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  • SPIN Announces 20 Best Pop Albums of 2011

    The eventful year of 2011 is coming to an end and 2012 awaits us with new albums, new song, new bands...

    However, before it's at that point, it's everyone's task to review the year and its music, right?

    The music site, SPIN, did this and announced the 20 Best Pop Albums of 2011 on 22nd December. Here is the top 10 on the list...

    10. Rihanna - Talk That Talk: Deluxe Edition
    9. Kelly Clarkson - Stronger
    8. Coldplay - Mylo Xyloto
    7. Florence + The Machine - Ceremonials
    6. 2NE1 - 2nd Mini Album
    5. Adele - 21
    4. Katy B - On a Mission
    3. Britney Spears - Femme Fatale
    2. Beyoncé - 4
    1. Lady Gaga - Born This Way

    If you want to check out the ranks from 20 to 11, click here!

    3 years ago by Meltem
      • HaruHaru
        HaruHaru 3 years ago 2NE1 wooo!
      • BinnyJinny
        BinnyJinny 3 years ago Can't believe nonsense like Britney, Beyonce, and Rihanna even made this list.
        GO 2NE1!!! <3.
  • Adele Leaves London To Protect Herself From The Pollution

    After suffering from a throat disease and undergoing surgery to cure her, Adele seems to not be taking any chances with her health. According to someone close to the singer, Adele will be moving out of London and into the country.

    "Adele is a London girl through and through, but she's never been particularly into the showbiz circuit so when it was suggested she move out of the city, she agreed immediately. The idea is for her to live in the countryside, away from the capital's smog and pollution," the source told the Daily Mirror.

    With many of her 2011 tour dates cancelled due to her throat condition and a recovery from surgery she doesn't want to mess up, its no wonder the singer wants to do everything she can to protect her voice.

    3 years ago by james.gatmaitan
    • Adele And LMFAO Top Selling Artists Of 2011 For iTunes UK

      iTunes UK have revealed the best selling singles and albums of 2011.

      According to the company, LMFAO's smash hit "Party Rock Anthem" was the best selling track of 2011, beating out Adele's "Someone Like You".

      While she may not have had the best selling single of 2011 in the UK, Adele not surprisingly took the top spot on the album chart with her wildly successful album "21".

      Check out a list of the top 10 albums and singles under the cut:

      3 years ago by james.gatmaitan
      • Adele Won't Work On 3rd Album Anytime Soon

        Adele won't be working on her 3rd album for a while.

        According to the singer, Adele hasn't even begun to think about her 3rd album. She plans on taking a break before beginning a follow up to her smash hit album "21".

        "I imagine I'll be 25 or 26 by the time my next record comes out, as I haven't even thought about my third record yet... I'll disappear and come back with a record when it's good enough. There will be no new music until it's good enough and until I'm ready," she told Billboard.

        Adele also revealed that one of her biggest musical inspirations was Amy Winehouse, who taught the singer to be true to herself.

        "I'd rather trust myself, to like what I've done and stick to my guns than make music I don't like, wear clothes that don't suit me and flutter between genres because I'm scared I won't be relevant if I pass my 'sell by' date," she explained.

        Adele's 2nd album "21" was released in January of 2011 and has sold over 12 million records worldwide.

        3 years ago by james.gatmaitan
        • Nightwish Peaks on Finnish Album Chart

          As Nightwish released their album Imaginaerum, fans across the globe knew or at least hoped the album would top the charts, and it has. Nightwish announced through Facebook that the album is currently topping the Finnish charts.
          Not only that but the Single from the album, 'Storytime' has also reached the top of the chart, beating both Adele, Rihanna and Nickelback in the process.

          Perhaps this isn't a shocking news due to the last album's immense success, nevertheless fans are excited and have praised the album as well as expressed their happiness over the announcement.

          3 years ago by erika
          • Adele's "21" Deemed Album of the Year by Rolling Stone

            Indeed, 2011 has been Adele's big year. She's won several and various awards. Her sophomore album has sold millions (13 and counting, to be exact). She's nominated for six awards in the 2012 Grammys.

            And now Adele can add another accomplishment to the list. The soulful singer should be happy to find out that "21" has been deemed Album of the Year by Rolling Stone magazine! Her album, along with 49 others, have been put on the magazine's Best 50 Albums of the Year.

            3 years ago by rachelle.then
            • Adele Supports Miley!

              In an unexpected move, soulful singer Adele talked about her thoughts on ex-Disney sensation Miley Cyrus in a recent interview currently spreading online.

              "I like Miley. I think she’s really, really sweet. I like her," said Adele of the teen star. "I think she gets a hard time, to be honest. It’s not like it was her fault she was a Disney star. She was growing up, you know? I think she gets a hard time a lot of the time."

              And while many have spoken out against the star's "unpredictable" behavior, Adele loves it, saying, "I like that a lot. I really like her." We don't doubt that Adele, known as much for her powerful vocals as for always speaking her mind, can appreciate a little unpredictability. Check out her opinions on Breaking Dawn and Gwyneth Paltrow in the full clip below:

              What do you think? Has fame been unfair to Miley?

              3 years ago by Cait
              • breaking The Grammy Nominations Are Out!

                And so the countdown to The 54th Grammy's begins!

                The prestigious award ceremony will air, Sunday, February 12th, at 8 PM ET/PT on CBS. Leading the pack this year is Kanye West with a whooping 7 nominations! Following close behind is Adele, Bruno Mars, and Foo Fighters with 6 nominations.

                With 77 categories and a house packed with talented artist dressed in their finest, who knows what kind of evening is in stored.

                Check out the full article to see whether or not your favorite artist made the cut for the years most prestigious award.

                3 years ago by cm.vergara
                • Taio Cruz Covers Adele's "Someone Like You"

                  Ever since Adele released her album, the songs (particularly "Rolling in the Deep" and "Someone Like You") have been covered many a times - by famous artists as well as fans.

                  Party hit crooner Taio Cruz takes a jab at an Adele song and shows fans his softer side!

                  Taio Cruz - Someone Like You (Adele Cover)
                  Taio Cruz - Someone Like You (Adele Cover)
                  Taio Cruz - Someone Like You (Adele Cover)Recorded at my Los Angeles home studio

                  What do you think of his rendition of "Someone Like You"?

                  3 years ago by rachelle.then
                  • 2011 American Music Awards Winner List is Out!

                    The 39th annual American Music Awards has just come to a close. If you didn't catch the event, the complete winner's list is now available!

                    Country sweetheart Taylor Swift proves to be a crowd favorite yet again as she sweeps (not one, not two, but) three awards of the night, including Artist of the Year! You go, T-Swift! Songstress Adele and "Super Bass" singer Nicki Minaj didn't do too shabby either, grabbing two awards each. Other winners include Maroon 5 and crooner Bruno Mars.

                    Check out the rest of the winners in the full article!

                    3 years ago by rachelle.then
                  • Colplay Visits "SNL" for a Two-Song Performance + Comedy Skit

                    British rockers dropped by this past weekend's "Saturday Night Live", hosted by actress Emma Stone!

                    Coldplay performed their two latest singles off "Mylo Xyloto"! Frontman Chris Martin even showed off his comedic chops in a skit!


                    "Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall"

                    "SNL" also made a skit centered around Adele's song "Someone Like You" and its emotional quality it can evoke in listeners. In short, everyone sobs whilst listening to the song. Coldplay made a brief appearance in the skit as well.

                    Adele's -Someone like you- skit SNL S37E06 Emma Stone Coldplay
                    Adele's -Someone like you- skit SNL S37E06 Emma Stone Coldplay
                    Sometimes you just need to cry!!!(Loved the FNL reference!)I don't own thisNo copyright infringement intended

                    3 years ago by rachelle.then
                    • "Glee" Cast Sings Two-Song Adele Mashup

                      The cast of "Glee" has long been known to jazz up original songs and giving it a uniquely show choir flair.

                      For the upcoming episode, the gleeful kids take on two songs of British songstress Adele! Santana (Naya Rivera) and Mercedes (Amber Riley) take the vocal leads in this creative mashup of "Rumour Has It" and "Someone Like You"!

                      Rumour Has It / Someone Like You (Glee Cast Version)
                      Rumour Has It / Someone Like You (Glee Cast Version)
                      Music video by Glee Cast performing Rumour Has It / Someone Like You (Glee Cast Version). (c) 2011 Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation

                      What do you think of the cover? Catch the rest of the episode next week on Fox on November 15th!

                      3 years ago by rachelle.then
                    • Adele to Release "Set Fire to the Rain" as Third Single

                      After the wild success of her first two singles ("Rolling in the Deep" and "Someone Like You"), Adele will release "Set Fire to the Rain" as the third single off sophomore album "21".

                      Haven't heard the song yet? Check it out below:

                      Adele - Set fire to the rain
                      Adele - Set fire to the rain
                      Adele, performing set fire to the rain from the album 21. Album Version.

                      Fun fact: "Set Fire to the Rain" was released as a second single in Europe, and has been released as a third single in the British singer's homeland back in July. The U.S. has finally caught on and you'll start hearing evidence of it on the radio pretty soon!

                      3 years ago by rachelle.then
                      • Celebrities Get Immortalized as Royalty at MTV Voices Dinner

                        Some of your favorite stars get the royal treatment this past weekend at MTV Voices dinner - in the form of paintings, in the style of British royalty.

                        According to Idolator, Justin Bieber was honored for his contributions to charity work during the event. Other stars that got immortalized wearing Victorian-era garb include Adele, Katy Perry, Selena Gomez, Eminem, Beyonce, Lady Gaga, and Justin Bieber himself. Be sure to take a scroll through the gallery below!

                        The paintings were showcased and hung on the walls of Merchant Hotel in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

                        How do you think the stars look in royal wear?

                        3 years ago by rachelle.then
                          • BinnyJinny
                            BinnyJinny 3 years ago What is this ghetto rendition of classic artwork? Only in America....
                      • breaking 2011 MTV Europe Music Awards Winners List is Out!

                        The 2011 MTV Europe Music Awards that took place in Belfast, Northern Ireland has come and gone, entertaining fans with electrifying performances and awards for deserving winners.

                        The big winner of the night was none other than Mother Monster herself, Lady Gaga, who bagged four awards home. Other big winners include crooner Bruno Mars and Justin Bieber, who each won two awards.

                        One of K-Pop's biggest bands Big Bang nabbed the Best Worldwide Act award, much to the delight of VIPs around the world!

                        Curious to see who else made the cut? Check out the complete winner's list in the full article!

                        3 years ago by rachelle.then
                          • Matsuo.chan
                            Matsuo.chan 3 years ago BIGBANG! <3 Voted for them every day & night! So proud to be a VIP <3
                          • cm.vergara
                            cm.vergara 3 years ago Why am i not disappointed with the results?! LOL :D
                      • Adele Cancels All 2011 Performances + To Undergo Surgery

                        Adele announced via her official website that she is forced to cancel all her upcoming live dates and promotional appearances in the remainder of 2011.

                        The songstress has been dealing with a string of voice-related health issues and has had to cancel her shows and appearances. However, there's a light at the end of this tunnel as Adele is set to undergo surgery. And, a full recovery is expected.

                        3 years ago by silverlining
                          • cm.vergara
                            cm.vergara 3 years ago Poor adele :( I hope all goes well with her surgery!! :D
                      • Kelly Clarkson Praises Adele's Music

                        Kelly Clarkson may be busy promoting her new album "Stronger", but the singer took the time to praise the work of another artist: Adele.

                        During an interview with Company magazine, the conversation veered away from her new work to that of fellow pop star Adele. Kelly had nothing but praise for the singer. While many artists are "ruining music" in Kelly's opinion, Adele gives her hope for music's potential.

                        The singer's highest praise was calling Adele's emotional ballad "Someone Like You" one of the best songs ever written.

                        "Oh my God, I almost want to punch her she's so good!" Kelly stated.

                        Kelly's new album "Stronger" will be released on October 24th.

                        3 years ago by james.gatmaitan
                        • Katy Perry Performs Special Mashup

                          Katy Perry performed a special mashup for her fans whilst on tour in the United Kingdom.

                          She mixes up her sixth single off sophomore album "The One Who Got Away" with Adele's hit ballad "Someone Like You". The lyrics from the two songs mesh incredibly well together, making for one melancholic song.

                          According to Popcrush, Katy revealed during a press release that "this song shows a very different side of me that I haven’t shown with my past singles on this record,”

                          She continues saying, "I think that everyone can relate to this song. I wrote this song about when you promise someone forever, but you end up not being able to follow through. It’s a bittersweet story — hopefully, the listener learns from hearing it and never has to say they had ‘The One’ get away."

                          What do you think of the mashup?

                          3 years ago by silverlining
                          • Nomination List for 2011 American Music Awards Announced

                            The 2011 American Music Awards are just around the corner, and the nominees are out!

                            It's girl power this year, with female artists dominating the list including the unsurprising Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift, and Katy Perry, with Adele leading the pack with four nominations under her belt for Artist of the Year, Favorite Pop/Rock Album, Favorite Pop/Rock Female Artist and Favorite Adult Contemporary Artist.

                            Catch the live airing of the award show on November 20th. You can even determine the fate of your favorites by voting for them at the AMA website!

                            Check out the complete list of nominations in the full article!

                            3 years ago by silverlining
                            • MTV EMA World Wide Act Special Nominees and Categories

                              The MTV EMA are around the corner and it is time for you to vote. Remember you only have time until November 4th.

                              The list of nominees is really long and each celebrity deserves the first place but the one who wins will need your help.

                              Selena Gomez will host the “2011 MTV EMA” that this year will be held at the Odyssey Arena in Belfast, Northern Ireland, on November 7th.

                              There are several options to vote for your favorite star. Besides the regular categories that we all know where artists like Lady Gaga, Bruno Mars, The Black Eyed Peas, The Red Hot Chilly Peppers, Eminem, 30 Seconds to Mars, Katty Perry and more are nominated there are also some special categories for each region.

                              This year the MTV EMA is having a “World Wide Act” which includes Asian Pacific Acts Nominees like Agnes Monica, Big Bang, EXILE, Gotye, Jane Zhang, Jay Chou and Sia.

                              As well there is a Latin, North American and Africa/India/Middle East “World Wide Act” nominees that you can help....

                              3 years ago by solangelvp
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