only similarity can be that they both know how to have fun? But in different ways of course! :D
                        • Big Bang Shows Off Bizarre Fashion on SBS' Inkigayo

                          Seungri all in red, G-Dragon with glitter on his eyelid, T.O.P with pink eyebrows...

                          Today the boys of Big Bang showed off their probably most bizarre stage of their song, "FANTASTIC BABY", on SBS' music show, Inkigayo.
                          Each of the members is dressed in one only color combined with unusual accessories or make-up. For example, Taeyang is wearing metal on his arm like in the music video of the song and T.O.P's eyebrows are colored in pink.

                          Beside that, Big Bang also performed "BAD BOY" on the show.

                          Check out the boys' performance below!

                          120401 BIGBANG - BAD BOY + FANTASTIC BABY @ SBS Inkigayo
                          120401 BIGBANG - BAD BOY + FANTASTIC BABY @ SBS Inkigayo
                          # BIGBANG - BAD BOY + FANTASTIC BABY @ SBS Inkigayo - April 1, 2012

                          3 years ago by Meltem
                          • Big Bang Performs "FANTASTIC BABY" on Happy Music

                            After releasing the Japanese version of ALIVE on 28th March, the boys of Big Bang appeared on the Japanese music show, Happy Music, performing the Japanese version of their hit track, "FANTASTIC BABY".

                            Check out their performance below!

                            3 years ago by Meltem
                            • YG ON AIR Features Another Performance of Big Bang's "BAD BOY"

                              After announcing it on its official blog yesterday, YG Entertainment has shared another YG ON AIR performance of Big Bang as promised.

                              In the YG ON AIR episode of 30th March, Big Bang performs its R&B-track, "BAD BOY", from its 5th mini album, ALIVE.

                              Enjoy watching!

                              BIGBANG - YG On Air ▶ BAD BOY ver.2
                              BIGBANG - YG On Air ▶ BAD BOY ver.2
                              BIGBANG - YG On Air ▶ BAD BOY ver.2BIGBANG Presents Special Stages for "YG On Air - BIGBANG ALIVE"★ 2012 BIGBANG GLOBAL EVENT ★▶2012 BIGBANG [BLUE & BAD BOY] COVE...

                              3 years ago by Meltem
                              • SHINee Shines At No.1 on the Gaon Charts

                                After a 2 year absence from the Korean music industry SHINee returns, taking the top spot on the gaon charts with their comeback track 'Sherlock".

                                The group's latest release quickly dominated multiple online charts taking both the no.1 spot in the single and album charts with an all kill, making it SHINee's 1st single to ever rank no.1 on the gaon charts.

                                After achieving their latest consecutive no.1 track last week, 2AM's "I Wonder If You Hurt Like Me" slipped to no.2, while CN BLUE's latest single “I Still Love You” launched 7 spot to no.3.

                                Dropping down no.4 was Big Bang's "FANTASTIC BABY" while vocalist LYn latest release 'Teddy Bear" jumped 12 spots to no.5.

                                3 years ago by jonmarulanda
                                • Lady Gaga's Fashion Director Has Been in "K-pop Mood" This Spring

                                  V Magazine' new VJ, Chris Kutleta, introduces the favourite K-pop songs of Nicola Formichetti, who is known to be the fashion director of Lady Gaga and the French fashion house of MUGLER.

                                  Our new VJ Chris Kutleta is here to introduce V Contributing Fashion Editor Nicola Formichetti's playlist of his favorite K-Pop and J-Pop videos! If you follow Nicola on ...

                                  Nicola Formichetti has been sharing via Twitter and Tumblr that he's very into listening K-pop and J-pop for inspiration these days. That's why V Magazine asked him to prepare a playlist of his favourite songs.
                                  His playlist features various tracks by 2NE1 and Big Bang and also 2 songs by Girls' Generation and SHINee.

                                  Check out Nicola Formichetti's K-pop/J-pop playlist here!

                                  Nicola Formichetti is the creative director of Lady Gaga, the fashion house of MUGLER, Vogue Hommes Japan and UNIQLO. Beside that, he also contributes much to fashion magazines as editor.

                                  Which songs would you recommend him?

                                  3 years ago by Meltem
                                    • HaruHaru
                                      HaruHaru 3 years ago He even has Kyary in his playlist! :D
                                • Big Bang Releases "FEELING" & "EGO" in Japan

                                  On 28th March, Big Bang released the Japanese version of its 5th mini album, ALIVE, containing the two brand new songs titled "FEELING" and "EGO".

                                  Have a listen to them below!

                                  Upload by Vita / Own by YG Entertainment. ©2012 YGEX marketing Inc.All rights reserved. by SUNNY BOYComposed by G-DRAGON,BOYS N...

                                  BIGBANG -『EGO』NEW JAPANESE SONG HQ AUDIO FULL VERSION!! ALIVE ALBUM 2012!!
                                  BIGBANG -『EGO』NEW JAPANESE SONG HQ AUDIO FULL VERSION!! ALIVE ALBUM 2012!!
                                  Upload by Vita / Own by YG Entertainment. ©2012 YGEX marketing Inc.All rights reserved. by SUNNY BOYComposed by G-DRAGON,SEUNG ...

                                  "FEELING" will be the theme song of TV Aichi's upcoming anime, Super Robot Lifeform Transformers: Prime.

                                  3 years ago by Meltem
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